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THC fertilizers

THC fertilizers and additives for marijuana

THC fertilizers and additives for marijuana have you any product you can think of: from very powerful and cheap bud blasters to additives such as Epsom salts, dolomite, diatom soil, silica gel, potassium soap or Guerrilla Grow, which is an additive to correct and keep soil's humidity, so it will be particularly helpful in guerrilla cultivation.

All products from THC are of a very fine quality and can help your plants in various ways. Besides the fattening product Mega Budwidely known and used - you'll find many other components that will prove very helpful in the grower's daily routine.

Potassium Soap helps to get water to stick much better to surfaces. People usually employ it as an insecticide but it is much more powerful than that. If you mix it with your usual insecticide, you will see water stays on the leaves much more. It doesn't run as much from the leaves as it usually does and thus, it soaks them more deeply. Also, if you use it with irrigation water, you will see it tends to stay longer in the pot, which is ideal if the substrate in the pot has gone a bit too dry.

Guerrilla Grow contains polymers that absorb humidity and that, when applied to the substrate, make water stay for much longer. Thus, we will avoid having to visit your plants to water them several times a week. Ideal when you cannot afford to visit your plants very often.

Epsom Salts will supply magnesium and sulfur to help your plants during the flowering period. New sprouts will come out green and strong, ready to bloom. When there's a deficiency of sulfur, they tend to be in a very light green and the flowering might be hindered.

Dolomite will provide the substrate of your plants with essential minerals that will help to stabilize pH levels and will get the plants to feed better. Microlife in the substrate is activated by dolomite which helps the beneficial microorganisms that protect the roots. Besides, dolomites ensures your plants do not lack any calcium or magnesium along all the growing cycle.

Diatom soil is a natural insecticide that will help you fight pests in a natural way, both indoors and outdoors. By powdering it around your plants, it will repel slithering insects such as snails and slugs and if you spray it instead, you will fight other types of pests such as the whitefly. Another advantage is it can be sprayed as many times as you want since it won't damage the plants.

When weed is being dried, it is also very common that humidity levels rise. Also, while you are curing your marijuana, humidity in the air can soften it. Thanks to Silica Gel you will be able to absorb this moisture and trap it. Orange silica, once saturated, will become blue, showing it needs to be replaced.

In short, THC products are a helpful hand when growing and improving our yields, all of it without being aggressive to your plants.