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If you prefer autoflowering strains, GB also has a wide selection of some of the best, sturdiest strains in bulk autoflowering format. Autoflowering bulk seeds tend to be quite delicate nowadays, so it can be hard to find the right strain; if you decide to go with our carefully selected autoflowering bulk seeds, you won’t regret it. These strains are easy to grow and produce amazing results without much effort

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Outdoor Auto Pack

Outdoor Auto Pack

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Bulk autoflowering seeds

Bulk autoflowering seeds

Bulk autoflowering seeds are the best solution for growers that demand high quantity of seeds at a really competitive price. You can acquire the autoflowering seeds with the best genetics in packs of 1,5,10,20 ,50, 100 seeds up to 1000.

These seeds belong to a large collection of autoflowering strains at your disposal, it’s a great idea if you need large amounts of seeds at the best price possible. In our catalogue you can choose the strains that best adapt to your preferences, either in flavor, yield, aroma or its own indica or sativa predominance.

The best marijuana bulk autoflowering seeds

The bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds are high quality and very cheap. In GB The Green Brand we offer the best strains from our extensive stock of autoflowering seeds. The same way that you will be able to check each seed's characteristics and specifics via their description, photographs or reviews.

What does autoflowering marijuana entail?

Cannabis production via autoflowering seeds has become a common tendency around growers that are starting in the botanic world. These automatic strains are plants that develop their growth and flowering independent of photoperiods.

Nowadays different autoflowering genetics exist that vary in smells, taste, perceptions and yield. Likewise, its increase is thanks to its fast growth and simplicity to start growing marijuana. Its origin is explained with the cannabis strain Ruderalis, originating from China and Russia. Thanks to this it can tolerate cold climates and be resistant to plagues.

Main auto bulk seed strains for interior and exterior.

Auto Critical GB XXL: is one of the highest yielding plants in record breaking times, which is why it’s extremely famous and is, without a doubt, the most planted cannabis strain in Spain as of late.Formed by the crossing of Auto Critical+ and Critical+, its flavor is mainly Skunk and citric, with some tropical and earthy touches. Its effect is highly relaxing. Indoors we can yield up to 500g for each 600w lamp and outdoors up to 80g per plant, with a height of 70 to 100 cm.

Auto Sherbert: a strain known for its intense aromas and how complex they are; it’s capable of producing intense aromas that verge between citric, earthy and fruity. Recommended for any type of grower, it combines physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation effects. Indoors, it can yield 400 to 550 g per square meter. Outdoors, it will range from 40 to 150g per plant.

Auto Gelatto: non-photo dependent strain with one of the best genetics known in cannabis history. Featured for its fast development, as well as its high yields. It has citric and sweet aromas and stronger psychoactive effects compared to relaxing ones.

Auto Amensia: cross between Rudelaris x Amensia, predominant sativa genetic. Fast and of the highest quality. Totally mental effects, which is why it's recommended for creative tasks.

Auto Northern Lights: strain that offers wide plants and late but large yields. For an optimal yield, we should abstain from overplanting, planting no more than 9 specimens per square meter indoors. Known for their strong earthy taste, as well as its calming effect.

Auto Cheese: highly known for being one of the most resinous buds in the market, with a very  characteristic strong flavour. A yield based on smelly, open and dense buds, it is ideal for growers that perform hash or HBO extractions. This way, 9 plants per square metre is recommended, you will obtain a yield of 350 grams in only 2 monthsLikewise, if your goal is to grow a better flavour exterior is better as it will produce bigger resin glandules.

Auto Maxi Gom: stands out for its fruity flavour, soft smoke and low intake plants perfect for discrete grows or indoor.

Auto Diesel: dense buds and bittersweet flavour. Offers a good central eye and fat buds along the branches. It develops a large central bud and smaller buds along the branches. It is an ideal strain to plant up to 9 per m2 with a 600W lamp. This setup should allow you to obtain 400g in just 2 months after germination.

Autoflowering bulk cannabis seeds to harvest in 60 days.

We also have available different types of seeds in bulk, that will grow big in size in only 3 months. The genetics in these plants are to be wary of as they grow larger and heavier, meaning we have to be careful in the number when planting.

Auto White Widow: is another of the largest plants in this section, as it takes quite a lot of time before it starts flowering. It's hard to tell how, but the truth is its buds reach completion at the same time as other strains (i.e. 60-65 days after sprouting). Somehow, the buds develop more quickly. These plants have dense and resinous buds on the tips of the branches and we don't recommend placing more than 4 plants per lamp if you know how to train them properly, or a maximum of 9, if this is one of your first autoflowering grows.

Magnum: is a 3-month strain that grows high-yielding plants in 90 days. They are ideal for outdoors, as they get much more sunlight all over, even on the bottom leaves - this rarely happens indoors due to the nature of artificial lights. Its tastes like incense and it must have Haze genes, also clear in its lucid, mental effect. Its flowers are open and full of resin, similar to a Skunk/sativa hybrid. You can place up to 4 plants indoors if you enjoy this strain, but it can be a bit awkward to grow for beginners.

Auto Serious: is similar to Northern Lights due to its hard, dense buds and earthy flavor. It can grow out wide, so be careful to not place many plants indoors. Its branches form long colas of buds from top to bottom. You can get up to 6g per branch and it usually grows between 16-20 branches and 17g from the central bud in a 7l pot; just imagine what you could achieve outdoors! They don't like high levels of nutrients, so take care with that - on the other hand these plants have a long cycle, so it is important to respect a regular fertilizing plan, avoiding excesses.

Auto Maxima: strain that produces large colas, forming a chandelier. Growing outdoors, we will reach its maximum potential, as well as planting it in spring we will obtain the first harvest during summer.

Benefits in buying auto bulk marijuana seeds

  • The auto bulk marijuan seeds is the best balance between quality and low price for any type of grower.
  • Lower flowering period compared to photoperiod plants.
  • Allow to harvest and grow cannabis more times a year
  • Small size enables more discrete grows
  • They can be planted in any season, with a yield of 200 grams per plant (70 days).
  • More resistant to plagues and cold climates.
  • Less luminic stress.

Buy high quality autoflowering bulk seeds in GB The Green Brand

Growbarato has a wide catalogue of autflowering bulk seeds, each one having a different grow pattern, flavour and effect. It will be easy for you to find your way in our catalogue since all the strains we sell have been tested by the team and we know them perfectly well. We have written detailed descriptions of each of them, describing pros and cons so you are fully aware of what you are sowing before you start growing.

All our seed in GB undergo quality control, guaranteeing 90% germination and are kept in the fridge until sold. The main causes of failure in seeds are related to germinating problems. For exchanges or failed seeds you need to follow the germinating steps detailed on our blog, take photos of the process with a digital camera (including the date) and keep the containers. If your seeds do not sprout while following these steps, we will replace them if you send us the photos by email and the failed packs to our shop.