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Harvest and drying

  • Tools
    <p>These tools are mainly used in the <strong>harvesting</strong>, <strong>drying</strong> and <strong>curing</strong> process of cannabis plants. Pulling off a successful harvest means that you’ll need to meticulously take care when doing such things, as you’ll need to cut them down properly, trim them, dry them and then cure them in order to get the best possible quality. If you have the right <strong>tools for each process</strong> then you shouldn’t have any issues – so that’s where you’ll need to start.</p> <p>In order to harvest your plants and <strong>cut their trunks</strong> you’ll need strong, durable pruning scissors that can easily cut through thick trunks without breaking. You can use scissors such as our two-pack, available above. You can also get smaller scissors that you can use on the branches or for getting cuttings, and the larger ones for cutting plenty of trunks when harvesting.</p> <p>After cutting your plants down you’ll need to <strong>trim the leftover leaves and stems</strong> in order to improve quality and the drying process. Leaves can sometimes leave behind a soft chlorophyll taste, which isn’t that nice when mixed with properly cured buds. We have a wide range of trimming scissors in different shapes and sizes so that you can get the exact one you need. Our Leaf Clean scissors are perfect for removing the largest leave, and we also have smaller ones for removing the smaller leaves right from the stem, cleaning up your buds as much as possible.</p> <p><strong>Bonsai scissors</strong> will help you cut leaves from the stem, although they’re a bit more manual than the other small ones as they don’t clause automatically. Curved scissors are perfect for removing outer leaves that aren’t accessible at the stem – thanks to their rounded shape you can easily go at your flowers without actually cutting them.</p> <p>We also have various <a href="">drying racks</a> that you can use to dry your plants in; they’re extremely efficient as they give your buds the perfect amount of ventilation to dry at the right speed. They’re available in different diameters, as our two models are the same height. One of our models consists of foldable shelves (80x80cm) with which you can customize how many shelves you need.</p> <p>Once your buds are nice and dry you’ll need to <strong>move on to the curing process</strong>, increasing both the quality and strength of your weed. You’ll need to use air tight containers to do this so that your cannabis doesn’t dry out – this is done to slowly kill off any remaining humidity in the buds. Keep in mind that you need to do this before the buds are completely dry so that they get a bit soft again and dry slowly over about 15 days. You’ll need to open up the container once a day until the weed is kind of crunchy, which is when it’ll be ready to smoke.</p> <p>In order to <strong>cure your buds properly</strong> you’ll need to make sure that they have a certain amount of humidity – sometimes you might dry your cannabis a bit too much and you can’t cure it due to the lack of humidity. If this happens to you, simply wait until it’s fully dry and use <a href="">Boveda </a>– this is a product used to keep humidity at around <strong>62%</strong> inside the container, adding humidity to your buds so that you can cure them. Once it’s cured you can remove your buds and dry it again just to make sure that it’s in the best possible conditions.</p> <p>The best way to <strong>store your weed is in a vacuum sealed container</strong>. We have various systems that so this, both vacuum sealers and air-tight containers. We <strong>have heat-sealed bags</strong> that can be used to store your weed in an air-tight space in order to transport it or store it for a while. These bags are perfect if you’re looking to transport your cannabis and don’t want any smells getting out at all.</p> <p>If you need to <strong>store your cannabis for over 6 months</strong> you’ll want to use a vacuum lock system, making sure that your buds are completely isolated from elements outside their container/bag.</p> <p>We have all of the <strong>necessary tools</strong> needed to trim, dry, cure and conserve your cannabis in the best way possible, with some of the best offers out there. Find what you need right here, including <strong>detailed descriptions</strong> of what each product does so that you know exactly what you’re buying.</p>
  • Trimmers
