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Reflective Materials

Reflective Materials

Reflective materials are necessary when growing cannabis indoors; you need to reflect the light from your bulbs as much as possible, and if your walls are dark they’ll simply absorb this light instead of reflecting it out onto your plants. There are loads of different types of plastic and reflective sheeting that growers use, and we’re here to guide you through them.

The simplest type of material is B/W Thick Reflective Plastic, which many growers all over the world continue to use even though it now reflects small amounts of light compared to other models. However, it’s incredibly thick so you can staple it to your wall if you want to, making it incredibly easy to put up without the risk of it falling down.

Diamond Eco reflective sheeting has a sort of mirror shine to it – it reflects much more light than white sheeting, although it’s quite thin and can be hard to put up without ripping it; we recommend using duct tape to put it up on your walls. It’s definitely well worth it for such an affordable price.

One of our favorite models of reflective sheeting is Mylar Diamond Reflective Sheeting, which is capable of reflecting up to 97% light and it also reflects heat away from your walls, which camouflages your grow room just in case a thermal helicopter happens to be passing by; super stealthy.

If your grow room tends to get quite warm, you will definitely need to use some sort of insulator in order to stop the heat from giving you away – you can completely hide your grow from thermal cameras all year long. Regardless of the reflective material that you’re looking for, we’re guaranteed to have something that can help!

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