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Ariver Vaporizers | High Quality Vape Devices

Arizer is a Canadian portable tabletop vaporizer brand that invests highly in technology. Their products are of the highest quality and always meet the necessary industry standards. These are exclusive devices designed for those that truly love cannabis smoking and vaping paraphernalia as well as high quality vapor.

This brand works incredibly hard on ensuring their devices are of the best possible quality, allowing consumers to enjoy their cannabis to the fullest. Arizer products are high in quality and have a matching price – this range of vapes is slightly more expensive than conventional vapes, although its results are well worth it.

Unlike other brands, Arizer has invested a lot of energy into cannabis flower vaporizers – they’re one of the best brands for flower vaping devices. Plus, these devices can be used in aromatherapy sessions with other types of herbs.

Strength and Quality | Arizer’s Strong Point

When it comes to strong points, Arizer’s products offer amazing quality and are super sturdy. If you’re buying an Arizer, you know that it’ll last a lifetime. They’re made out of impressive materials and deal with high levels of heat easily – you’ll be vaping in style and quality.

It’s made out of high quality materials, and the mouthpiece is made out of glass; all of their devices come with these mouthpieces, which are incredibly heat resistant and manage to conserve the original flavor from your smoke.

Best Selling Arizer Models

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

This is the brands’ original model, and one of the most sold models around the world thanks to its efficiency and reliability. This vaporizer is made of a combination of high quality materials; its hybrid heating system is made out of borosilicate glass, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the smoke. You can control the temperature on this device whenever you want, plus it has a fast heating system so that you can enjoy your cannabis within seconds.

Its ceramic bowl acts as a heater, giving you every single hint of flavor from your cannabis flowers, and you can choose between 7 different temperatures. Its rechargeable battery can last for quite a while, charges super-fast and can be used while charging. It’s made out of high quality materials; in 2017 it won the Product of the Year prize (LIFT & Co.).

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

This is one of the best tabletop vaporizers in the world. Arizer managed to combine all the advantages of tabletop vaporizers into one model, and the result is the Extreme Q. This electric vaporizer stands out thanks to the potent vapor it produces and how high quality it is. Plus, it allows consumers to inhale their vapor through a tube or using a balloon bag. It’s great for aromatherapy sessions; it has a bowl where you can place your flowers or herb and begin enjoying its aromatic and medicinal properties.

 You can keep this vape under control by using the remote control that comes with it, allowing you to enjoy its characteristics Arizer vapor in ease. It’s super easy to take apart when cleaning. It comes with a digital temperature control and system configuration, a ceramic bowl, one of the fastest heating methods on the market, a remote control, a silent 3-speed fan and an LED system which lets you know the temperature is ready.

Arizer, Synonymous with Efficiency

If you enjoy vaporizing flowers and herbs, high quality products and grade A materials, you should definitely look into getting yourself an Arizer vaporizer. You’ll be able to experience high quality vapor, even if it is slightly more expensive than other models. This range of devices offers the best results, plus we also stock any spare parts you may need to keep your vape in great condition. In as far as price/quality, Arizer products are absolutely spectacular.