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Water Tanks

Water tanks for all growing systems

Check out our large selection of water tanks, coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and models. You can use these tanks to hold your nutrient solution so that you don’t have to prepare it every time you water. You can also use them with a pump, making your very own automatic watering system using drip irrigation or attaching it to a watering wand. You can also use these tanks for collecting rain water or as a runoff tank for your watering trays.

90L tanks are perfect for placing under your hydroponic trays; by using rockwool slabs in your trays and draining the water out you’ll be able to give your plants’ roots constant water circulation; our black rectangular tank models are perfect for this.

We also stock flexible tanks that don’t take up much space at all; they’re durable and easy to transport. When buying large water tanks it can be a bit suspicious, especially if you have nosey neighbors that see you taking it inside. However, these flexible tanks come in a discreet box – it’s one of the best choices if you have lots of neighbors and don’t want them to reach any sort of conclusion. They come in various different sizes, all of which come with a tap.

Our green round/square tanks are perfect for garden watering – they’re the typical green tanks you’d see out in a field. They’re super affordable, high-quality tanks that’ll keep your water from light contamination thanks to their durable lid. If you have an open tank you’ll need to switch the water out much more often. All of these tanks have a tap so that you can easily attach your watering systems such as drip irrigation.

Our latest tanks are the Slimline tanks; these incredibly durable tanks are perfect for storing large amounts of nutrient solution. They’re much thicker, fully opaque and have a child-lock on their lid. Absolutely no light is capable of penetrating its thick walls, keeping your water and nutrient solution as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Their slim design makes it quite discreet too, allowing you to square it away pretty much anywhere you want; you can also get a special stand designed for these tanks.

If you’re having issues with your water heating up too much, we recommend using our water cooler, which can help you to keep it at a more normal temperature. If you water your plants with water that’s too warm they won’t be able to absorb nutrient properly.

Have a look through our water tank section and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for – every product has its own detailed description so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing and how to use it properly.