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Best Fans for Marijuana Indoor Gardens

Fans for indoor cannabis growing; create a draft and some air movement in your growing area, making for a balanced temperature as well as moving about pockets of stagnant air that can cause issues. Fans are absolutely necessary if you want to ventilate your grow properly, as well as the fact that they improve plants’ photosynthesis process. The best kinds of fans are oscillating, as the movement imitates a natural, outdoor environment.

We have plenty of models and sizes for all kinds of grow tents or greenhouses; depending on your available space, you’ll need one kind or the other. Fans should never be set at full strength facing the plants, as it can end up burning the leaves. You’re looking to give them a soft breeze that’ll simply rustle the leaves. If you need to set it to max speed in order to get rid of pockets of air, make sure that it isn’t near the plants.

We have small fans such as clip-on fans that can be used for various things in indoor grows. It’s perfect for small areas such as grow tents or clone propagators. If you use low power setups and have small plants, you’ll need a small fan to blow a light breeze on your plants. These kinds of cans can also be used to cool down the reflector or light in your grow in cases when it’s getting much too hot or if you want to move the bulb closer to your plants.

The next step up is the oscillating clip-on fan, one of the best fans for indoor grows. It’s quite potent for such a small fan, and thanks to the fact that it moves about it’ll cover your entire grow tent. You can easily hang it from the tent and set it to the fastest speed, simply moving the air up top which in turn helps the rest of the grow. Light breezes tend to make branches much stronger.

The most used fans are stand-alone fans, which are perfect for indoor growing in grow rooms or for drying rooms. These powerful fans are more than capable of moving air around a 2 600w light grow, imitating the natural breeze outdoors. Your plants will do much better, with stronger stems and branches – just make sure to not have the fan speed set too high or you could burn your plants.

If you grow large plants that can get quite bushy up top, industrial floor fans might be the ones for you. You’ll be able to direct the air to wherever you want it to go, easily ventilating your plants’ lower branches. You’ll be able to get rid of any pockets of stagnant, humid air that can sometimes cause plants to rot.

If you have a large growing room that is hard to access due to how many plants you have, you should get our remote control wall fan. This fan can be hung from the wall anywhere in the room, and you can simply use the remote to turn it on and off or adjust the speed. It has three speeds and a gust mode, as well as being a rotating fan. It’s super easy to install, and it’s super comfortable to use in large grow rooms.

The floor fan and the Multiturbo fan are perfect for small grow tents or drying rooms. Sometimes plants can grow up tall and shade the lower areas of the grow room, which tends to create a pocket of humidity because the air isn’t being recycled at all. With these kinds of fans you should be able to easily ventilate the lower areas of your plants.

So, if you’re looking for a quality fan, whatever your needs may be, go ahead and have a look at our catalogue. We have full descriptions of each product so that you know what you’re buying before you buy it. We also have video descriptions for each product.