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Light Rail Robo Stick

Light Rail Robo Stick

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Light Rail for Indoor Grow

Light Rail for Indoor Grow

Light Rails are used for cannabis grow lamps. Set your lighting kit up on the rail and multiply the amount of light coverage your grow room gets – your lights will be able to move from side to side, covering larger areas. These light rails are super easy to install and are highly beneficial for cannabis plants.

Light Rail 4.0 Intelli-Drive are essentially metal bars that guide your lights. They’re installed in the ceiling – these two 1m bars can be extended up to 1.8m. This guide holds the light holder plus the motor that makes it move – it’s a smart system that will allow your lights to move from one side of the rail to the other. Each time your lights reach the edge a flip switches and changes the direction of your lights.

Your plants will be able to absorb light from various different angles at all times, which allows your plants to grow much thicker and tougher, therefore producing larger yields too. You can also use just one light to grow plants that would normally take two lights, lowering the temperature in your grow room and getting extremely similar yields. In a 2.4 x 1.2m area you can grow using just one 600w light and still yield almost 1kg of quality weed.

Its motor is incredibly quiet, and you can also set the speed you want it to move at. It has rubber wheels along the bar that stops it from making annoying noises, which is essential for indoor cannabis growing discretion. The motor has a fixing stud onto which you’ll need to attach your light.

There’s another part called a stabilizing bar which is used to screw your lights to the holder so that it’s fully attached and doesn’t end up spinning around. Some growers manage to hang two lights from the stabilizing bar, increasing results.

Due to being in constant movement, your plants won’t end up burnt if they’ve been placed a little bit too close to your lights or if you’re using a super-strong light. We also recommend using these types of lights with a SCRoG or SoG system in order to increase results quite a lot.

You can use various accessories with these Light Rail systems, such as an extension bar that extends the rail up to 2m long, reaching 4m with just one motor. If you use 2 lights, you can grow in a 4m area while using much less electricity. This method can net you up to 2kg from your plants.

You can make the most out of it by using an Add a Lamp kit. This kit can be used to move two lights with just one motor. This kit contains another two extendable bars – an extra holder is added to the rain, which moves with the same motor. It’s like having two Light Rails together with just motor, allowing you to place 2-4 lights, depending on how hefty your reflector is.

You can also get the Switch Stop accessory, which you can use to get the motor to go the other way when using two rails together.

The wheels are quite silent, although they’ll begin to erode after a certain amount of use – you should change them once a year in order to keep the rail working perfectly. We also stock all spare parts such as wheels, motors and holders so that you can keep your Light Rail in perfect conditions – the more worn out the wheels, the more likely it is to break down or burn out the motor due to excessive weight. We also stock spare motors for issues such as these.

If you’re looking for an automated Light Rail system, you’re in the right place. We stock all sorts of spare and replacement parts, so you can get anything you need right here. Every product has a full description so you know exactly what you’re getting before you get it.