Humidity and Temperature

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Humidity and Temperature

Grow room humidity and temperature control

Here you can find all of the devices and supplies you need to keep temperature and humidity stable in your grow room. You can find everything from the most basic heating cables to complex systems such as Opticlimate that will keep your temperature and humidity levels stable automatically, among other functions.

In this section, you can find humidifiers that increase moisture in your growing environment, ideal for spaces with growing plants or for rooting cuttings. The simplest humidifiers are Ultrasonic Humidifiers. They consist of a ceramic membrane powered by electricity which vibrates and sprinkles microdrops into the air, creating a mist of water that increases humidity without affecting temperature.

This very same ultrasound system is used by other humidifiers such as Cornwall Humidifier or Pure Factory Humidifier, the only difference being that those ones have a built-in water storage and the ultrasound has to be used inside a container such as a water bucket.

For large growing rooms you will need humidifiers with more than one membrane: from 5 to 12, to match your needs. If you also need a device to distribute humidity in specific directions, you will find many advantages in using the Monzon Humidifier. Monzon can be connected straight to a running water supply, so you will never have to fill it manually, whereas a fan directs the humidity jet towards where you want. This is an additional advantage when you compare it with the 12-membrane one. If you need higher humidity levels you can resort to professional humidifiers such as Cecio, which can expel microdrops of air (up to 6,5l/h).

Sometimes, what happens is the exact opposite: ambient humidity is too high and you want to lower it. We have several dehumidifiers to help you absorb water from the air, lowering the relative humidity within the desired amount. The smaller ones are intended to be used in small grow rooms or tents where moisture needs to be quite low. The "mini" dehumidifier is ideal for dryers or very small grow tents. On the other hand, if you have a large grow room, you might have use for our large Cornwall Dehumidifiers. It's almost the only solution to succeed in lowering humidity in large areas with plants. You can use this model in rooms up to 10 m2, although if your grow space is even bigger, we suggest you use semi-industrial dehumidifiers, that will do their job efficiently and can cover up to 40 m2.

The temperature can also be a bit tricky to control. Too much cold is as bad as heat for an indoor grow; you will have to keep an eye on this parameter. At less than 16°C it is hard for plants to absorb water and soil nutrients, whereas at a temperature higher than 28°C flowers open up to cope with the heat and your plants' buds will end up much less dense. Besides a warm temperature, it is necessary for your plants to absorb CO2 and if it is not available, their leaves will exhibit clear deficiencies (which means the plant cannot breathe properly).

If your indoor garden is too cold, there are several ways of warming it up: from the greenhouse heaters to the most powerful 1000-2000W ceramic heaters. If your intention is to warm up a particular area, such as the roots of your clones, you can use heating blankets or cables inside your grow tent.

On the other hand, if the temperature in your garden is too hot you can cool it down with an air conditioning unit. Unlike other portable air conditioning units, this one expels cold air through a tube, so you don't need to place the device inside the room, preventing odors and heat from leaking.

Opticlimate devices are some of the most efficient controllers out there. They will keep both temperature and humidity under control even when using many lamps. Usually, it is necessary to use air conditioning units to lower the temperature and if extractors are used then the cold is taken away, which is a big problem for your plants. With Opticlimate you will only need one source of water to cool your garden without having any contact with the outside. It has a dehumidifier that will lower or higher humidity if necessary. Besides, it will increase the temperature before the lights turn on and lower it before they turn off. Your plants will thrive as never before.

Water temperature is also important. If it is too cold or too hot it will contain almost no oxygen and nutrients won't be properly absorbed. Water must be around 22°C-23°C for watering. If it's too cold, you'll have to increase temperature by means of a water heater. On the contrary, if water is too hot -as it is usually the case in hydroponic settings with lamps-, you can use a water cooler intended for lowering its temperature. Insuring irrigation water is always kept at the right temperature will affect positively the final yield.

In short, in this section you can find everything you need to provide the optimum growing environment to your plants and obtain the best possible yields. As always, all our products come with a detailed description and mode of employment so you can make the most of them!