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SprayMix by Hy-Pro
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Hy-Pro Nutrients

Hy-Pro nutrients and fertilizers for cannabis

Hy-Pro fertilizers has shared with is their Dutch growing methods of the 80's; they realized that there were no nutrients available that were capable of producing the quality they sought after. The brand offers top quality products, from red iron to compounds obtained from the Northern Sea. It's a simple and user-friendly system that has been awarded prizes all over the world, and it's now available at GrowBarato.

They have fertilizers and additives for all applications and all growing systems. From the complete packs both for hydro and soil, to compounds such as Spray Mix that will help you during the whole growing cycle to achieve the best final result.

The nutrient base Hydro-Pro is so powerful that you won't need to use more products to get excellent yields. By simply applying the soil fertilizer, you'll be supplying your plants with a mineral complex that will guarantee they have no deficiencies. Their Hydro bases work in a similar way, by simply adding the A+B to your tank you will get amazing results.

Rootstimulator is a stimulator which will get your plants to develop a great root system and thus absorb water and fertilizers more efficiently. The more roots your plants have, the larger the actual plant will be and consequently, the more abundant the yield.

<Spraymix imitates the effect of fresh rain while growing indoors. Cannabis plants are generally used to some rain every now and then. By spraying the plants every 2 or 3 weeks, you will mimic the effect of the rain. You'll get greener leaves with stronger stems and branches, capable of bearing much more weight. In the end, you'll get heavier buds.

They also provide liquids used to increase or lower the pH of your nutrient solution. They are concentrated acids, and just a few milliliters can help you modify the acidity of your irrigation water.

These fertilizers are ideal for growers that are getting started in the cannabis growing world. Indeed, they are not difficult to use and will give you very good results. Sometimes, success dwells on simplicity and there is nothing simpler than Hy-Pro.