    <p class="p1">You'll be able to save a lot of time when trimming your plants by using a <strong>handy bud trimmer</strong>. They let you remove all of the leaves from your cannabis plants in no time at all, without having to do it manually with scissors.</p> <p class="p1">We have <strong>various different brands and models</strong> and each of them works in a particular way. Some of them are ideal for large grow rooms, with powerful motors capable of trimming several kg an hour. Others are ideal for the common grower and will help you save 2 or 3 days of trimming. After just a couple of hours everything will be trimmed.</p> <p class="p1"><b>One of the best-selling models is the <a href="">Leaf Cutter</a></b><b>,</b> a trimming machine that's very easy to use and accident-free for common users. It is available <b>in two sizes:</b> the smallest one is designed with the smallest growers in mind, that is, for these people who have a simple grow room or a couple of plants on the balcony. The biggest one is made for more ambitious growers since it can process double the load and trim at the same time. <b>There is a manual and an automatic model. The manual one works by turning a crank</b> and isn't noisy at all, whereas the automatic one, though more convenient, is much noisier. If the plastic bands or the blades break there are also available spare-parts on our website.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Really ambitious growers will need more professional tools,</b> capable of trimming larger quantities in less time. We have <b>tables, such as the Trimpro Original, which can trim whole branches and even whole plants in few seconds.</b> It is a table with a grid in the middle that has a blade<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>turning at full speed just underneath. You can<b> pass the branch with leaves or the whole plant through, and the blades will pull and cut the leaves,</b> leaving all the trimmed product inside a bag. High trimming performances in one hour guaranteed. Your marijuana will be ready to be hung since there will be no need to remove the buds from the branches.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Trimpro Work Station<span class="Apple-converted-space"> models </span>also let you get rid of the leaves easily, apart from providing you with a great product from which to make<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>the finest hash.</b> In order to trim buds off, they have to be removed from the branches and then discard everything but the flowers and the leaves (that is, stems and trunks are thrown away). Then, a layer of buds has to be set on the table before turning the peeler on. The <b>buds have to be passed over the grid manually, like if they were small balls or marbles, twisting them with your hands until all the leaves are removed.</b> Using silicone or latex gloves lets you gather resin of the finest quality (charas).</p> <p class="p2">If you don't want to trim your weed manually,<b> larger models, such as the Trimpro Rotor,</b><span class="s1"> <a href="">Trimpro Automatik</a>,</span><b> Trimpro XL and Trimpro Gasoline</b> can do it automatically. These models turn marijuana buds themselves, removing the leaves. All you'll<b> have to do is open a lid to collect the buds in a bucket or a basket and<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></b>bring them to the drying room. <b>Capacity varies with the model,</b> and some of them can process many kg per hour.</p> <p class="p2">If this is <b>still not enough for you, you can choose models as sophisticated as the Twister Trimmer.</b>  Besides adjusting the cutting degree of the leaves, this trimmer finishes the leaves very closely, <b>peeling whole branches off.</b> <b>Branches are put inside the machine through one of the sides and they come out peeled through the other one,</b> while the leaves are being collected by very powerful hoovers inside a bag. This is the most efficient model in our catalogue.</p> <p class="p1"><b>If you want to save time when trimming your harvest, don't hesitate and get one of our trimmers</b> with big discounts. You <b>will find a detailed description of sizes, shapes and recommended uses</b> for each model. Because in we like <b>keeping you informed about what you buy and how to use it!</b></p>
  • Resin Extracts
