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Grinders and crushers for marijuana

In this section you can find that exact grinder you’ve been looking for – in our grinder section we have a wide selection of different, unique and up-to-date grinders, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Each product has its own description of how the grinder works, its size and any important details we think you should know. This way you know exactly what it is you’re buying even before it arrives at your door.

First we have the typical plastic grinder, the cheapest ones that everyone ends up losing or breaking at some point, but that’s why they’re so handy – it’s super cheap to replace them. We have typical two part grinders with the little container, and we also have 5 part plastic grinders that have a sort of mesh inside that filters the trichomes and resin through to the bottom so you can keep it to make hash later on.

We also have affordable metal grinders, in two parts and three parts; we have various models, colors and designs. For example, we have grinders without resin meshes such as the Cupin Grinder, or others that do have resin meshes like the Apple grinder. Two part grinders are always handy to have on you when you go out as they weigh much less than grinders with three parts and the resin mesh.

Spyral grinders are some of the most sought-after grinders in our catalogue. They’re made out of quality materials, affordable, and there are many different models and sizes. We stock 2 part Spyral grinders as well as 4 part ones with resin meshes, as well as a whole separate container for the weed to fall down into. In as far as size, we stock from 40mm to 62mm.

We also stock some unique designs, such as small 3cm metal grinders, camouflage grinders that look like Duracell batteries, grinders with handles; our electric grinder is our most-sold one, as it also has a resin mesh that automatically collects any fallen trichomes.

Then we have higher end grinders that are a bit more costly such as Thorinder – this grinder is made out of extremely light materials. It’s available in two sizes; a small one for when you leave the house with your friends and a bigger one for when you’re rolling at home. We also have the Quick Grinder that has a button on each side so that you can just press down and get your weed out without having to bash it around.

We’re constantly updating our catalogue with new products such as the Vibrating Grinder that vibrates the weed out without having to hit it off the table etc – the MedTrainer grinder can be used to store your weed and grind it.

Grinders are a fundamental part of every smokers essential kit, and getting a new one is always fun. They’re perfect as gifts, and we have an enormous range of different models, sizes and colors right here – go check out our different grinders and read the descriptions written by our team of professionals here at