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Cannabiogen fertilizers and nutrients

Cannabiogen is a fertilizer brand specialized in cannabis seeds; they also have their own seed bank with more than 20 years of experience in the cannabis sector. Their stimulators let you increase the quality and quantity of yields, without resorting to chemicals in their formula.

One of their star products is Delta 9, a bloom and resin stimulator that has been helping to provide the best results for years. Since it first arrived on the market, thousands of growers have used it on their plants, always achieving massive resin quantities. Delta 9 increases in a 30% the amount of flowers produced by our plants at the beginning of the flowering stage, which results in longer colas and enhanced fattening at the end of the process. Besides creating more flowers, it multiplies the production of resin. Our plants will produce an average of 25% more resin than without using Delta 9. In the end, the final weight will rise considerably. Higher contents of resin will result in more quality, taste and strength. It is applied through foliar feeding during the first two weeks of the blooming, from the photoperiod change until we see the first flowers. It is one of these products you won't stop using after you see the results.

Delta 8 is ideal for those growers who feel impatient when using fertilizers and think that a growing fertilizer will result in more vigor. Marijuana plants hide a secret under the ground, their radicular system. Indeed, the bigger the root system, the better the nutrient uptake and the healthier they'll be. Delta 8 is a mix of amino acids and vitamins that, besides providing your plants with nitrogen, will boost the internal processes of your plants. The plant will absorb nutrients much better, these will be transported more efficiently through the plant, natural enzymes will be activated and on the whole, the structure of plant will be strengthened. Indeed, thanks to their firm structure plants will be able to carry the weight of many, many flowers. It must be used only during the growth period, before using Delta 9 and at the beginning of the bloom.

Delta 10 is used alongside Delta 9 to provide you with the best yields ever, feeding your plants in a natural way with all they need for an exuberant flowering period. Delta 9 is useful to start the flowering stage with intensity but when the buds start to appear you'll need to boost it with Delta 10, which has the rest of the required nutrient. It supplies your plants with moderate levels of phosphorus and potassium, providing your plants with the most needed macro and micro-nutrients, as well as vitamins and natural amino acids.

If you are looking for nutrients by Cannabiogen (Delta 8, 9 and 10), you will find them in our catalogue with permanent discounts. You can purchase your favorite natural boosters at the best price and your plants will thank you with their best productions. Look in our catalogue, choose your product and read the detailed description, mode of employment and prescribed dose. As always, we give you all the information so you can make the most of your product when you receive it at home.