Pipeta D-Lux Vaporizador Portátil Bho Hachís y Marihuana

V-One Plus by X-Max

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X-Vape Aria Vaporizer

X-Vape Aria Vaporizer

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XVape | Discreet, Affordable, Quality Vaporizers

XVape is a North-American brand that is known for their high quality discreet vaporizers that allow you to consume flowers and extracts in the best way possible. These devices are also incredibly affordable when compared to similar devices on the market, while still producing the same amazing results.

XVape vaporizers are small and discreet, and they allow you to enjoy extracts, BHO and flowers wherever you want. The great thing about these devices is that they look a lot like normal electronic cigarettes, so you can slip right by unnoticed while enjoying your extracts. Plus, they’re elegantly designed which make them perfect for those that enjoy cannabis paraphernalia.

XVape Aria Vaporizer

When referring to the Aria Vaporizer, we’re talking about a high quality product. This is one of XVape’s most exclusive vaporizers and a great choice for those that like cannabis and extracts. It works using a conduction system with an oval ceramic bowl – these devices have high durability.

This vaporizer can fit up to 0.4g, and its mouthpiece has a magnet on it so that it doesn’t accidentally fall and shatter. You can program this device and control it by degrees in order to get high quality smoke that’s perfectly adapted to your needs. This allows you to consume colder or hotter vapor, vaporizing different cannabinoids as you go.

XVape XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer

The XMax V2 Vaporizer is identical to a normal electronic cigarette, it’s perfect for consuming extracts and cannabis flowers without calling any unwanted attention to yourself. This model is more affordable than the Aria and provides similar results. This vaporizer is perfect for those that like to vape outdoors and don’t want to be caught. You can choose between 5 different temperatures, and we stock spares too incase of any mishaps.

If you want to vape your herbs you’ll need to use the bowl that comes with the XMax. If you want to vape oils or BHO, you’ll need to switch the bowl out for a different one. Its battery charged and the battery can be switched out after wear and tear.

Vital X-Max Vaporizer

Within XVape’s wide range of devices, one of the best models in as far as quality/price ratio is definitely the Vital X-Max Vaporizer. This device is quite small, highly discreet and perfect for carrying around in your pocket when out and about; vape your flowers or extracts without issue. All you have to do is place your flower inside its ceramic bowl, choose the temperature and you’re ready to begin tasting the vapor.

It has an automatic shut-down feature that makes sure the device turns off after 5-15 minutes of not being used – this avoids the battery from draining and the device from heating up unnecessarily. This high quality, efficient vaporizer allows you to enjoy your delicious yields in no time without anyone suspecting a thing.

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality vaporizer, XVape is the perfect vape for you. They stock slightly more pricey models that produce enormous amounts of vapor, as well as more affordable models with similar qualities.