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Metrop 100% organic nutrients for cannabis

Metrop is a brand of organic fertilizers that's gaining quite a reputation thanks to the great results it delivers both in terms of yield and quality without the use of chemicals. These fertilizers are based on the quality of the nutrients rather than quantity, so a small dose of their products is enough to provide nutrients for liters of water.

They improve plant life, allowing your plants to achieve their full potential, without being forced by chemical agents. They are 100% organic and natural so that you can achieve the best flavor and quality, ideal for homegrown plants. Besides, they can be used in hydroponic crops since they are as suitable for water as their chemical counterpart.

There are powerful nutrients and a tiny dose will make a big difference to your plants. MR1 can give your plants a spectacular growth. This fertilizer is made from seaweed and other plants extracts. Adding 4ml for every 10L of water will result in dense and strong plants.

The Amino Root stimulator provides your plants with a powerful root system, capable of absorbing large amounts of nutrients. Your plants won't experience any deficiencies or stress which could result in root blockage. Amino Bloom induces a quick change between the vegetative period and the flowering stage. It is a formula that contains micronutrients and enzymes that will help your plants to feed better as well as overcome stress created by heat thanks to an increased thickness of the stem and leaves.

Cal Green will help your plants during the flowering period. This is a very demanding period when the plant needs a lot of calcium and the substrate runs out of it very quickly. You can add Calcium along with MR2, flowering fertilizer, to cover the needs of your plants during this stage.

Enzymes is a selection of enzymes that will help your plants to get rid of dead roots by transforming them into sugars. Besides providing carbohydrates and increasing bud density, the root system will benefit by regrowing its old, dead roots. As a result, the plant will absorb nutrients nonstop.

Mam 8 is a fertilizer specifically intended for the care of mother plants. Mam 8 does not contain nitrogen like growth fertilizers do, and thus we will prevent our plants for turning yellowish or getting stains in their leaves.

Highly concentrated natural nutrients to get maximum quality marijuana in any growing media (soil, coconut or hydroponics).