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If you’re thinking about developing your very own autoflowering regular seeds, in this section you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for; we have our very own autoflowering regular seed category, seeds by some of the best growers in the world. Auto Regular seeds aren’t grown that often by your average grower, although if you want to make your own autoflowering strains, these plants are necessary.

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Rudelaris Indica Regular

Rudelaris Indica Regular

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Ruderalis Skunk Regular cannabis plant

Ruderalis Skunk Regular

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Autoflowering Regular Seeds

Autoflowering Regular Seeds

With GB The Green Brand’s autoflowering regular seeds, your dream of creating new genetics can become a reality. These marijuana seeds are reserved for curious growers that wish to enter into the amazing world of developing new strains and genetic crosses.

The constant need to speed up and simplify the selection processes and the development of new genetics has meant that autoflowering regular seeds have been left behind in comparison to feminized seeds. However, there is still room and market for those growers that wish to work on their genetics in a pure and traditional way.

Autoflowering Regular Seeds Advantages

The main advantage of autoflowering regular seeds is their price, as they are much cheaper than their feminized versions. This allows less experienced growers to start crops without the pressure of failing.

On the other hand, curious growers and consumers can create new crosses and strains in order to obtain a variety of genetics and increase their yield, aromas, flavors and effects. As they are non-photoperiod dependent, these grows can have plants of different ages within the same grow.

These seeds feature a short life cycle, as only 60-80 days go by since they germinate until they flower. For this reason, our recommendation is to take your time in choosing the strains that best adapt to your grow.

Buddha Seeds Bank Characteristics

Buddha Seeds bank is very prestigious in the marijuana industry due to its amazing genetics. Over the past few years, this bank has worked hard to offer the autoflowering regular version of all of its strains. Their objective is to have male and female plants of these genetics to be able to perform crosses.

Buddha Seeds' most important regular seeds are Syrup Regular, Deimos Regular, Magnum Regular, Red Dwarf Regular and White Dwarf Regular. All of them stand out for their incredible yield capabilities as well as their enhanced flavors, aromas and effects.

Sensi Seeds Characteristics

Sensi seeds' regular strains stand out for their plants full of tasty buds. This brand has developed two types of autoflowering regular seeds, Ruderalis Indica and Ruderalis Skunk, both very positively regarded in the cannabis market. The two of them offer the possibility of performing new crosses or crossing them between themselves to not lose their genetic line. They are perfect for balconies or terraces due to their discreet size. It’s worth mentioning that these varieties haven’t been genetically modified, just chosen for being the best ones.

Best Autoflowering Regular Seeds

Ruderalis Skunk by Sensi Seeds is one of the most used genetics to obtain new ones. It’s considered as a strong strain capable of offering great yields even if the grow area isn’t appropriate due to its resistance to cold, heat and fungi. It features high THC levels, Skunky flavors and indica effects that produce a strong body and mind sense of relaxation.

Ruderalis Indica by Sensi Seeds is originally from cold Russian and Himalayan areas, where temperatures are very extreme. This auto regular seed is very easy to grow and it stands out for its earthy aromas and its coffee and liquorice flavors. Its indica effects are long-lasting, its consumption is highly suitable after a long day of work.

Deimos Regular is one of Buddha Seeds most impressive and productive strains. It comes from an extensive Northern Lights x Ruderalis cross selection and plants are guaranteed to have indica features and dense and resinous buds. Its flavors are strong and earthy while its flavors are very relaxing. This strain is recommended to perform your own Deimos crosses.

Magnum Regular is a Buddha Seeds prestigious strain due to its amazing yields. Its plants are full of resin and minty-incensed aromas, with wide lateral branching and an impressive central calyx. Its aromas and flavors share certain similarities to Jack Herer, but its effects are more energizing than other strains.

Buy Autoflowering Regular Seeds in GB The Green Brand

GB The Green Brand features an extensive array of autoflowering regular seeds that come from the most important national and international seed banks. Enter our online growshop and take a look at all the available strains and their detailed descriptions. You can also visit our blog and YouTube channel to find out about the latest tricks and tips regarding indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation.

All GB seeds have been subjected to strict quality controls that guarantee 90% of their germination. In order to be able to exchange faulty seeds, we recommend that you follow the steps provided by our blog, take pictures of the entire process and save the packages. If some seeds don’t germinate, we’ll process an exchange of the faulty ones.