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Genehtik Nutrients

Genehtik Nutrients: professional fertilizers

Genehtik Nutrients produces some of the best minerals, best organic compounds and amino acids in a very complete range of products to get the best yields without compromising the true taste of your plants. You'll be able to harvest enormous buds and a fruity taste and aroma. Professional nutrients for both beginners and expert growers, very easy to achieve great results at a very good price!

Their Growth Fertilizer contains a good balance of nutrients & will give you strong and sturdy plants from the very start. You will realize it is possible to get strong and sturdy trunks without using chemical products. The plants will develop branches earlier and will prepare their structure for the blooming stage. Healthy and lush green plants that will only require one weekly feeding.

They also have a 100% organic and natural blooming stimulator that will help your plants to start the flowering stage right. You'll get short internodes and long bud colas that you can fatten later with the rest of products. The long colas will result in heavier yields at the end of the flowering stage and you will get more from your crop.

The Flowering Fertilizer will supply the essential minerals for the development of the buds at maximum speed. You'll get dense and sticky buds, full of flavor.

When you grow with organic fertilizers, weed develops more taste and a finer quality. Thanks to Genehtik you can get enormous yields. It is ideal for growing strong strains that require a lot of nutrients, such as their own strain, Kritikal Bilbo.

Once the fattening stage starts, Pk 40-20 fertilizer will have to be used. By doing this, the flowers will be fatter when they complete their bloom. This fattening process implies an extra demand of phosphorus and potassium and thanks to this fertilizer your plants won't suffer from nutrient deficiencies and will grow as strong as possible.

You can get your nutrients in handy packs that contain everything you need accordingly to your growing method. You can choose the Outdoor Pack, that includes the growing, blooming and fattening fertilizers along with the stimulator.

The Growth Pack includes the Growth Fertilizer, a Roots Stimulator, a Soil Stimulator to activate the substrate microlife and a Foliar Spray that will keep our plants green, strong and resistant.

The Flowering Pack includes the Flowering fertilizer, the Flowering stimulator to get the flowering to start as soon as possible, the fattening Pk 40-20 and a flowering ender that will increase sugars in the final product, increasing the weight at the end of the cultivation cycle.

Natural nutrients for excellent crops. Get a super tasty and strong marijuana that only organic products of the finest quality can provide.