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House & Garden nutrients for marijuana

The prestigious Dutch brand House & Garden offers nutrients of the finest quality to get the best results for your plants. House & Garden supplies nutrients for all kind of growing media both for soil and hydroponics. In their catalogue you will find several nutrient bases and several additives so that you can harvest amazing yields of weed of the finest quality. When you grow with House & Garden, you get plants full with resin and flowers of a very good size, which will increase the final weight of the harvest.

The bases will provide us with essential nutrients in all growing media, whether it is soil, coco and hydro, ebb&flow or watering blankets. In addition, thanks to their several additives it is also possible to give your plants the extra minerals they need according to the current stage. They are very easy to use and very effective to get the most from your crops.

It is possible to use the same base for the vegetative and the flowering stages. They are available as 1-component and 2-component products. For example, you can find the 1 Component Soil in Bio and in mineral version. The 2-component ones are usually called A + B.  A+B nutrients are those that cannot be bottled together, but that when mixed with the irrigation water have a great effect on plants. A+B products can be found for soil, hydro, and as flakes for ebb & flow, watering blankets and coconut.

Root Excelurator will help the roots form a great system, able to absorb a big amount of nutrients. In addition, they create a protective layer in the roots that eliminate the brown ones, prevents microbes and microorganisms from entering the radicular system and thus avoid many problems. It keeps a free-entry for nutrients. There is another roots stimulator, Stimulator 1. It is not as good as Root Excelurator and does not have so many positive effects, but it will also get our plants to develop a powerful radicular system.

Growing stimulators such as Multizyme will help your plants get a solid support on which to develop and bloom. It prevents the accumulation of decomposing organic matter in the substrate -such as, dead roots- by transforming them into food for our plants. With Trace Mix deficiencies during the vegetative stage can be corrected. In some occasions, during this phase, plants need more than what is available in the soil and thus require an extra and urgent contribution of trace elements that tend to appear in plants with a very long growth.

They also have great products for the blooming stage. In addition to Bud XL -sugars that increase buds density and fill them with resin-, there are several bloom stimulators to get the most from your plants. DNA Cel 3 will help transport the nutrients required to where they are most needed, but above all, it will move the sugar contained in the leaves towards the flowers. There, they will be kept until the end of the harvest where the weight will have increased considerably.

Top Booster will induce a fast start of the bloom and stimulate the formation of abundant flowers. Your plants will be filled with small sprouts of new flowers. At the beginning of the flowering stage, there will be long colas of buds, ready to be fattened. Pk 13-14 will fatten your plants moderately and slowly but in a continuous way. You will get flowers hard as stone, full with resin and a maximum of flavor.

If you want a powerful fattening product, you can use one of the best-selling products among growers of all times: Shooting Powder. One single envelope on 100ml of water will result in an explosive fattening of buds. In a few days, you will be able to notice the difference. It is used just once a week and only during the fattening stage, so you won't spedn much of the product. It is also available in its liquid form, Top Shooter.

House & Garden has other additives such as Amino Treatment, useful to get thicker cell walls, which will strengthen the plant and provide more weight to the flowers. Foliar Spray will help you feed the plants that have root problems so you can feed the leaves with a complete product, at these moments when the plant cannot absorb nutrients properly.

House and Garden is a professional fertilizer brand for professional growers. Their products will let you get better results in terms of quality and quantity than any other mineral fertilizers.