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Harvest and dry

Harvest and dry

Find all of the tools and devices you need to take care of harvesting and drying your buds. We have a very wide range of products, and you’re guaranteed to find what you need on this page – from the moment you harvest your plants right up until you smoke them.

In our microscope section you can find magnifiers and microscopes that you can use to check your plants’ trichomes, such as the Lumagny Professional 60x 80x 100x Microscope, to see if they’re ready for harvest yet – people tend to go by the color of the pistils, but the safest way to tell is by the color of the trichomes themselves.

We also have scissors of all sizes so that you can use it to cut stems, branches and trunks or to even trim your plants after harvesting. You’ll be able to dry your buds without any annoying leaves or branches, making for a faster drying period too – the leaves contain quite a lot of water and humidity too.

Another way to remove the leaves and stems from your plants is by using trimmers. Cannabis trimmers can help you to remove all of the extra leaves on your plant without having to do it manually, which can take forever sometimes. We have various different models, from small manual trimmers to large automatic trimmers in which you can put large branches that’ll come out as just buds the other side. You can also keep the leaves to one side and use them for extracts later on.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the leaves you’ll need to dry it as best you can. You’ll need to leave it somewhere dark with slight ventilation without any gusts of air, at around 25º max. You can hang your buds or branches from strings, dry them in Square Drying Racks that you can hang from the roof or set up standing on the ground, depending on the model. Drying racks ensure that your plants will get plenty of ventilation and they take up a small amount of space while still allowing you to dry large quantities of weed. You can place them in drying rooms or grow tents which allow you to control the humidity level among other parameters that you’ll need for the perfect drying process.

Once it’s dry you can cure it, giving it a higher quality than one that’s just been dried. You can also use the leaves to make resin extracts that’ll be just as potent as your weed.