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General Hydroponics Europe GHE brand

General Hydroponics Europe Fertilizers is the brand that hydro growers tend to turn to. GHE offers the best minerals for your plants. GHE, the leader brand in the hydro market.

Their nutrient bases for hydro systems will provide your plants with a daily dose of macro and microelements, adapted to each stage of their cycle. Micro, Grow and Bloom are the 3 best hydro fertilizers to keep your plants well fed. It will become necessary to add a series of additives from the brand so, as the growing cycle moves on, a specific nutrient is supplied to cover the needs of that particular stage.

Mineral Magic will provide your hydroponic plants with the minerals that are usually present in soil and are not included in the base fertilizers. Thus, apart from not showing any signs of deficiency, your plants' flavor will be more similar to those grown in common soil. Mineral Magic is also useful for reusing substrate.

Bio Root will result in a dense and strong root system, capable of absorbing all of the nutrients available in your water. Your plants will be well fed and produce large yields. Bio Protect, while reinforcing the plant from the inside, creates thick and tough cell walls so your plants are protected from insect infestations and pathogens.

Bio Bloom will help your plants produce flowers and increase in size when the dose is increased at the end of the flowering stage.

They also have extra additives, such as Diamond Nectar that will act like "worms" in your hydro media. An increase in the radicular system's growth and an improvement in the absorption of nutrients will help your plants to develop better flowers.

Finally, with Ripen, you can end your harvest with clean final product that is free from salts and ripe. Ripen also helps to accelerate the ripening of early crops. Flora Kleen will prevent clogging of the drippers, keeping your irrigation system running smoothly at all times.

At we have all the formats GHE products available and always in stock. Whenever you need your product, you will find it here.