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Complete Feminized Growing Kit

Complete Feminized Growing Kit

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AK 100% feminizada cannabis plant

AK 100% feminized

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Kritical Growbarato 100% Feminized cannabis plant

Kritical GB

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Bulk seeds

Bulk seeds

Quality is not always at odds with price. As a proof of this, we at GB The Green Brand Growbarato offer the best bulk seeds for indoor and outdoor grows. These seeds are the result of a large variety of strains that the best seeds banks in Spain and around the world offer, with a control and genetic stabilisation that will allow it to avoid any type of problem after its germination.

Purchase the best bulk seeds from the best banks

One of the many advantages these seeds have to offer is the large amount of money saved when wanting to grow marijuana. It is important to note that one single plant can produce up to 400 seeds, thus, in a small space you can generate a large amount. Thanks to the development of these types of seeds during the last years, you can securely obtain its feminized version without having to worry about male plants.

In addition none of the quality is lost compared to their original version as long as you obtain your seeds from a professional online grow shop, which is our case. Starting your grow with feminized bulk seeds will guarantee yields full of resistant and strong plants, with a close to perfect germination rate.

What types of bulk seeds exist?

Indica bulk seeds: our indica bulk seed strains feature large yields with a short flowering period. Among the most important strains you can find Critical 100% Feminized and AK 47. This latter strain is highly demanded as it produces large colas full of buds.

Sativa bulk seeds: we have many sativa bulk seeds, such as Amnesia or Mexican Brazilian. This first one presents a fast flowering that won’t exceedingly increase its size. In regards to Mexican, you will have to use stakes with a mesh. We recommend performing a SoG method for Amnesia and a SCRoG for Mexican Brazilian, with the objective to maximize the performance of your grows.

Outdoor bulk seeds: you can find many outdoor bulk seeds in our catalog, from which Baby Dirck and Kali Mist are featured. With both strains you will produce strong and large yields.

What kind of bulk seeds will you find in Growbarato?

Here are all the bulk seeds GB has to offer: Runtz, Pluto, GMO Cookies, Larry OG S1, Wedding Cake, Banana Punch, Gorilla Glue 4, Gelatto, Zkittlez, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, 420 K Gold, Original GB, Chine-Star, Black Domina, AK, Amnesia, Critical, Cheese, Critical Jack, G-13, Haze, Movie Dick, Kritical Growbarato, Super Skunk, White Widow, Somango, Caramel, Blueberry, Matanuska, Jack Herer, Orange Bud, Early Skunk, Kronik, Bubble, Blanc Russian, OG Kush, Critical x Somango, Critical Widow and Critical CBD.

From the large GB seed catalog, we feature a select number of seeds for indoor and outdoor grows:

Gorilla Glue 4: Legendary strain created from Chem Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. With a medium-tall size, it has a herculean structure and a powerful amount of branches. It is ideal for extractions of great weight. Regarding its taste, this variety is known for its combination of sweet and earthy nuances, with spicy and lemony touches. Its effect has a cheerful and euphoric beginning, but ends up becoming totally relaxing.

Indoors, we can highlight its vigor and speed, since with only 9 plants per meter squared in a period of 2 weeks of growth, we will fill our grow area. It is recommended to use a stake mesh and perform a SCRoG, having our strains ready to cut after two months of flowering, with yields close to 400 grams per m2. Outdoors,in optimal conditions this plant can easily exceed 2 meters tall. Harvestable in any type of climate, we recommend using organic fertilizers to increase the flavor and resin production. At the end of September, you can obtain yields up to 650 g per plant. 

Critical: perfect strain to grow indoor because of its small size and its ability to flower very quickly. Regarding its yields, they are almost completely centered around the central bud. It stands out for its euphoric and relaxing effect, and its citrus and fruity flavors without being acidic.

Indoors, it can be harvested in 8 weeks of flowering, being able to yield up to 550 g per m2, with 16 plants. This strain positively tolerates high levels of fertilizers, although it is advisable to use the recommended dose. Likewise, you should also use anti-odor filters. Outdoors, it presents a powerful resistance against insects, but it is advisable to apply a foliar preventive to protect it even more against fungi. It will be ready to cut in mid to late September, offering from a single plant about 500 or 600 grams. 

Jack Herer: strain created by the Sensi Seeds seed bank, stands out for being a compact and high quality sativa, with short flowering and compact buds full of trichomes. Thanks to its genetic quality, it is a highly desirable plant for its high THC concentration of more than 20%. Its aromas and flavors are floral, with a touch of hashish and incense, fruity skunk and Afghan tones. It provokes an euphoric effect at the beginning, transitioning to a body relaxation minutes later.

Indoors, it can be harvested after 70 days by placing 6 plants per m2 in pots of 7 to 11L. With a correct illumination, we can obtain 450 g per m2 with relative ease. It is recommended to grow it in a dry and warm environment and to use the SOG system. Outdoors, it can yield up to 600 g per plant, harvesting in mid-October. It is easy to exceed 2.5 m in height.

Critical Widow: a well known strain thanks to its easy handling, successfully large and resinous flowers yields thanks to its renowned Critical and White Widow cross. Its flavours and aromas are sweet, fruity and spiced, meanwhile its effects form a strong mental effect. In regards to indoor grows, you can obtain around 450 g per square meter, with specimens that can measure up between 0.6 and 1.2 meters. Outdoors, yields can increase up to 1kg per plant, with a height between 2 to 3 meters.

Benefits of buying seeds in bulk

  • Great variety of genetics at an affordable price.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Meticulously cared seeds.
  • Genetically controlled and stabilized to avoid mistakes during germination, homogeneity or hermaphroditism.
  • Subjected to quality controls that guarantee 90% of its germination. 
  • Recommended for beginner growers and large producers.

Buy seeds in bulk at GB The Green Brand

On our website you will find all kinds of feminized bulk seeds you are looking for, whether they are sativa or indica, or to grow outdoor or indoor. In addition, all of them will be accompanied by the most complete description possible for you to make the right choice with your purchase and improve the yields of your cannabis grow. The sale of bulk seeds has grown considerably in recent years, so we recommend that you do it in a reliable online grow shop like GB The Green Brand. 

All the seeds offered by Growbarato are subjected to different quality controls that guarantee 90% of their germination. They are also kept in refrigerators without humidity until they are sold. It should be noted that the vast majority of seed failures are due to germination, so we recommend following the steps explained in our blog, as well as taking pictures of the process and saving the containers. If they fail to germinate, we will process the requested seed exchange.