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Ventilation Systems

Full ventilation kits for your indoor grow op so that you can ventilate your grow room. You can use a handy odor filter in order to keep your operation nice and discreet. It also includes the duct needed to complete the system. The latter can be more or less noisy depending on the model, so you can choose the degree of noise mitigation. You can also choose from a wide variety of extractors and filters from several brands to fit your budget and needs. In this section you can find everything you need for the ventilation of your plants at the best price. You can choose from WK extractors, powerful and with a high flow, which are able to extract up to 425m3/h through a 125mm inlet, where other brands require at least a 150mm opening. In this case, you will be compromising noise, since a powerful extraction with a small duct is always a bit noisier than an RVK unit of the same size (but you will enjoy a larger extraction capacity). RVK brag about how silent they are with regards to other extractors of the same class. They are available in two models: A1, which are the regular ones, and L1 which are, the "turbo" version of the same size. While a 125 A1 by RVK extracts 220m3, a 125 L1 can extract up to 340m3. Manufactured in the best materials for a silent use, we will hardly notice them from the outside.

Odor filters are the next thing to consider, since they will guarantee that the air that's expelled to the outside is free from revealing scents. You can choose them from a variety of brands and sizes, so you can pick one from your favorite brand or stick to a low budget one. They are all very similar with regard to results (they all work properly) but they are more or less expensive depending on the brand. Our advice is to pick up the one that matches your flow requirements, instead of going for a particular name.

The most famous ones are Can Filters, true classics. Indeed, these trustworthy filters have been around for ages. Their main characteristic is they are long and thin, instead of being thick and wide, like most. They can praise themselves since their equipment truly features better absorption and hardly ever gets blocked. However, it is also true, odors can reach the other side due to the thinness of their walls. Despite it all, they tend to last as long as others, that is, about 2 years.

Koa Filters are a fine quality and economical choice. You can make a choice according to size and save quite money in comparison with other brands of the same quality. Their lifespan tends to be around 2 years, and they are made of very good materials. If you choose a Koa filter you will not regret it.

The, there's Air Vanguard Filters, a brand of filters that saves in marketing for the sake of quality. Indeed, despite their low price they still offer great results. They're made out of active carbon of the highest quality and come inside a very light aluminium structure, which makes them ideal to be inside our grow tents.

Finally, you'll have to choose some duct to complete your ventilation system. This can be a standard aluminium duct or a soundproof one. With the regular one you might have to ensure a bit of noise. Besides, if the air is hot and the duct is placed inside your grow room, it might end up transferring part of the heat to the room and increase temperature. On the other hand, the soundproof duct provides a considerable noise reduction while avoids temperature transfers. The sound both inside and outside the house will be notably diminished.

In short, in this section you can choose every part of your ventilation kit. Don't forget to choose first the extractor you want to meet your needs and from there, the full ventilation kit (filter, duct) that matches it.