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Feminized seeds

  • Apex Seeds
    <h2>Feminized Apex Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Apex Seeds</strong> is a North American seed bank, and we present to you their range of 100% feminized seeds; they have a wide range of peculiar and unique strains, as well as their own versions of some of the most popular strains in the history of this strain.</p> <p>This bank was founded in the year 2000, when a group of <strong>specialists in botanic science</strong> decided to get together and use their combined knowledge to develop some new cannabis strains. By using known strains and unknown strains, they’ve managed to build up a repertoire of seeds, apt for all kinds of growers.</p> <h2>What Strains does Apex Seeds Stock?</h2> <h3>Arafa Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>If you’re looking for one of their most impressive seeds, then <strong>Arafa</strong> is the strain for you; it’s a cross between <strong>Haze and White Widow</strong> that rewards growers with incredible yields, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. It stands out due to how strong it grows, capable of growing in any medium. It has an incensed, wood-like flavor, which is extremely strong; perfect for those that love intense flavors. It has a mental effect and it can be quite long-lasting, so we don’t recommend consuming it before doing anything that requires a lot of effort or responsibility.</p> <h3>Dominus Seeds</h3> <p>One of the most old school strains you can find in Apex’s catalogue is <strong>Apex Dominus</strong>, a renewed version of a pure Afghan strain that has the exact same characteristics as you’d expect. This plant stands out due to its amazing resin yield, just like its Afghan ancestors, although slightly heavier. In as far as the flavor, it’s easy to distinguish this strain’s citric/earthy flavor, as well as a marked hash-like aftertaste.</p> <h3>Dynamis Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>A strain that’s quite similar in as far as origin to the previous plant is called <strong>Dynamis</strong>, an absolute champion that comes from a selection of different Kush crosses. It’s also known for its high resin yield and having a generally heavier yield than its ancestors, as well as having some incredibly dense buds. The flavor is citric, invading your senses with a hint of flowers – cure this strain properly for an intense smell and flavor.</p> <h2>Guaranteed Quality Cannabis Strains</h2> <p>This seed bank has a complete team of qualified professionals that are involved in the entire process, <strong>guaranteeing maximum efficiency when germinating seeds</strong>. The seeds themselves come protected in an Eppendorf container inside a hard plastic box; this ensures that your seeds arrive in perfect conditions, ready to germinate!</p>
  • Delicious Seeds Bank...
    <h2>Delicious Seeds Cannabis Strains</h2> <p><strong>Delicious Seeds is a cannabis seed bank</strong> that has an amazing amount of exotic strains that any grower can appreciate. They have all kinds of <strong>genes, phenotypes, flavors and colors</strong>. All of their strains are delicious and highly productive – all you have to do is choose one that appeals to you.</p> <h2>Delicious Seeds Strains</h2> <h3>Caramelo cannabis strain information</h3> <p><strong>Caramelo</strong> is one of their most grown strains; just the name makes us want to plant it. This plant has hybrid characteristics with a <strong>mental, energetic high and a marked relaxing stoned feeling</strong> towards the end. It comes from crossing a Lavender, which was hard to stabilize – this made for plants that don’t have a very long flowering period with energetic sativa-like energetic effects. You can <strong>grow it both indoors and outdoors</strong> without any issues, although if you grow it outdoors you’ll need to use preventive measures for fungi and pests. These plants have a pretty, blue/purple color, alongside a <strong>sweet, fruity flavor that’ll stick around in your mouth</strong> for a while.</p> <h3>Marmalate cannabis strain information</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Marmalate </a>is a strain that can be used medicinally</strong> thanks to its marked physical effect without hardly any mental effects. This plant does quite well with pruning and topping, and its clones root quite well, so <strong>it’s perfect for making a mother plant and flowering</strong> its clones in a SoG system. This strain stretches up a bit indoors, and if you grow it from seed you might face some height issues. If you grow outdoors, you’ll have an open plant that gets all the light it needs. Its shape allows it to grow buds along each and every branch, <strong>making for a lot of side production and increasing the general final yield.