CO2 enrichment

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CO2 enrichment

CO2 systems for cannabis growers and users

All CO2 systems for marijuana indoor grow ops are available here. In Grow Barato we have an wide catalogue with all the newest CO2 systems and meters available in Spain for marihuana cultivation. Take care of your plants with the best of CO2 technology.

Marijuana plants are able to absorb a concentration up to 600% higher than the one present in the air. Normally, CO2 concentration in the air of the street is between 400 to 600 p.p.m. but the plant easily manages to absorb up to 2000 p.p.m. Adding CO2 to the air your plants breathe is similar to what happens to cyclists' performance when they are injected blood with high levels of oxygen. In other words, the process of photosynthesis is improved while the resistance of the plant increases, the bloom is accelerated and the harvest is considerably enhanced.

There are several ways to provide plants with CO2, from natural systems based on yeasts to gas bottles which contain gas. Our plants might benefit from these natural systems but it's not a professional approach. On the other hand, if we use CO2 bottles or CO2 generators powered by butane, we will see the difference at the harvest time. 

In order to use CO2 professionally, a CO2 controller is required to measure and also turn on or off the CO2 generator or open and close the bottle's electrovalve. By using a CO2 controller, we will be able to keep ideal values of p.p.m. in the air (ranging from 800 p.p.m. to 2000 p.p.m.). If you want to learn how to use it you should check the related and very complete article called "How to use CO2 properly" in our Blog. Among other things, you'll learn how to correct p.p.m. depending on how many days have passed since the start of the bloom. You will also learn about other important parameters to consider such as temperature and humidity of the garden or the amount of fertilizer consumed by the plants.