    <p>Make your own <strong>resin extracts</strong> in a safe and simple way, with the best systems and supplies to extract resin from your marijuana plants. There are several methods for extracting marijuana, such as dry sift, ice water extraction or with gas. Extractions can be made from your best buds, from the ones that remain small and aren't highly profitable or even from the leaves that contain small parts of resin.</p> <p>One of the simplest extraction methods that offers the best results is what is <strong>commonly called dry sift</strong>. There are several ways to carry it out and depending on the amount of weed you want to process you will have to choose one method or another. <strong>Secret Shaker</strong> is one of the simplest ones: it consists of a plastic jar with two lids -one at the upper part and another at the bottom. Marijuana has to be frozen and put inside the upper compartment, then the lid has to be closed. Just with a few shakes, marijuana resin from the upper part will start falling through a sieve and when all the material has passed through it, you will only have to open the bottom lid to obtain a good amount of the finest hash.</p> <p>Another way of <strong>extracting resin</strong> with a dry method is using a <strong>Hash Shaker, very similar to Secret Shaker but available in several sizes</strong> to fit the amount of marijuana we want to process. We have size S (diameter=8.5cm and length=13cm), size L (diameter=13.5cm and length=17cm) and XL (diameter=17cm and length=17cm).</p> <p>If the shakers are too small you can resort to <strong>the Rotator or Secret Box</strong>. The Rotator is a kind of washing machine drum with a 132 micron screen, where frozen marijuana is set. As the drum turns around slowly, resin falls little by little into a container with a tray located under the drum. 5 to 10 minutes of work suffice to obtain fine quality extracts. You can then remove the tray and keep on using the Rotator for a second extraction (of second quality) in 30 minutes. Between 30 min and 1 hr you will obtain a third extraction (of lower quality). It is possible to keep it rolling for <strong>8 hours</strong> to extract the remaining resin in the plant which, despite being of a lower quality, is still smokeable.</p> <p>The <a href="">Secret Box</a> works in a similar way but it is only available in one size. It comes with a <strong>225 micron screen</strong> but it is possible to install a second screen of 125 microns if you aim at obtaining a finer material. Rotation can be adjusted by means of a power regulator. We also sell replacement 225 and 125 microns screens.</p> <p>You can make hash by sifting the resin, as it is done in Morocco, with the <strong>Tan Tam</strong>. It is a sieve set inside a box. Marijuana is to be put in the upper part and by tapping on the lid you will get the finest trichomes to fall on the lower part of the box, from where you can gather them up easily.</p> <p>If you aim for obtaining the finest hash, the best method is <strong>Ice Water Extraction</strong>. For this, you can resort to the Secret Smoke washer and extraction sieves. There are several types of screen, in several sizes and models, made of different materials. Secret Icer and the Pure Factory extraction bags are the most affordable ones, and the Ice-O-Lator screens which, apart from being the pioneers in finest quality extracts, are the most resistant ones. In this way, you'll manage to get this "double resin", highly desired by hash lovers, which cannot be obtained through any other method.</p> <p>Once the extraction is done, the product can be pressed in a <strong>Pollen-Press</strong> and made into pressed hash pieces. We have small presses for as little as 2g (to use what you can get from your grinders), others like the <a href="">Magnetic Press</a> that let you press <strong>up to 5g</strong> - what you can get from your Secret Shaker or Hash Shaker-, and the biggest ones for 10g, which let you press what you get from your dry extraction with the Secret Box or the bags for Ice Extraction.</p> <p>If what you are looking for is a way to <strong>increase the strength or the purity</strong> of your extracts, you can make your own BHO. With this method it's possible to achieve 99% THC (when done under optimal conditions), but a 30-40% is guaranteed even for mediocre conditions. You will only have to put your weed inside an extraction tube such as the Gasolinator or Honey Bee and freeze it for 24 hr. Then, you will have to inject the content of two bottles of impurity-free gas such as Clipper or Colibrí Gas through the upper part and gather what comes out at the bottom in a flat glass tray. Then, allow the gas to evaporate by putting it on a Laboratory Heater Plate or in a bain-marie. When it is ready, use <strong>BHO Blades</strong> to scrape it off the tray. It will then be ready to be smoked as joints. However, if you increase the purity of the extraction by removing all the gas that might remain with a vacuum pump and a dryer, the final result can be smoked with a BHO pipe.</p> <p>Whatever you are looking for to draw your own resin extractions, you will find it in our <strong>resin extraction supplies section</strong>. As always, all the products come with a detailed description and a mode of employment so you know how to use them by the time you receive them at home.</p>
  • Microscopes and...