</strong></p> <h3>Cheese candy strain information</h3> <p>Another famous strain from this bank is <strong>Cheese Candy</strong>, a strain that becomes large and resinous, with which you’ll be able to grow in pretty much any medium. This plant flowers quite early and it can put up with high humidity, so it’s perfect for growing outdoors in any climate. <strong>Indoors</strong>, these plants have hard and dense flowers that aren’t too big. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, its long stems of bud and having no height restriction make for an enormous productive plant. It has quite an energetic effect with a relaxing come-down, <strong>perfect for recreational and medicinal sessions</strong>.</p> <h2>High Quality Cannabis Seed Catalogue</h2> <p>Find the perfect strain for you here in our catalogue where you can find one with the characteristics that you’re looking for; we have full descriptions written by our team of professionals so you know exactly what you’re buying. You can <strong>buy seeds from Delicious Seeds</strong> with incredible permanent discounts here at</p>
  • Sweet Seeds
    <h2>High Quality Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds</h2> <p>Sweet Seeds is a seed bank known for creating amazing and unique <strong>strains for more than 10 years.</strong> When they first launched the seed bank they were selling feminized seeds which was still a pretty new concept at the time. They started with only a few strains and <strong>now they sell almost 50 different strains (feminized, seasonal and auto)</strong>. This successful seed bank has worked hard and produces very powerful strains. <strong>They have been awarded on several occasions. </strong>When you buy Sweet Seeds strains you're guaranteed quality seeds which always germinate into beautiful female plants.</p> <h2>Guaranteed Quality</h2> <p>There are some <strong>very well-known and awarded strains</strong> such as Cream Caramel, a plant with a very sweet taste and producer of big buds filled with aromatic resin, very pleasing to the eyes. They also have more powerful strains like <a href="">Green Poison</a>, a strain which <strong>yields also quite a lot and grows dense</strong> and tight buds that give very <strong>specific cerebral effects</strong>.</p> <h3>Sweet Strains</h3> <p>They <strong>have most of their seasonal strains in autoflowering formats too.</strong> The ideal solution for those who get their balcony plant ruined year after year by a streetlamp! You can get your favorite strain in 2 months after planting with an auto solution.</p> <h3>Red Cannabis Strains</h3> <p>Now, the bank has launched <strong>new product lines</strong> such as the <strong>Red family: various strains crossed with a purple strain in order to grow plants such a</strong>s <a href="">Cream Caramel</a> <strong>or Green Poison with pinky, red and purple shades such as the Black Cream or Red Poison,</strong> among many others. These are autoflowering strains as effective as the seasonal counterpart.</p> <h3>Fast Version Cannabis Strains</h3> <p>They also have a line of seeds they call <strong>Fast Version: a combination of seasonal plants with autoflowering ones</strong>. Your plants will keep on reacting to the light but since they are partly auto, they will take just 45 days to flower. You can get clones from these ultra fast strains and do crop after crop of your favorite strain in record times, ideal for commercial growers.</p> <p>Whichever you choose, when you try a Sweet Seeds strain <strong>you will know you are sowing best quality seeds that will never disappoint you at the harvest time.</strong></p>
  • 00 Seeds Bank
    <p><strong>00 Seeds Bank is an excellent seed bank</strong> specialized <strong>in Indica varieties</strong> based in Spain. Its catalogue offers a wide range of powerful strains. These Spanish breeders are concerned about keeping quite a commercial selection, to keep on bringing very productive genetics to their consumers. Their strains produce compact plants, very suitable for guerrilla or indoors crops, with resinous flowers of first quality. <strong>Their seeds give very good results in any medium - soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics-</strong>. Each and every one of the selected strains produce <strong>rich resinous buds that will seduce the most demanding user</strong>. Here below we'll tell you something more about of their most significant varieties so that you are acquainted with their <strong>excellent genetics.</strong></p> <p><a href="" title="Sweet Soma">Sweet</a><a href="" title="Sweet Soma"> Soma</a> <strong>is a very indica strain.</strong> Quite small and very resinous, it has been selected for its short flowering period. Appreciated for its extraordinary and exotic aroma, it gives <strong>excellent results</strong> in indoor grow tents and rooms. When planting them in 4 pots of 11L per spot, they can produce up to 350g / m² with the best cares of an experienced grower. Outdoors, they will become a little higher, reaching a maximum of <strong>2 meters.