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Pro XL Nutrients

Pro XL organic and chemical fertilizers

Pro XL is a brand of organic nutrients created to supply your plants what they need when they need it. You will find a specific fertilizer for every phase of the plant’s life, along with different additives such as a product for fattening, a liquid to stop growth at the top of the plants or an insecticide to fight the red smite, the thrip or any other pest that might threaten your plants.

The mix of organic and mineral components combines the best of both worlds: get the taste and strength of the organic products and the efficiency and heavy productions of chemical fertilizers. All this with ultra concentrated doses so that you don’t spend too much and get low EC’s.

Pro Start will make your plants grow a good radicular system from the first day. The more developed the roots are, the better your plants will grow on the surface. Plants will feed properly on the available nutrients and plants will be healthy all the cycle long.

Grow A+B will induce an explosive growth  and your plants will develop big and green leaves, with strong trunks and branches. The product will nourish the plants with a fertilizer rich in minerals and trace elements that will provide plants with everything they need. Using it every two irrigations, would be enough for both indoor or outdoor crops.

By spraying the plants with Stop Grow, a quick change from the vegetative stage into the flowering one will take place. The components of the product will stop the plant, preventing it to keep on growing indefinitely, which is what usually happens. You will get lower and more compact plants that are properly exposed to light, getting better results in the same space. Stop Grow contains growing controllers.

Bloom A+B will supply the plants the required base nutrients during the blooming stage. Adding it to your irrigation water every two waterings will give you excellent results in every growing media. If we grow in hydroponics, Ec must be measured and then Bloom A+B must be used accordingly, instead of using it every two waterings.

When flowers start to appear, you can add Quick Boost to make sure your plants have enough potassium during the formation of flowers. It is used weekly from the third week on. 3 or 4 uses in total will be more than enough.

During the last stage of the fattening, you must use Flora Exploder, an intense fattening product that will help to form the last flowers and increase density. Also, it will give extra protection against fungi during the last weeks of the cycle, just when they tend to to appear. It is used only during the 3-4 last weeks of the cycle.

In short, Pro XL has a product for every situation and stage of the plant and has proven to be very helpful in getting heavier and superior yields. Both the growing and the blooming fertilizers are absorbed by the plant when pH levels range between 6 and 6.5