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MyDX Analyzer

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Analyzers with which you can perfectly calculate the important parameters in your marijuana grow; from soil meters to the most modern cannabinoid and terpene gauges that can tell you the exact cannabinoid content in your weed.

MyDx is a complete cannabinoid and terpene analyzer that allows you to find out, in under six minutes, all of the elements that are in your weed. Each strain is characterized by its flavor and effect, which can be caused by different terpenes or cannabinoids. Also, depending on the grower, result may vary – the better the care plants receive, the better the results and the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Thanks to this analyzer you can easily analyze the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in your strains and compare them with other growers all over the world. You can also check on the cannabinoid levels in your weed during your grow, allowing you to find out when they reach their maximum level.

Sample Inserts are the little capsules that you need to use with the MyDx, and you can easily buy replacement sample inserts for your MyDx once you run out of the inserts provided with the analyzer itself. You can get them in amounts of 3 to 12.

With the NPK Quick Test for soil you can easily measure the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in your plants’ soil, so you can keep them nice and happy. These meters are extremely important so that you don’t end up accidentally blocking the roots, which would cause your plants to suffer quite a lot. Many growers often notice problems with their plants and decide to add more and more nutes to their water, which tends to ruin the plants even more, and can even kill them – stay on top of your NPK with this quick test for soil.