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Water tanks

Water tanks for all growing systems

Water tanks for your grow ops. They come in all colors and sizes which makes them very versatile. These tanks will allow you to prepare many liters of nutrient solution at once, instead of having to prepare the mixture in jugs. They are also useful when working with a water pump and any system such as with a watering wand or a drip irrigation system. They can also be used to collect rainfall or drained water in your grow trays or to recirculate water in a hydroponics system.

90L tanks are ideal to be set under hydroponic trays. By setting rockwool slabs in the tray, you can get irrigation water to drench the roots, run through the grow table and come back to the tank in a continuous way. Also, you can have plants in a pot and use tanks to collect exceeding irrigation water and throw it away. The Rectangular Black Model is very similar to the 90L one but in larger dimensions.

Flexible Tanks occupy very little room while being resistant and easy to carry around. When you buy a big tank you are very likely to be noticed while entering it inside your house, whereas a flexible one comes inside a box and won't raise any suspicion. There tend to be many plants in our kind of grow ops, so if you live in a busy place and want to do it discreetly, it is highly recommended to choose this type of tank. They are available in many different volumes and they all include a tap.

We also have several models of Green Tanks With Lid, both in round and rectangular shapes. These tanks are widely used in all types of garden for irrigation purposes. They are inexpensive and of a very fine quality. The lid protects water from sunlight. If the tank is not directly set under a lamp or exposed to the sun, water will last much longer than in a model without a lid. All Green Tanks include a faucet to which a watering wand or drip irrigation system can be connected.

The latest arrivals at our catalogue are the Slimline Tanks. These hardwearing tanks feature a great design and are very helpful to keep nutrient solutions. Walls are thick and opaque while the lid includes a safety lock for kids. These tanks let you keep the nutrient solution for a long time both indoors and outdoors. Light won't penetrate inside and ruin the nutrient solution by favouring the development of algae or mildew. Besides, its tall and slim design will let you place it almost anywhere without attracting attention. It includes a stand which makes it stable.

If irrigation water is too hot, you can always resort to a Water Cooler that will keep your water at the right temperature. Very hot water contains barely no oxygen so nutrient intake becomes difficult for the roots. If you cool your water down, your plants will feed better and yield more.

Now you know how to find your way among the different models of water tanks we sell. In addition, our catalogue includes a detailed description of each of them, highlighting their specs and how to use them properly.