    <p>Find a magnifying glass with which you can <strong>check your plants for infestations</strong>, or a microscope to <strong>check on your plants’ resin trichomes</strong>, here on our microscopes and magnifying glasses page. You can find <strong>different sizes and models</strong> to suit the needs of any grower.</p> <p>We have <strong>simple magnifying glasses like the “thread-counter”</strong> magnifying glass, which magnifies <strong>up to x10</strong> and it can be used to differentiate between different pests and infestations. It’s extremely easy to use, and you can use it to have a <strong>look at your plants every now and then</strong>. If you want something a <strong>bit easier to manage</strong>, you can get the<strong> <a href="">bifocal magnifying glass that comes with a light</a> attached,</strong> and it can help you to find insects or bites on your plants Sherlock Holmes-style. The best thing about this magnifying glass is that it lights up <strong>wherever you’re looking</strong>, making it much easier to use than the “thread-counter”.</p> <p><strong>If you want to magnify your plants even more you’ll need to use a microscope</strong>. We have big, small, and adjustable microscopes, so depending on your needs you can choose between various models.</p> <p>If you want to see the resin on your plants correctly, you’ll need at least a x50 microscope, like the <strong>Lumagny 50x microscope</strong>. Its <strong>top quality</strong> and you won’t have to spend forever turning your sample around to see it properly thanks to its lenses. Lumagny microscopes are favorable due to their <strong>white light</strong>; many microscopes have yellow lights which can alter the color of your sample when you’re looking at it.</p> <p>The <strong>Mini 60x Microscope is perfect to look for small insects</strong> in between the bites on your plants’ leaves; a lot of insects like red mites are extremely difficult to spot, even with a magnifying glass. You can also use it to check the trichomes on your plant and see how ripe they are. Thanks to its light, you’ll be <strong>able to get the microscope close enough to your sample</strong> or plant without any awkward shades getting in the way.</p> <p>The <strong>60x-80x-100x standing Microscope is one of the best ones you can use to check your plants’ resin</strong>; in the viewing slot, when set to 100x, you’ll be able to clearly see 10 to 15 trichomes. <strong>You’ll know exactly when your plants are ready for harvest</strong>, if they have stains on their leaves, bite marks, or just how your plants are doing on a daily basis. <strong>You can attach the stand</strong> that comes included for optimal usage. It has <strong>three magnification levels; from 60x to 100x</strong>. You can then adjust the visor to focus on your sample clearly.</p> <p>The <strong>Lumagny 60-80-100x microscope is similar to the one mentioned above, although it’s made out of better quality materials.</strong> Lumagny is a renowned microscope company that uses the <strong>best available lenses</strong>. You can <strong>adjust and put in to focus each of the different magnifications</strong> depending on what sample you’re looking at. It has a <strong>white light, allowing users to see the color of their samples more clearly</strong>. You can also <strong>adjust the strength and reach of the light</strong> depending on the ambient light in the room or space in which you’re checking your samples.</p> <p>If you want the <strong>newest technology</strong>, you can always get <strong>a <a href="">USB Microscope</a>, which allows you to take pictures and videos</strong> of your samples. There are <strong>two available models; 200x and 400x,</strong> allowing you to <strong>augment the magnification by 10x in 10x</strong>. It has <strong>four white LED lights</strong>, which will <strong>stop your samples from heating up</strong> too much under the microscope.</p> <p><span>If you’re looking for a <strong>microscope or magnifying glass to keep an eye on your crop</strong>, then you’ll most definitely find one that is perfect for your needs in our online catalogue. All of the products in this category have a <strong>complete description that details their characteristics and how to use them</strong>; you can investigate each device so <strong>that you know exactly what you’re purchasing.</strong></span></p>
  • Trimmer supplies and...
