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Soundproof supplies are very important for the ventilation system in our indoor grow op. There are several parts that will help us in a way or another to eliminate the noise emitted by our vent systems (extractors or air outlet to the street). These noises, if untreated, might result in problems such as unwanted discoveries. However, they are easy to solve.

For grow tents or spaces where very powerful extractors are not used, we can employ an Economical Anti Noise Box. By putting this box around our extractor, the noise will be mitigated by the insulation foam in the box, leaving the noise "trapped" inside. This box is made of not-very-thick MD. It works by making the noise bounce inside and preventing it from going outside. If we assemble it and use it properly, it will last a long time.

On the contrary, if you use large dimensions extractors we highly recommend you not to skimp on expenses and choose SoundProof Box Plus,  a box of higher quality and thicker walls. This box is more resistant and thicker than its economical version and comes assembled, ready to use. All you have to do is open a hinged hatch and place the extractor inside. Its soundproofing power is higher. However, in order for SoundProof Box Plus to work to its full potential, it is important to fix the bow so it does not vibrate. This is actually more effective in terms of noise reduction than the box itself. Let's develop this: if you hang the box from the ceiling with ropes or rigid hangers, the vibration will be passed on to the ceiling and it will be very noisy. On the other hand, if you hang it the same way but employing rubber pieces to damp vibrations, the soundproof system will be much more effective.

If the problem lies in the noise at the street outlet, what you need to use is a Flexible Silencer. It works similarly to a gun silencer where only the edge is silenced. The fact that the noise is reduced (silenced) does not mean the noise is null, but much lower than before.

An important fact to consider is that when you want to soundproof your grow op you need to employ soundproof duct. Indeed, using the appropriate type of duct is the key for everything to work out properly. If you use a soundproof box with regular aluminium duct, the noise will escape through its thin walls, making the use of the soundproof box useless. Despite placing a Flexible Silencer at the edge of our duct, if you keep on using regular aluminium duct, the flow of the air running inside will be almost more annoying than the noise at the outlet itself. 

In our catalogue you can find all the products to soundproof your indoor garden along with their description and mode of employment so you can make the most of your yield while avoiding nuisances to your neighbors or undesired visits.