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Nutriculture, hydro and aeroponic systems

Nutriculture is the king of aero and hydroponics cloning systems thanks to X-Stream, a product that makes cloning cuttings a piece of cake. Nutriculture also has some of the best flood and drain irrigation systems on the market at affordable prices.

X-Stream makes cloning cannabis very easy. All you have to do is take the cuttings from the mother plant and attach them to the aerocloner by means of a neoprene collar disc. Since the propagator has a lid, humidity won't escape and cuttings won't end up weakening, which tends to happen in these cases. Some sprayers or diffusers spray the stems under the trays, causing roots to appear in just about one week. Then, you can grow them in any kind of growing media: soil, hydro or aeroponics. Almost no cuttings will be lost - perhaps, 1 or 2 -, so you can expect almost all cuttings to develop into plants as long as you chose the right branches and use the product properly.

Nutriculture proposes neoprene collar discs in several colors, so it is very easy for you to distinguish among the different varieties within your aeroponic propagator or afterwards, once you move them to a different growing system such as the Amazon. They are also available in black: more affordable, they do their job and are fine for growing just one variety. Amazon is an aeroponic growing system for flowering cuttings. It works like the propagator, ie. by spraying the roots, with the difference that, in this case, nutrients are added to water. Your plants won't lack water or nutrients at any time. Besides, spraying guarantees water is well oxygenated and roots are ventilated. As a result, plants will feed better and yield an enhanced product. You can move your cuttings directly from the X-Stream to this system and get them to bloom with the best possible results.

Nutriculture offers pots for growing 1 or 2 plants in hydroponics. With the Flo & Gro 500 system it's possible to grow a single plant in hydroponics, starting from a seed or a cutting. It can be used indoors or outdoors, since it can hold a large radicular system and thus, you can also grow seasonal plants. These pots contain expanded clay balls and stand on top of a tank where the nutrient solution is stored. A water pump drives the solution to the roots through a hoop that releases water around the trunk. The mix of water and fertilizer is very oxygenated keeps the roots clean, so they can absorb nutrients more efficiently. It is very simple for any user and ideal for beginners who want to get a grasp of the hydroponics world. There are two water systems, one for each plant.

Flooding systems are becoming increasingly more popular. This is the case of the Ebb & Flood system that lets you choose the number of plants you want. It is basically a 1x1m hydroponic garden. The system employs a tray filled with expanded clay balls where plants are placed. An irrigation pump with a timer will fill the water tank while a drain will channel the runoff water back to the tank when it overflows. In this way, water will return little by little, and not all at once. This system prevents water from getting warm even when under the sun or grow lights. Besides, nutrients will never build up around the roots since they'll end up washed away with each watering.

NFT systems are also very good options for growing hydroponically, both indoors and outdoors. They include flowerpots with expanded clay to grow plants from seeds or from cuttings. The system consists of a support tray where meshed pots are placed and which stands, in turn, on another tray, where a chamber to host the roots is created. The lower part includes a compartment to store nutrients, totally accessible at any time. Water is permanently propelled from the tank by a pump and circulates through the plants like runoff water in a slope, falling towards the other side of the tank. In this way, plants are always properly fed.

In other words, if you are looking for a simple hydro system or want to explore new cultivation methods, Nutriculture might be the right brand for you. Easy to assemble and user-friendly products to start a successful adventure towards a great harvest.