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All models of cannabis Cultibox Grow Tents

Find all models and sizes of Cultibox Grow Tents gathered in one single section. Compare at a glance all the available Grow Tents so you can easily set up your new growing space. From the most economical ones to the modular ones (units to be assembled one to another) that let you create a tailored grow room.

The most affordable one is the Cultibox Light, an inexpensive grow tent that does the job perfectly though savings have been made in the choice of materials. Indeed, if there is a weak point to highlight it is that the cloth is gray and thus, non-reflective inside. Apart from that,  it is a great grow tent to get started with your indoor grow op without spending too much money. Available in many sizes, from 60x60x140cm to 120x120x200cm, to match your needs.

Another model and one of the most famous ones from Cultibox is the SG-Combi. It is a very good quality cabinet, with a thick and reflective cloth and strong zippers. One feature makes it unique: 3 out of its 4 walls can be fastened and detached by means of velcro. This lets you join several modules of same sized SG-Combi tents to create a customized growing space. With this system you can add an extra unit whenever you feel like or, on the other hand, you can choose to use them individually as independent growing units. The aluminium bars of the structure are also stronger than Cultibox Light's ones, so this grow tent will support heavier loads.

One of the novelties by Cultibox is the model called Open: a 4-side-openable cabinet which provides great accessibility to plants. It can be opened individually on 2 sides and can be left completely opened, exposing its entire inside, by just opening the zippers. This feature facilitates access and lets you water your plants without having to move them around. Save time and enjoy an easy gardening experience.

In short, if you are looking for a good-quality and inexpensive grow tent, Cultibox might be the brand for you.