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AquaMaster Combo P100 Pro pH + EC + Temp. Meter AquaMaster Combo P100 Pro pH + EC + Temp. Meter - Box
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AquaMaster Combo P100 Pro pH + EC + Temp. Meter

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pH & EC Meters

Ph and Ec meters for irrigation water control

pH and EC meters are used in order to give your plants the best possible water quality, allowing them to absorb as many nutrients as possible. You can keep a close eye on the temperature, acidity and mineral concentration in your nutrient solution, guaranteeing healthier and higher-yielding plants.

The pH in your plants’ soil is essentially what determines how many nutrients that your plants can absorb. During the growth period, your plants should have a constant pH of 5.5-6 so that it can absorb as much nitrogen as possible, whereas during the flowering period it should be around 6.5-6.8 pH so that your plants can absorb more phosphorus and potassium. Meters are needed to figure out the pH and EC of your nutrient solution so that you can adjust them accordingly.

EC stands for electro-conductivity, and it indicates the amount of dissolved minerals and nutrients in your water. Using base water with a high EC is bad for your plants, as you add in more nutrients the EC will get much too high. With our EC meters, you should be able to see the EC in your base water, allowing you to work out the maximum amount of nutrients that you can add.

Water temperature is another incredibly important factor, as it influences the amount of oxygen that’s in the water. At around 23° water contains just 8.5 ppm, which is the perfect amount for nutrient absorption; more or less temperature will means too much or too little oxygen, which can negatively affect the amount of nutrients that your plants can absorb.

Some devices only measure one parameter such as the Wassertech and Milwaukee pH and EC meters; they’re simple and affordable and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. If you manage to take care of them and don’t get them too wet, they should last you for quite a while. They’re super easy to calibrate thanks to our liquid solutions and their small screw.

We also stock waterproof devices such as the ADWA AD11 and AD31, as well as Hanna Combo devices which also allow you to measure EC, pH and temperature – you can drop these devices in your water without breaking them although don’t leave them in for too long. They’re perfect for hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

If you use a tank or have an automatic watering system, you may need a continuous meter. We have various different models such as Bluelab Guardian or the Trimeter. These devices are essentially large screens and sensors that take constant measurements and stay on. These are also ideal for hydroponic systems.

We stock pH and EC meters that come with an extended sensor so that you can take measurements from awkward angles and still see the screen. We stock various models and brands such as Hanna and Wassertech.

We have potent EC meters such as the Truncheon, which is incredibly precise and doesn’t need to be calibrated. We also stock EC models that don’t even work with batteries; by simply shaking them they get enough charge to measure the EC; EC Shake Nutrient Meter.

If you don’t have the time to personally control the pH and EC in your plants, some controllers can actually do it for you. pH Kontrol is capable of automatically adjusting the pH in your nutrient solution via a pump that doses out an acidic substance to adjust it and a sensor that’s constantly on.

The Kontrol nutrient controller allows you to also dose out nutrients automatically if programmed correctly, as well as the pH. Depending on the strength of each pump, you can feed more or less plants.

Find the best pH and EC meters on the market right here at by the best brands such as Hanna, Milwaukee and Bluelab at the best possible prices. Have a look through the catalogue; each device comes with a specific description and instructions on how to use it.