</strong> Under favourable weather conditions plants can produce<strong> up to 650g.</strong></p> <p><strong><a href="">Chocolate Cream</a> is also an Indica. </strong>With this strain, the bank tried to <strong>maximize the production of resin, which will delight extractions' lovers.</strong> They have an excellent performance under lamps where they can produce u<strong>p to 300g/m²</strong> with the required cares. Outdoor, they can reach moderate heights and in occasions they can grow beyond 2m. Their excellent branches structures will bear the weight of <strong>resinous buds</strong> perfectly. It can produce up to <strong>500 g per plant</strong> with right weather conditions.</p> <p><strong> in a highly valued variety</strong> among growers around the world for its extraordinary color s and its delicate, <strong>tightened and resinous buds</strong>. With a short flowering period it gives <strong>excellent quality buds</strong> in a record time. Indoors, it can yield up to<strong> 300g/m²</strong> with the best grow room conditions. Outdoors it is very tough and manages to produce <strong>beautiful flowers</strong> even in less favourable climates. You'll have to provide your plants with everything they need so that they can yield up to their full potential. You can get <strong>excellent productions of up to 400g per plant</strong> with the right conditions.</p> <p><strong>When you purchase 00 Seeds Bank seeds</strong>, you are choosing easy to grow strains that will provide you with pleasant flavours and big productions of <strong>sticky buds, along with a whole set of</strong> <strong>commercial properties</strong>. You can be sure that your buds will be the envy of your friends. Buying 00 Seeds is choosing from an incredible range of <strong>intoxicating scents</strong> for all tastes, captured inside beautiful seeds. With very little effort <strong>you'll get resinous and tightened buds.</strong> Choose your favorite flavor among the wide range of 00 Seeds Bank and start growing your own buds with total peace of mind.</p>
  • ACE Seeds
    <h2>ACE Seeds | Worldwide Landrace Breeders</h2> <p>ACE Seeds is <strong>an innovative seed bank that’s bringing us brand new strains constantly</strong>, crossing cannabis plants from all over the world in order to create new hybrids that can survive in bad weather, high humidity and many other aspects that we all wish our plants could have. One of this bank’s most important aspects is the huge amount of Sativa strains that they offer; they have a large collection of plants that have <strong>a stimulating, euphoric and psychoactive effect</strong>.</p> <h2>ACE Seeds Cannabis Strains</h2> <h3>Bangi Haze Hybrid</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Bangi Haze</a> is one of ACE Seeds’ most well-known seeds, a hybrid between a native Conga strain and another from Nepal. This plant was born after a meticulous and delicate process</strong> involving many generations of hybrids, guaranteeing a strong and vigorous plant that has quite a decent yield. You can grow this plant <strong>both indoors and outdoors</strong>, although the plants may differ slightly depending on where you grow them. Indoors, this plant is fast and grows big, up to 500g per square meter. Outdoors you can <strong>easily get 1kg per seasonal plant</strong>, although you’ll need to grow in a warm area to get the most out of it.</p> <h3>Nepal Jam Hybrid</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Nepal Jam</a> is another one of ACE Seeds’ star strains, as it grows pretty much anywhere in the world. This sativa/indica hybrid</strong> is extremely easy to grow, and adapts quite nicely to wherever it grows, as well as having a high resistance to fungi and pests. If you decide to plant them straight into the ground, you’ll have a practically invincible plant unless it happens to freeze over – this strain does super well with cold and rain. It takes just 9 weeks to flower, and you can get <strong>540g per square meter</strong>. Outdoors, these plants are discreet in as far as size but amazing when it comes to yield, getting up to <strong>800g per plant</strong>.</p> <h3>Violeta Hybrid</h3> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>colorful and sweet</strong> plant, then <strong>Violet</strong> is the strain for you. It’s a hybrid, born from crossing two amazingly purple plants such as Purple Malawi and Pakistan Chitral Kush. The result is a plant that <strong>goes purple/red</strong> towards the end of the flowering period, making for some <strong>pretty eye-catching buds</strong>. It has fruity and sweet nuances when it comes to flavor, and those that smoke daily will love this strain for its taste and its balanced effect, which isn’t that strong, so you can go about your business.</p> <h2>Incredibly Pure Strains</h2> <p>So, if you’re looking for pure strains or brand new hybrids<strong>, ACE Seeds has a wide collection</strong> of all kinds of cannabis strains will all kinds of genes. <strong>Find a sativa</strong> that makes you fly or an indica that makes you sink into the couch; we have the <strong>best prices</strong> and ACE Seeds has the best strains.</p>
