Irrigation and waterworks

Irrigation and waterworks

Purchase everything you need to water your plants: from measuring cups to irrigate your plants individually to solar-powered drip irrigation systems.

Irrigation plays a major role in your plants keeping and the success of your crops relies on it. Your plants have to be watered according to some principles, such as avoiding overwatering or trying to use water deprived of mineral salts, like osmosis water.

Among others, you will find :

  • Osmosis systems and carbon filters to remove impurities from irrigation water before supplying it to your plants.
  • Water tanks to prevent light from penetrating inside, keeping water in good conditions for much longer.
  • Water pumps to propel water from the tank to a watering wand or to feed an automatic irrigation system.

You can also find irrigation tubes in several lengths and diameters to create your customized irrigation system, including special irrigation drippers that will allow you to water up to 12 plants with a single device.

This section also covers all the fittings and spare parts, along with elbows, shut-off valves, tee junctions or line filters required to optimize your irrigation installation. 

In this section, you will find novelties in waterworks with products such as the solar-powered irrigation system or the Riegofácil (Easyirrigation) kit, which lets you water all your plants without having to move them around.

In short, an endless selection of items for watering marijuana plants, listed in an intuitive way that lets you find everything you need in an easy and simple way. 

All the products in our catalogue come with a detailed description and a clear explanation of their main features and how to use them, so that you won't find any trouble when choosing or using your new products.