Induction bulbs

Induction bulbs

Induction bulbs are stirring up the Spanish grow world. This new technology has been tested on cannabis crops and the results are very promising: it yields more gr per W than the maximum achieved with HPS. It is possible to get the same weight with much less energy and heat.

They cast an intense and cold light, very similar to the one produced by Leds. Their manufacturers brag about having a high PAR, which is the part of emitted lights that is finally absorbed by plants. An additional advantage is they produce ultraviolet rays (not many, though). This results in an extra amount of THC with indoor cultivation that was, until now, reserved to outdoor plants as a consequence of their exposure to UVA.

There are two models of Magnetic Induction Lamps in our catalogue. The first one produces a mixed spectrum that can be used for both the growing and the flowering stages and can be chosen in 200W and 300W. It is a good way to avoid changing bulbs or moving the plants around during a cycle. Despite the coldness of the light, we'll notice a very particular growth, with large leaves and short plants. Indeed, this type of lamps are very powerful for the vegetative stage since they are also effective during the bloom that requires much more light. When we move on to the flowering stage we'll notice the light is, indeed, strong, but that it does not penetrate much into the lower layers, just like Leds. In this case, we must use SCROG nets so that we get our plants to flower properly.

The second model is the Flowering Magnetic Induction Grow Lights. It is only available at 300W and will be used mainly in the second stage of the plant's cycle. It is ideal to grow cuttings, root them and grow them in a small cabinet in a SOG setting. Only by using short plants or tutoring them with the aid of a net will you get to take best advantage of your lamp. If the lamps are too tall, they will simply bloom a bit at the tips.

These lamps generate virtually no heat, so they ideal for summer months when we're usually forced to interrupt our cultivation. Once the cold is back, we can use them along with HPS to increase lateral yield significantly and increase both the weight and quality of the harvest. When doing this properly the plant will develop evenly and the final product will be homogeneous, too.

If you're looking for a Magnetic Induction Lamp to grow your indoor marijuana, you will find the above explained models along with their detailed description in our catalogue.