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Irrigation and waterworks

Irrigation supplies for cannabis growing

In this category you can find everything you need to water your plants – from measuring cups for small plants to full automatic drip watering systems as well as watering systems that working using solar energy.

Water is one of the most important things that your plants need – the literal outcome of your plants depends on the amount and quality of water that they receive. You need to follow certain parameters when watering your plants – make sure not to water them too much and if possible use the purest water that you have access to.

We stock osmosis filters for cleaning water before watering your plants, as well as opaque water tanks that are perfect for hydroponic growers that keep nutrient solutions in their tank. We have water pumps that are in charge of pumping water from your tank through the pipes to your watering rod or automatic watering system.

If you’re looking for piping, we stock various sizes and diameters so that you can make your own personalized watering system with special drippers – you can water up to 12 plants using just one dripper. We also stock spare parts for all of the devices and systems that we sock including T pipes and elbow pipes, inline filters and many other devices and accessories.

Check out all of the different sections in our irrigation category, you’re guaranteed to find what you need for watering plants of any kind.