Easy Watering Kit

Easy Watering Kit

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Piedra Difusora

Air Stone Diffusers

Price €1.50

Vasos Medidores de varios tamaños en ml.

Measuring cups

Price €0.25

1 litre Plastic Jar

1L Plastic Jar

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Gotero emisor DeepRoot

DeepRoot Dripper

Price €9.00

100w Water Heater packaging

Water Heaters

Price €11.50

Watering Accessories

Watering Accessories

In this section you can find all sorts of watering accessories and irrigation fittings for your watering systems; only the best for your plants. Watering is something that you’ll be doing a lot, so the way you do it and the materials you use are incredibly important.

We stock extendable watering rods so that you can water the plants in at the back without needing to move them around – it goes straight to your water tank, and you can turn the flow on and off whenever you want. You’ll need a potent water pump, though.

You’ll need a potent pump when using one of these watering rods; they need quite a lot of pressure to work properly. However, the automatic watering version is much easier to use – all you need is a small pump, allowing you to open and close water flow using your foot.

If you prefer watering manually and keeping careful check of exactly how much water you’re giving your plants, there’s also a manual “easy-water” system that works like the watering rod, except you’ll be able to control exactly how much water your plans get. It’s a 1.5m pipe with a sort of funnel on one end with a container for your nutrient solution. This makes it much easier to tell how much water you’re putting into each flowerpot.

We also sock watering bags, which can automatically water 6 plants with its 10L system – it uses gravity to water your plants via dripping. It has 6 inline droppers that you can adjust individually for each of your flowerpots. All you have to do is pour our nutrient solution into the bag and it will water all 6 plants, saving you quite a lot of time.

We also stock various types of drippers for automatic watering systems – from basic drippers to manifold drippers with 12 outlets that go straight to the main pipe. The 6 outlet manifold allows you to water 6 plants with a 16mm pipe, and the inline drippers are super easy to install, especially outdoors where plants tend to be farther apart.

Our UV lamp allows you to purify the water you use, killing any sort of bacteria or fungi that may have made its way into your water. You can use a water pump to have it circulate near the lamp, keeping your water fresh and pure.

Whether you need a fitting, a pipe or an entire watering system, you’ve come to the right place!