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Marijuana polishing and harvesting tools

These tools are mainly used in the harvesting, drying and curing process of cannabis plants. Pulling off a successful harvest means that you’ll need to meticulously take care when doing such things, as you’ll need to cut them down properly, trim them, dry them and then cure them in order to get the best possible quality. If you have the right tools for each process then you shouldn’t have any issues – so that’s where you’ll need to start.

In order to harvest your plants and cut their trunks you’ll need strong, durable pruning scissors that can easily cut through thick trunks without breaking. You can use scissors such as our two-pack, available above. You can also get smaller scissors that you can use on the branches or for getting cuttings, and the larger ones for cutting plenty of trunks when harvesting.

After cutting your plants down you’ll need to trim the leftover leaves and stems in order to improve quality and the drying process. Leaves can sometimes leave behind a soft chlorophyll taste, which isn’t that nice when mixed with properly cured buds. We have a wide range of trimming scissors in different shapes and sizes so that you can get the exact one you need. Our Leaf Clean scissors are perfect for removing the largest leave, and we also have smaller ones for removing the smaller leaves right from the stem, cleaning up your buds as much as possible.

Bonsai scissors will help you cut leaves from the stem, although they’re a bit more manual than the other small ones as they don’t clause automatically. Curved scissors are perfect for removing outer leaves that aren’t accessible at the stem – thanks to their rounded shape you can easily go at your flowers without actually cutting them.

We also have various drying racks that you can use to dry your plants in; they’re extremely efficient as they give your buds the perfect amount of ventilation to dry at the right speed. They’re available in different diameters, as our two models are the same height. One of our models consists of foldable shelves (80x80cm) with which you can customize how many shelves you need.

Once your buds are nice and dry you’ll need to move on to the curing process, increasing both the quality and strength of your weed. You’ll need to use air tight containers to do this so that your cannabis doesn’t dry out – this is done to slowly kill off any remaining humidity in the buds. Keep in mind that you need to do this before the buds are completely dry so that they get a bit soft again and dry slowly over about 15 days. You’ll need to open up the container once a day until the weed is kind of crunchy, which is when it’ll be ready to smoke.

In order to cure your buds properly you’ll need to make sure that they have a certain amount of humidity – sometimes you might dry your cannabis a bit too much and you can’t cure it due to the lack of humidity. If this happens to you, simply wait until it’s fully dry and use Boveda – this is a product used to keep humidity at around 62% inside the container, adding humidity to your buds so that you can cure them. Once it’s cured you can remove your buds and dry it again just to make sure that it’s in the best possible conditions.

The best way to store your weed is in a vacuum sealed container. We have various systems that so this, both vacuum sealers and air-tight containers. We have heat-sealed bags that can be used to store your weed in an air-tight space in order to transport it or store it for a while. These bags are perfect if you’re looking to transport your cannabis and don’t want any smells getting out at all.

If you need to store your cannabis for over 6 months you’ll want to use a vacuum lock system, making sure that your buds are completely isolated from elements outside their container/bag.

We have all of the necessary tools needed to trim, dry, cure and conserve your cannabis in the best way possible, with some of the best offers out there. Find what you need right here, including detailed descriptions of what each product does so that you know exactly what you’re buying.