Complete Grow Tent Kit

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Complete Grow Tent Kit

Complete Grow Tent Kits for Cannabis

These complete grow kits come fully equipped with a grow tent so that you can grow your own cannabis at home using just one kit. You’ll be able to have your own private area for your cannabis plants, enough light to imitate the sun and plenty of clean air so that your plants can breathe properly. The quality of the tent and its accessories as well as the strength of the grow lamp, vary depending on the kit you choose.

One of our best-selling kits is the Complete 400/600w Grow Tent Kit. It comes with a high-end CultiBox Open grow tent, and you can choose between a 400w and a 600w grow lamp. It comes with a full extraction fan system and everything you need to put it together. It also has an odor filter so that you don’t give your grow away. It’s fully equipped; a timer for turning lights on and off, pulleys for hanging your grow lamp, a thermos-hygrometer. It even comes with flower pots and cannabis seeds! This is without a doubt the best kit on our entire page, especially for beginners that don’t know where to start.

Our Light Grow tent kits are perfect for those that want a basic set up that comes with all of the necessary equipment, although cheaper than other models and of lesser quality. They come in different sizes with different grow lamps capable of growing successful cannabis plants. The S Light kit comes with an 80x80cm grow tent and a 250w light, whereas the L Light kit comes with a 1.2x1.2m tent and a 600w light to compensate for that extra space. They all come with the necessary extraction fan and odor filter so your plants have fresh, clean air and don’t end up causing a stink. It also comes with a timer for the lights and pulleys for the grow lamp.

If you plan on starting out small and expanding in the future, we recommend getting the SG-Combi kit. These particular tents can be opened and added on to, so you can eventually double or triple the amount of plants that you want to grow. Simply remove one of the two walls and attach another of the same model, making one large grow tent. We also sell various sizes, from small to extra-large. The small kit comes with a 80x80cm grow tent and a 250w grow lamp, whereas the XL kit comes with two full 1.2x1.2m tents and two 600w lamp kits.

We also stock GT Grow Tents, which are super affordable and also high quality. This kit comes with a grow tent that you can put together and attach to other tents of the same size. This kit can also be doubled or tripled if you plan on expanding your operation. We specifically chose the accessories and devices in this kit so that you have the perfect space to grow cannabis successfully.

We also stock grow tent kits for harvesting and drying your weed, where you can trim your buds after harvesting them. You can check to see if your plants are ready to harvest using our Lumagny microscope to check their trichomes. You’ll need to remove all of the leaves if you want them to dry faster – you can hang your drying rack in the tent, too. If needed, we also stock de-humidifiers for those that live in extra humid areas and need a little help drying their weed, as well as extraction fans to keep the room or tent nice and fresh. You don’t need an intake fan, as these tents aren’t fully closed and new air comes in when the extractor fan is on.

If you’re looking for a grow tent kit for growing cannabis indoors, look no more! We have kits that contain absolutely everything you need to grow cannabis from start to finish with successful results. All of our kits come with full descriptions so that you know exactly what you’re getting and how you’re getting it.