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Anti-odor Can Filters

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Odor Filters

Odor Filters

In this part of our catalogue you can find plenty of different odor filters including carbon filters by the best brands on the market.

Odor filters are used to keep your indoor grow discreet, cleaning the air as it exits your filtration system so that nobody is any the wiser.  If you’re planting cannabis indoors you will absolutely need one of these filters or else everyone will know exactly what’s going on in your house.

There are various different brands and ranges of carbon filters, each with their own set of pros and cons. You should generally choose your carbon filter based on your filtration system; they’re all pretty similar in as far as quality and price. Some brands are more well-known than others, but all of the brands that we stock work perfectly.

The most renowned brand in the world of odor filters for cannabis is Can Filters. These filters are long and have a thin layer of activated carbon that allows maximum air flow without making your extraction fan work overtime. They use the best activated carbon available.

Mountain Air filters are also quite potent, known for their efficiency and durability. They have thick walls and a short filter, which makes odor particles take longer to traverse the filter. They can last for up to three years, which is why they’re a little pricier than other similar models.

FiltroKoa are some of the best quality filters at the best prices. They’re definitely the best in as far as price/quality, and they’re not that pricey at all. They’re made out aluminum and full of activated Australian carbon, some of the best carbon in the world. They’re thick, compact filters that are perfect for grow tents.

Air Vanguard filters are quite similar to FiltroKoa filters although the brand is younger. They’re super light and perfect for small grows such as grow tents; you can easily hang one from a grow tent bar without bending it.

Koalair also stock inline filters, which allow you to get rid of all odors that make their way through it.

All filters come with a membrane that keeps dirt and dust out, which increases their durability quite a lot. These are sometimes called filter  socks, and you can find various socks in our catalogue that fit pretty much any odor filter brand or if you need to replace any of your old ones.

Sometimes you don’t need much filter strength if you only have a few plants. That’s why Odor Socks are perfect. They’re made of fabric that contains activated carbon, doing the same job as a steel filter. If the odor isn’t too intense, you shouldn’t need anything more – you will definitely need a better filter when they are flowering, however.