  • Advanced Seeds
    <h2>Wide Range of Affordable Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Advanced Seeds is a seed bank with a large range of strains</strong> on offer from all kinds of genes and flavors, at some of the best prices around. Any grower can acquire and appreciate these top-quality seeds that have a whole lot of work put into them.</p> <h3>Productive, delicious Advanced Seeds strains</h3> <p>They have strains such as <strong>Critical Soma</strong>, a strain that combines Critical’s extreme flowering and Somango’s amazingly sweet, fruity flavor. This plant is <strong>indica</strong>-shaped, and it has a fast flowering period, rewarding growers with dense and hard buds that have elevating and energetic effects. Indoors, this strain grows out a nice central cola of buds, perfect for placing around 9 per square meter. Outdoors, this plant can grow around two meters tall with long and heavy branches that you’ll need to train. Wherever you decide to plant this beauty, you’ll have one of those weeds that will ensure you’re the center of attention for quite a while.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Afghan Skunk</a></strong> is one of this bank’s most-grown success stories – it’s a strong plants that’s pretty easy to grow. Even if you’re a beginner you’ll be able to get amazing yields from this plant, as it has much more resistance to pests and fungi than other plants, making it harder for any issues to suddenly appear. With just a few<strong> regular fertilizer dosages</strong> and some natural preventive measures such as propolyx or neem oil, you can grow this plant both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>; indoors you’ll have quick marijuana that’s resinous and sticky, and outdoors this plant makes for a great plant that doesn’t need to be checked on every single day of the grow.</p> <h3>Strong cannabis strains</h3> <p>If you live somewhere very warm and you can allow for it, <a href=""><strong>Black Diesel</strong></a> is one of this banks stars. It’s sativa-dominant and comes from a meticulous New York Diesel selection. This plant is strong and has strong branches to go with it, that’ll grow at<strong> around a 20º angle</strong>, almost alongside the main stem, until it begins flowering. You’ll get some amazing long and resinous buds, full of fruity and citric aromas with an intoxicating mental effect. The only issue with this strain is that it has practically no resistance to fungi, so we <strong>highly recommend hot climates</strong>.</p> <p>Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it here at Advanced Seeds. They’re at an amazing price, and we have <strong>permanent discounts</strong> on all seeds so that <strong>you can get the absolute best.</strong></p>
  • Artizen
    <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Artizen</strong> is a company based out of Washington that <strong>mass-produces cannabis</strong>, and also has their very own range of strains that are soaring up the charts among <strong>growers and dispensaries</strong> in the United States. The reason that Artizen has managed to get as far as they have is thanks to their dedicated workers and breeders, who are <strong>experts</strong> that have years of cannabis growing experience.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Artizen</strong> is known for their amazing cannabis, which <strong>stands out among the crowd</strong> thanks to its incredible qualities and potent effect. Well, the strains that they have bred are equally as <strong>potent</strong> and super-easy to grow; amazing results, even for beginners! Their expert breeders have made sure that</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Grape Gorilla</strong> is a strain that comes from a <strong>Mendocino Purps, Afghan and Skunk</strong>, which makes for an amazing combination of flavor and high. It’s quite an experience to smoke, and we strongly believe that all homegrowers should grow this strain at least once. It’s incredibly sturdy and reliable, as well as potent.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Dutchberry</strong> is another of their amazing <strong>strains</strong>. It comes from a cross between the <strong>world-famous Blueberry by DJ Short and a Dutch Treat</strong>. This strain will have you drooling from the second you inhale; it’s known to have one of the most potent flavors around, with an intense red berry, pine and orange combination, alongside an <strong>earthy aftertaste</strong>. It’s not that complicated to grow and it’s easy to <strong>produce great yields</strong> both indoors and outdoors.