CO2 enrichment

  • CO2 Tablets

    CO2 Tablets

    Add these CO2 tablets to the irrigation water to provide your plants with an extra of carbon dioxide. They will use it to grow stronger and faster because you’ll accelerate the photosynthesis process.

  • Co2 Boost Buddy

    CO2 Boost Buddy

    CO2 Boost Buddy constantly produces CO2 in your grow tent, whether it’s a small one or a 120x120cm tent. It needs no electricity and is completely safe.

  • Bombona de recambio para kit de Co2

    Replacement Bottle for the CO2 Kit

    Replacement Bottle for the CO2 Kit, with which you’ll foster the growth and make our plants more resistant to high temperatures.

  • Reductor de presión para botella de Co2

    Pressure Reducer for CO2 Bottles

    With the Pressure Reducer for CO2 Bottles, you will be able to control the pressure at which CO2 leaves the bottle. You can connect an electrovalve to this reducer very easily.

  • Electroválvula para botella de Co2

    Electrovalve for CO2 bottles

    With the electrovalve for disposable CO2 bottles, you’ll be able to open and close the tanks with an electric impulse. The bottle can be opened or closed with a CO2 controller or with a timer.

  • Recambio CO2 Boost - Recambio para cubo de Co2 boost

    Replacement Bucket for the CO2Boost Kit

    Replacement Bucket for the CO2Boost with Pump Kit. With this bucket, you’ll give life again to your simple but effective CO2Booster system for your crop.

  • Recarga de Bombona de Co2 10kg

    Refill for 10kg CO2 Bottles

    Easily refill your CO2 bottle. You pay for the refill and we take care of the rest. The price includes the pick-up of the empty bottle and the delivery of a filled one.

    This product not available in your country.

  • Kit CO2 con bombona desechable

    Disposable-bottle CO2 Kit

    With the CO2 Kit, you’ll see how your plants yield larger crops. Also, all the processes will be sped up and you’ll have greater productions.

  • Medidor de Co2 PPM ambiental

    Medidor de Co2 PPM ambiental

    CO2 meter to know how many ppm (parts-per-million) of CO2 there are in the air. It has a 10-ppm sensitivity. Very easy to read digital display.

  • CO2 Boost Cubo Con dosificador de Co2

    CO2Boost with Pump System

    CO2Boost with Pump System will provide the necessary CO2 to increase your production. Small growers have the option to input CO2 in their crops without large investments.  

  • Dosificador de Co2 con Electroválvula

    CO2 Controller with electrovalve

    CO2 Controller with electrovalve, an instrument to measure the CO2 amount we release. It also opens and closes the CO2 bottles.

  • Controlador de Co2 Dosis VDL

    VDL CO2 Dosis Controller

    VDL CO2 Dosis Controller, perfect to release CO2 to our plants’ atmosphere. Thanks to a table that comes with it, we’ll know how much to use depending on the room’s volume.

  • Medidor de Co2 temperatura y humedad

    VDL Co2 Temperature and Humidity Meter

    The VDL Co2 temperature and humidity meter is used to measure three parameters while also keeping a record of the highest and lowest readings taken.

  • Controlador UNIS Co2 Evolution Completo

    Evolution Complete UNIS CO2 Controller

    Control your crop’s CO2 with the UNIS controller by Evolution. We can select our crop’s size and the controller will take care of the electrovalve, depending on the needed levels.

  • Bombona Co2 de 10kg Recargable

    Refillable 10kg CO2 Bottle

    Professional bottle with a capacity of 10kg of CO2. The bottle comes filled, with a guarantee seal, and you only have to a refill to fill it again.

    This product not available in your country.

  • Controlador Co2 SuperPro

    SuperPro Carbon B-1 CO2 Controller

    SuperPro Carbon B-1 CO2 Controller is accurate, economical and very easy to use. It’s a simple, analogue controller that provides the same quality as higher priced ones.

  • Controlador Co2 Con Sonda Neptune

    Neptune CO2 controller with probe

    CO2 controller with probe by Neptune will let open or close the bottle’s electrovalve depending on the previously set ppm to provide your marijuana crops with the desired CO2 amount.

  • Generador de Co2 a Butano varias potencias

    Propane CO2 generator (several powers available)

    CO2 generator that will provide CO2 to your marijuana crop by means of a propane burner. The more burners, the more generation of CO2, easily reaching the optimal 1500 ppm.

    This product not available in your country.

  • Controlador Co2 Digital Evolution C+A

    Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser

    Evolution CO2 Controller by Ecotechnics, to adjust the CO2 we inject to our crop’s atmosphere. Compatible with CO2 bottles or generators.

  • Controlador de Co2 Digital Evolution C+A+R

    Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator

    CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator comes with a digital screen that displays your crop’s CO2 ppm. It has an analyser that will open or close the regulator and the bottle’s pressure regulator.

  • Exhale Co2 Bolsa de micelio generador de Co2
    out of stock

    Exhale CO2 Bag - mycelial generator of CO2

    Exhale CO2 Bag is a bag full a mycelial generator of CO2. Just by placing it inside our tent, the CO2 levels will increase, improving the flowering of our plants.

    45,00 €
 CO2 enrichment

All CO2 systems for marijuana indoor grow ops are available here. In Grow Barato we have an wide catalogue with all the newest CO2 systems and meters available in Spain for marihuana cultivation. Take care of your plants with the best of CO2 technology.

Marijuana plants are able to absorb a concentration up to 600% higher than the one present in the air. Normally, CO2 concentration in the air of the street is between 400 to 600 p.p.m. but the plant easily manages to absorb up to 2000 p.p.m. Adding CO2 to the air your plants breathe is similar to what happens to cyclists' performance when they are injected blood with high levels of oxygen. In other words, the process of photosynthesis is improved while the resistance of the plant increases, the bloom is accelerated and the harvest is considerably enhanced.

There are several ways to provide plants with CO2, from natural systems based on yeasts to gas bottles which contain gas. Our plants might benefit from these natural systems but it's not a professional approach. On the other hand, if we use CO2 bottles or CO2 generators powered by butane, we will see the difference at the harvest time. 

In order to use CO2 professionally, a CO2 controller is required to measure and also turn on or off the CO2 generator or open and close the bottle's electrovalve. By using a CO2 controller, we will be able to keep ideal values of p.p.m. in the air (ranging from 800 p.p.m. to 2000 p.p.m.). If you want to learn how to use it you should check the related and very complete article called "How to use CO2 properly" in our Blog. Among other things, you'll learn how to correct p.p.m. depending on how many days have passed since the start of the bloom. You will also learn about other important parameters to consider such as temperature and humidity of the garden or the amount of fertilizer consumed by the plants.