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Lighting kits

Lighting Kits for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Complete lighting kits for indoor cannabis growing, including ballasts, bulbs and reflectors. They come ready to be assembled and start working, becoming your plants' new sun. Depending on the kit you choose, you'll have a wide range of different benefits. Each kit has specific ways and characteristics that increase yield, among other things, on your cannabis plants.

Xtrasun is one of the simplest and most affordable kits. It is ideal for growers who are really not at ease when it comes to electrical installations. The kit is ready to be plugged in without having to do make any sort of connection, so it's impossible to get it wrong when you install it. It comes with an Xtrasun ballast that, besides being incredibly sturdy, has a fuse that protects the system. If there are any issues, the fuse will burn out first and your equipment won't be affected. It includes a reflector that comes with the cable already installed and is connected to the ballast via a Plug & Play jack, without needing to screw anything in or use a multi-socket adaptor. The bulb that comes with this kit is a mixed spectrum Xrtrasun and it can be used both for the vegetative and the flowering stages. It is only available at 600W.

Set De Luxe have been our best-selling kits since they were first released on the market. Besides being highly affordable, they are built for battle! Reliable and long-lasting, they have been lighting up our plants for more than 10 years. It's the first ever model that the average Spanish grower got to use, and they are still on the market. They come with a magnetic ETi1 ballast - the most generic ballast available. You have to install the cable yourself but there's an explanatory video with the product description that can help you out - although the video is in Spanish. Also, there is a Smooth or Hammertone reflector (to choose from), and a bulb from the brand of your choice to light up your plants. This kit is ideal for those who need many units for big rooms, since it is the most affordable option and cables can be installed as you need them. Available in wattages that range from 250W to 1000W.

Our complete kits are similar to the Set de Luxe ones, the only difference being that instead of a ETI1 ballast they come with an ETI2. This ballast has a fire-proof shell covering its components so if a spark appears or it starts burning inside, fire won't spread to your room or to the ballast next to it. Its cables are already connected. There is another tutorial video explaining how to connect your ETI2 ballast under the product description. You will be able to choose among different types of reflectors and bulbs. Just pick out the desired wattage and the components you want in order to design your customized kit. You can choose a kit with adjustable sides if you want to cover a bit more than 1m2 with your 600W lamp or you can choose the Cooltube Kit if you have issues with high temperatures.

Lumatek Kits are some of the best kits available on our page. The Lumatek ballast is one of the best electronic ballasts in the market and provides much heavier and finer quality yields than any magnetic ballast. Your plants will get up to 30% more light, since light is emitted continuously. If you point a phone camera towards the light emitted by a magnetic ballast, you will notice it flickers, whereas electronic ballasts provide continuous light, supplying much more energy for your plants. Besides, they are adjustable too. If you choose a 600W ballast the regulator will offer 400W-400W super lumen, 600W and 600W superlumen. If you choose the 400 ballast, the regulator options will be 250W, 250 super lumen, 400W and 400W super lumen. Lumatek ballasts can be connected to any reflector you want with any bulb you want.

The most affordable option for electronic ballast kits are the ones by Agrolite. However, the only model by the brand that comes with an adjuster is the 600W adjustable kit. Neither the 250W and the 400W have an adjuster. Apart from that, the kit is good and would be ideal for a grower who wants to buy just one lamp, since with an electronic ballast he/she will always get a better harvest than with a magnetic one.

Whichever kit you want, you will find it in our catalogue with great offers and professional descriptions. We'll tell you all the pros and cons and show you tutorial videos telling know how to install everything. Avoid any future issues and make a sound choice here at