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Artizen has also bred <strong>one of the best Blue Dream strains </strong>that we’ve ever seen; this strain was <strong>named the best Blue Dream in the world in 2015</strong> in a special championship. This strain grows strong and sturdy and can be grown indoors, although we recommend growing it outdoors, which is where it does best.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong><a href="">Allen Wrench</a> </strong>is one of the most interesting hybrids that we’ve seen. It comes from a cross between a psychoactive Trainwreck and a delicious, active<strong> New York City Diesel strain. The resulting plant is intensely psychoactive and delicious</strong>. It’s designed to suit growers that <strong>prefer sativa strains</strong>, as it’s<strong> 65% sativa</strong> when it comes to its genetic makeup. You may need to have some previous experience in order to grow this strain, as it can be a little tricky, although it generally produces decent results.</p>
  • Barney's Farm
    <p>Barney's Farm is <strong>a Dutch seed bank that has received many awards all over the world</strong> for their work with seeds. They've been <strong>gathering native strains from every part of the world</strong> for more than 30 years and some of them are really unique and sought-after specimens. Currently, they <strong>keep on launching new varieties while still selling the classic ones.</strong> Some of their classic strains, such as Pineapple Chunk, has millions of fans from different parts of the planet.</p> <p><a href="">Critical Cure CBD</a> is <strong>a strain born from a Shantibaba a strain with a high content of CBD</strong>, crossed with a very productive Critical. It will reward us with very <strong>heavy and resinous buds,</strong> full of medicinal effects and a muddy taste. If you want to <strong>prevent branches from breaking under the heavy weight of the flowers, you'll have to train them</strong>. It will give <strong>a pleasant medicinal effect, relaxing and narcotic</strong>, ideal to ease the pain related to osteoporosis, arthritis or fibromialgia. </p> <p><strong>Blue Cheese is one the most planted strains of the bank,</strong> not only for their high production -both indoors and outdoors- but because of its <strong>strength, quick blooming and precious bluish resin</strong>. If you do BHO extractions you'll see how<strong> the oil adopts that blue color </strong> that gives its name to the strain. Besides, it will produce <strong>an incredible amount, as it possess a truly impressive amount of resin.</strong> Indoors, it grows compact and with <strong>very thick buds at the edge of the branches.</strong> Outdoors, we will get a plant that will make people jealous. In addition, it is <strong>very easy to grow</strong> and even if you're an inexperienced grower you'll get a good yield.</p> <p><a href="">Tangerine Dream</a> is<strong> another of their colored resin strains. A layer of orangish and reddish trichomes</strong> will make your extracts adopt such shades, as the <strong>citric flavor of tangerine</strong> fills your mouth when smoking. With an <strong>indica dominance,</strong> it is quick to bloom and has an ideal height for indoor growing. It is <strong>short and doesn't have growth spurts if you set it to flower after 21 days</strong>. It will form thick and dense buds at the tips thanks to a perfectly uniform exposure to light. <strong>Outdoors, it will produce fantastic seasonal plants, approximately 2m high and full of attractive scents. You could get up to 700g from a single plant</strong>, so it is a reasonable option for growing on your balcony or terrace.</p> <p>If you want to <strong>grow Dutch strains of maximum quality,</strong> Barney's Farm is one of the best options. Now you can <strong>get your seeds at a lower price, as we have permanent discounts on Barney's Farm.</strong> Besides, thanks to our <strong>detailed descriptions it will be easy for you to make your choice.</strong></p>
  • Big Buddha Seeds
    <h2>Big Buddha Seeds - The Origins of the Cheese Strain</h2> <h3>The birth of a legend - Cheese</h3> <p><strong>Big Buddha Seeds</strong> is a feminized seed bank from the UK. The story begins with<strong> Milo Yung</strong>, a man that was incredibly interested in cannabis from a very young age; once he became of age, he began to dedicate his life to the world of weed. He began by growing a clone a friend of his had given him, and after this first experience he decided to learn more about growing and getting better. After a lot of work and plenty of contacts, he got his hands on an <strong>Original Cheese strain</strong>.</p> <p>He began working as hard as possible in order to successfully grow his new clone. After harvesting, drying, curing and tasting it he realized that he had found one of the best possible strains. He wanted to share it with the world, so he created Big Buddha Seeds. He <strong>stabilized and perfected this strain</strong> in order to make various hybrids with which can be grown both indoors and out.