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Aptus Holland

Aptus Fertilizers for marijuana plants

Aptus Holland is a well-known company from the Netherlands, praised and valued due to their 15 plus years’ experience in the cannabis growing sector. Over the years, they’ve designed an extremely powerful range of mineral/organic products. They aim to bring their customers’ grows a balanced diet of nutrients so that everyone can experience a top-quality, amazing yield. All of their products go through a rigorous development by professionals, using top quality ingredients so that your plants get only the best for each phase of their cycle.

Aptus has a wide range of products separated into groups and macro-nutrients, such as Camg Boost, an additive used to increase calcium and magnesium levels in your grow.

Their NPK Booster range is separated into specific components, as each macro-nutrient has a different function in your plants. With K-Boost, you’ll be giving your plants the perfect amount of potassium needed during important phases of their life.

Another booster is N-Boost, a component designed to increase your plants nitrogen level, which is needed to keep your plants healthy, especially during the vegging phase. Thanks to these products’ high levels of organic nitrogen, you can give your plants what they need and increase the quality of the final product. Completely dissolvable.

Aptus’s entire range of additives, nutrients, stimulants and boosters will increase your plants health considerably, improving both flavor, appearance and overall effect of your weed. Even if you don’t have much experience growing, all you have to do is follow a nutrient chart and you’ll be on your way. Many, many growers put their trust in this brand, and we can safely say that if you put your trust in Aptus, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing end product.