Bulk feminized seeds

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In our GB Bulk Seeds category you’ll find a selection of some of the best strains from the past few years, all of which come from refined seed selections and some of which have even been crossed in order to improve their characteristics. So, if you’re looking for high quality bulk feminized seeds, take a look at this section and find the perfect strain for you.


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Outdoor Feminized Kit 3 Seeds / No Fertilizer

Outdoor Feminized Kit

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Bulk  feminized seeds

Bulk feminized seeds

Quality and price don’t always go together. As proof of this, GB The Green Brand (Growbarato) offers the best indoors and outdoors bulk seeds at a very competitive price. These types of seeds feature a great genetic variety that has been stabilized in order to prevent any germination problems and they come from the best Spanish and international seed banks.

Buy the best bulk seeds from the best seed banks

One of the main advantages that these seeds have is that they are a money saver when it comes to starting a cannabis grow. It shall be mentioned that one plant on its own can produce around 400 seeds. The great advancements made over the past few years means that feminized seeds can be bought safely without having to worry about male plants ruining the grow.

It’s important to make it clear that the quality of these seeds is the same one as their individual version, as long as it is bought at a reputable grow shop, like us. Starting a grow with feminized bulk seeds guarantees a crop full of strong and resistant plants that will germinate nearly on their totality.

Types of existent bulk seeds

Indica bulk seeds: Indica bulk seeds stand out for their short flowering period. The most important ones are Critical 100% Feminized and AK 47 seeds. This last one is very requested due to its capacity to produce large colas full of buds.

Sativa bulk seeds: We offer plenty of sativa bulk seeds, such as Amnesia or Mexican Brazilian. The first one flowers fast without increasing its size excessively while the second one needs staking and netting. In order to maximize yield, we recommend using the SoG method for Amnesia and the SCRoG system for Mexican Brazilian.

Outdoors bulk seeds: Our catalogue includes plenty of different outdoors seeds, like for example Baby Dirck and Kali Mist, among others. Any of those two will produce strong plants.

What bulk seeds are sold at Growbarato?

Hereunder, we are going to list all the available seeds at GB: Runtz, Pluto, GMO Cookies, Larry OG S1, Wedding Cake, Banana Punch, Gorilla Glue 4, Gelato, Zkittlez, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, 420 K Gold, Original GB, Chinese-Star, Black Domina, AK, Amnesia, Critical, Cheese, Critical Jack, G-13, Haze, Movie Dick, Kritical Growbarato, Super Skunk, White Widow, Somango, Caramel, Blueberry, Matanuska, Jack Herer, Orange Bud, Early Skunk, Kronik, Bubble, Blanc Russian, OG Kush, Critical x Somango, Critical Widow and Critical CBD.

Out of GB’s extensive catalogue, we can highlight some strains that would be perfect for both indoors or outdoors grows.

Gorilla Glue 4 100% Feminized: Mythical strain created by backcrossing Chem Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Its medium-tall structure is herculean and full of branches. Perfect to perform heavy extractions. Regarding its flavors, this cultivar is known for its sweet and earthy shades combined with lemony and spiced touches. Its effects start off as joyful and euphoric but soon wear off and a full sense of relaxation takes over.

Indoors, this strain is vigorous and fast. 9 plants per square meter will fill the growing room after just 2 weeks of growth. Guiding nets with the SCRoG method are most recommended and the plants will be ready for harvest after a 2-month flowering period. The yield can be of approximately 400 g/m2. Outdoors, this plant can easily grow past 2 meters of height and it can be grown under all weather conditions. Applying organic fertilizers is highly recommended as it will enhance the flavor and the resin production. It will be ready for harvest towards the end of September and it can yield up to 650 g per plant.

Critical: Perfect for indoor growth due to its reduced size and its fast-flowering capabilities. Regarding its yield, it is mainly centred around its central stem. It stands out for its euphoric and relaxing effects and also for its citrus and fruity flavors without being acidic.

Indoors, it can be harvested after 8 weeks of flowering and yield up to 550 g/m2 with 16 plants. This cultivar deals very well with high levels of fertilizers, although it is always best to use manufacturers’ recommended guidelines. Anti-odour filters should be used to disguise the pungent smells. Outdoors it features a fantastic resistance against insects but applying foliage preventive products is highly advisable in order to prevent fungi infestations. It will be ready for harvest by mid-September and it can yield around 500-600 g per plant.

Jack Herer: This hybrid was created by Sensi Seeds and it stands out for its compact and great quality sativa aspects with short flowering periods and compact buds full of trichomes. Thanks to its great genetic quality, this plant features very high THC levels that can reach up to 20% and make it very desirable. Aromas and scents are flowery with some hash, incense, fruity skunk and Afghan touches. Its effects are euphoric at the start and followed by a sense of body relaxation within minutes.

Indoors, it can be harvested after more or less 70 days, placing 6 plants per square meter in 7-11 L pots. Provided with proper lighting, this plant can yield 450 g/m2 easily. It should be grown in a dry and warm climate and the SOG system is highly recommended. Outdoors, it can yield up to 600 g per plant and it will be ready for trimming towards mid-October. It can easily grow past 2.5 m of height.

Critical Widow: Known for its ease of growth, large yields and resinous flowers thanks to its predecessors, Critical and White Widow. It features sweet, fruity and spiced aromas and flavors and produces a strong cerebral high. Regarding indoor cultivation, it can yield approximately 450 g/m2 and its examples can measure between 0.6 and 1.2 m of height. Outdoors, its yield could increase up to 1kg per plant and its height could range between 2 oe 3 m height.

Advantages of buying bulk seeds

  • Great genetic variety at an affordable price
  • Easy to grow
  • They’ve been carefully minded.
  • Controlled and genetically stabilized in order to avoid germination mistakes, homogeneity or hermaphroditism.
  • Submitted to quality controls that guarantee germination up to 90%.
  • Recommended for beginners and experienced growers.

 Buy GB The Green Brand Bulk Seeds

GB The Green Brand offers a wide variety of bulk seeds, whether they are indica or sativa and for indoors or outdoors. All of them feature a detailed description to make sure you buy what you are looking for and improve your cannabis yields. Bulk seed sales have increased enormously over the past few years and it is always best to purchase them at a trustworthy grow shop, such as GB The Green Brand.

All of Growbarato seeds have been subjected to quality controls that guarantee up to 90% of their germination and are kept in moist-free refrigerators up until they are sold. Due to the fact that most seed failures are due to germination mistakes, we highly recommend following the steps explained at our blog and taking photos throughout the entire process, as well as saving the packages. If they don’t germinate, we will process a refund if requested. 

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