</p> <h3>Big Buddha Cheese Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Big Buddha Cheese</strong> is, of course, the strain that most represents this seed bank, and it’s been used to make most of the hybrids in their catalogue. This strain also won the Best Indica Prize at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. This amazing plant was created after crossing an original UK Cheese strain with an Afghan plant. It’s an indica-dominant plant, meaning that it has quite a strong structure with a short flowering period. It’s perfect for growing indoors and outdoors, producing dense flowers with plenty of resin. Big Buddha Cheese lets off an intense aroma similar to <strong>cured cheese and spices</strong>. It gives a long-lasting, energetic effect.</p> <h3>Cookies &amp; Cream Cheese Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Cookies &amp; Cream Cheese</strong> is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from a Big Buddha Cheese x Girl Scout Cookies combination, and it’s known for its enormous amount of branches with wide, dark green leaves. Thanks to its branches you can use a trellis net in order to improve yield and make for a more stable plant. After just 60/70 flowering days, your plants should be ready to harvest. Its buds combine <strong>sweet and earthy flavors</strong>, and after a few minutes you should feel creative and energetic.</p> <h3>Cherry Moon Pie Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Cherry Moon Pie</strong> is an almost entirely indica plant that was created after combining a Cherry Pie and a Bubba Kush. The resulting plant has an intense effect and flavor. It grows to an average height with plenty of branches, making it perfect for a <strong>SCRoG system</strong>. It takes just over 2 months to flower, making it quite fast. If the temperature drops low enough during the flowering period, it can go a sort of blue color too. It has an intense sweet fruit flavor with a hint of earth in the aftertaste, giving consumers an intense, <strong>happy and energetic effect</strong>.</p> <h2>High quality cannabis seeds</h2> <p>If you’re looking to grow <strong>quality strains</strong>, don’t hesitate in trying out Big Buddha Seeds. They package their seeds incredibly efficiently and professionally so that no humidity or any external factors can damage the seeds. The packets also come with a <strong>Ziploc</strong>, so you can preserve any seeds you don’t want to plant just yet.</p>
  • BioHazard Seeds
    <h2>Stable &amp; Productive Strains | BioHazard Seeds</h2> <p><strong>BioHazard Seeds</strong>, now presenting their feminized seed catalogue where you <strong>can find the perfect strain for you</strong>, whether you’re an expert or a newbie. In order to make their seeds, BioHazard uses some of the most innovating techniques in order to offer perfectly genetically stable plants that have much less of a probability of suffering intense stress or hermaphroditism.</p> <h2>BioHazard Seeds Indoor and Outdoor grows</h2> <p>BioHazard <strong>selects and hybridizes typical strains</strong> in order to increase their best qualities, making your grow even more efficient. When growing indoors, this bank offers <strong>small, robust plants</strong> that have high yields. If you plant outdoors, you’ll have plants that easily soak in the sunlight, increasing yield and flower quality. So, wherever it is that you want to grow, whether you’re an expert of a newbie, <strong>BioHazard seeds have a strain for you</strong>.</p> <h3>Indoor seeds: Big Lights</h3> <p><strong>Big Lights</strong> is a blend between Big Bud’s large yield, with long colas and Northern Lights’ relaxing effects. This strain is mainly indica, highly medicinal due to its <strong>narcotic effect</strong>. This plant produces short, compact plants that are perfect for producing high yields indoors, and outdoors you’ll get discreet and camouflaged plants. It has a <strong>sweet, smooth and citric flavor</strong>; if you decide to use it medicinally, the effect isn’t too strong, and it’s pretty easy to smoke.</p> <h3>Outdoor strains: Criminal Jack</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Criminal Jack</a> </strong>is one of their top strains, made from the famous <strong>Critical+</strong> and an uplifting Jack Herer. These plants look and taste like <strong>Jack Herer</strong>, but they have the fast flowering of a Critical+. They’ll grow long and open-structured, growing buds on long colas and a beautiful incensed-smell, which is the same as its taste – this is one of the reasons everyone loves this plant, and you’ll need to wait just <strong>55 days</strong> compared to the original three flowering weeks.</p> <h3>Outdoor strains: Goddess Kali</h3> <p><strong>Goddess Kali</strong> is a hybrid made from <strong>Criminal jack and Kali Mist</strong> – you’ll be able to get Kali’s amazing yield in extremely short flowering times. Kali Mist is a strain that grows absolutely monstrous plants with long colas of bud, but it takes forever to flower and is incredibly hard to grow indoors – now you can harvest these amazing, long, incensed, flavorful buds in just 9 weeks after beginning the flowering period. This strain’s <strong>great for cloning</strong>.