    <p>An increasing number of growers enjoy the<strong> advantages of using a trimmer, a machine that makes it much easier for them to perform tedious tasks such as cutting and manicuring. </strong>Yet, these precious and useful tools<strong> require some thorough care and maintenance, </strong>since with the use and contact with vegetal matter<strong>, blades and grills tend to wear away. The cleaning and substitution of these elements has to be made after every use, always with the machine turned off and unplugged for our own safety. </strong>There are several types of spare-parts available for your tools which will be exposed here below.</p> <p><strong>The blade is the most affected part </strong>since it is constantly in contact with the buds.<strong> The flowers resins will remain stuck to it and if we don't clean it properly it will lose its effectiveness </strong>(the glands will stick to the edge resulting in a non-effective blading of calyces). These blades can be easily replaced by<strong> simply removing three screws. </strong>We have<strong> available spare-parts</strong> for machines such as the<strong> OK Trimmer and the Leaf Cutter. </strong>Their components are<strong> interchangeable, long-lasting </strong>and made of<strong> excellent materials.</strong></p> <p><strong>The grid</strong> is another essential element of models such as <a href="">OK Trimmer</a> <strong>and Trimpro Original since, unlike other trimmers, these models let us choose the diameter</strong> <strong>at which we want to manicure</strong> our green matter. It is possible to choose between 2 sizes: Large or Standard. The standard one displays a 8 mm distance between radius whereas this distance is 11 mm for the larger version. <strong>Depending on the weight and dimensions of your yield,</strong> you'll adjust<strong> the grid easily and quickly</strong> thanks to these wonderful supplies made of the finest tempered steel. It does not matter if your buds are small, since with these grids let you decide which one fits your purposes best</p> <p>There are also spare-parts to set the table where the trimmer stands at the appropriate working-height. This tool lets us improve the basic features of the trimmer: a bag for recovering the waste of the process can be added to it so the manicuring area is kept clean and ready for the next batch.</p> <p><strong>All these devices will improve the lifespan of our precious machines which </strong>require a considerable original investment. The users of OK Trimmer, Trimpro Original and <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Leaf Cutter</span> highlight how easy it is to replace the spare-parts without having to call any specialist. You will see by yourself how, after revamping your trimmer, it will work better than it used to, without wasting an ounce of your yield<strong> and providing a homogeneous and professional trimming. </strong></p>
Marijuana harvest and drying accessories

Find all of the tools and devices you need to take care of harvesting and drying your buds. We have a very wide range of products, and you’re guaranteed to find what you need on this page – from the moment you harvest your plants right up until you smoke them.

In our microscope section you can find magnifiers and microscopes that you can use to check your plants’ trichomes to see if they’re ready for harvest yet – people tend to go by the color of the pistils, but the safest way to tell is by the color of the trichomes themselves.

We also have scissors of all sizes so that you can use it to cut stems, branches and trunks or to even trim your plants after harvesting. You’ll be able to dry your buds without any annoying leaves or branches, making for a faster drying period too – the leaves contain quite a lot of water and humidity too.

Another way to remove the leaves and stems from your plants is by using trimmers. Cannabis trimmers can help you to remove all of the extra leaves on your plant without having to do it manually, which can take forever sometimes. We have various different models, from small manual trimmers to large automatic trimmers in which you can put large branches that’ll come out as just buds the other side. You can also keep the leaves to one side and use them for extracts later on.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the leaves you’ll need to dry it as best you can. You’ll need to leave it somewhere dark with slight ventilation without any gusts of air, at around 25º max. You can hang your buds or branches from strings, dry them in drying racks that you can hang from the roof or set up standing on the ground, depending on the model. Drying racks ensure that your plants will get plenty of ventilation and they take up a small amount of space while still allowing you to dry large quantities of weed. You can place them in drying rooms or grow tents which allow you to control the humidity level among other parameters that you’ll need for the perfect drying process.

Once it’s dry you can cure it, giving it a higher quality than one that’s just been dried. You can also use the leaves to make resin extracts that’ll be just as potent as your weed.