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Cannabis Books

Cannabis Books

In this section you can find some of the best literature when it comes to growing cannabis; everything you need to know about growing cannabis written by some of the best growers in the world. If you’ve never grown cannabis before you can start from scratch both indoors and outdoors using these books; you’ll read information from what substrates are best, to how to harvest and dry cannabis flowers.

We stock books by renowned authors such as Jorge Cervantes, Juan Robledo and Elisabet Riera – improve your technique and grow some of the best cannabis plants you’ve ever seen.

One of our most-sold books is Jorge Cervantes’ indoor/outdoor grow bible. It’s a fantastic guide; every time you read it you’ll learn something new that you didn’t realize before. You’ll find information from how to germinate cannabis seeds to some of the most typical issues when it comes to growing cannabis such as nutrient deficiencies and insect infestations – every grower should have a copy of this book in their house.

We stock books about specific growing media such as books on growing in soil for traditional growers. We also have books on growing in coco and hydroponic settings for those that have always been tempted but never know where to start. If you take a quick look at the book descriptions you’ll see that it isn’t that difficult, it just requires a bit more investigation.

As well as growing books, we also stock books that deal with medicinal cannabis such as Positive Cannabis. In this book, Wernard Bruining explains how to make your very own cannabis oil and the benefits that can be obtained from this natural substance. He also makes a comparison between his oil and other medications such as benzocaine.

As well as books, we also stock DVDs that can help you learn if you’re more of a visual learner. Learn everything you need in order to grow your very own successful cannabis plant. You’ll be an expert in no time thanks to the amount of information contained in these DVDs. We even have a DVD by Green House Seeds, in which they talk about how to grow the strains that they breed.

We also have “for dummies” versions of these books that use more colloquial language for those that have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Juan Robledo has two books in which he shares tips and hints on improving yield both indoors and outdoors. Even if you think that you know everything about indoor growing, Robledo is here to prove you wrong. Grow amazingly professional plants, from feminized to regular and autoflowering plants. He’ll show you how to grow enormous plants so that you only have to grow once or twice a year.

If you want to increase your cannabis knowledge or start learning about the world of marihuana, get your hands on one of these books or DVDs and follow their advice – they are some of the best professional cannabis growers in the world!