</p> <h3>Indoor strains: Somanta</h3> <p>If you love fun, clear highs, then <strong><a href="">Somanta</a> </strong>is the strain for you. Your mouth will be invaded by an amazingly intense fruity flavor, and its euphoric effect will have you laughing uncontrollably in no time. This strain is BioHazard’s prize winner, <strong>having won 9 cannabis cups in Spain</strong>. It produces dense and heavy buds, full of Critical+ resin and an amazing Somango Soma Seeds flavor. This strain is perfect for <strong>recreational use</strong>, especially with some friends.</p> <p>Find the <strong>perfect seed for you at BioHazard seeds</strong>, and at an astonishing price thanks to the permanent discounts we have on all seeds! Read detailed descriptions of each seed from our team of experts here at GrowBarato.</p>
  • BSF Seeds
    <h2>BSF Seeds | Bigger, Stronger, Faster</h2> <p><strong>BSF Seeds (Bigger, Stronger, Faster)</strong> is a Spanish seed bank founded in 2017. Regardless of how young this seed bank is, their founders are incredibly experienced breeders that have been growing cannabis for almost two decades, paying close attention to their various strains, choosing only those that provide the best results.</p> <p>Thanks to their accumulative experience, they’ve managed to <strong>make their own exclusive hybrids</strong> that are all incredibly productive, strong and incredibly fast. BSF Seeds are specialized in the creation of strains with North-American origins, increasing quality of flavor and yield in general.</p> <h2> Testing</h2> <p>Here at <strong></strong> we like to try the products we sell before we sell them, and BSF Seeds are absolutely no exception. We’ve been able to <strong>successfully grow their seeds</strong> and we’re quite honestly surprised with their amazing results. We’re going to have a look at some of our favorite feminized seeds.</p> <h2>Modern Cannabis Strains</h2> <h3>Gorilla Glue #4</h3> <p><strong>Gorilla Glue #4</strong> is an astonishing strain, and growers all over the world are already in love with this delicious plant and you’ve probably already heard of it. Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to grow Gorilla for yourself. The veteran breeders at <strong>BSF Seeds</strong> went above and beyond with this strain, maximizing their size, flavor and yield. This delicious sativa-dominant plant has produced over <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors using <strong>11L flowerpots and 9 plants</strong>. We recommend this strain for growers that don’t have much experience growing cannabis themselves.</p> <h3>Rainbow</h3> <p>Their other strain, <a href="">Rainbows</a>, comes from a potent Zkittlez selection that has had an incredible amount of work put into it. Our growing expert decided to grow it outdoors and harvested almost <strong>600g per plant</strong>. The best part about this strain is its delicious sweet and fruity flavor; you’ll want to savor every drag. It’s also quite a <strong>beautiful, front-page worthy plant</strong>.</p> <h2>Old School Cannabis Strain</h2> <p>The breeders at BSF Seeds aren’t just interested in strains from the US; they’ve made their own versions of <strong>classic and old school</strong> strains. Within this particular genre, they have strains such as <strong>Moby-D</strong>. It comes from a combination between the delicious Jack Herer and White Widow. We tried and tested it outdoors in order to make the most of its size, and when planted in the ground it can grow up to <strong>two and a half meters tall</strong>, yielding up to a kilo – from just one plant! It has a delicious pine and lemon flavor, and you’ll need to be careful with its intense mental effect. Every homegrower should try this plant out at least once.</p> <p>Here at we guarantee that if you decide to begin growing BSF Seeds’ strains, you’ll be <strong>incredibly surprised</strong> and you’ll have one of the best cannabis growing experiences possible; high quality seeds like you’ve never seen.</p>
  • Buddha Seeds
    <h2>Buddha Seeds - Specialists in Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p>Buddha Seeds is <strong>a seed bank that’s world-renowned</strong> for their autoflowering seeds, although they have a few top quality feminized seasonal seeds. They have just a <strong>few strains</strong> but they’re very stable and productive, and you can plant them both indoors and outdoors.</p> <h2>Feminized Buddha Seeds Strains</h2> <h3>Pulsar Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Pulsar</a> is a strain with some <strong>very marked Sativa characteristics</strong>, with long leaves, a long flowering phase and an effect that will have you laughing until your face hurts. You’ll need to take special care with its size, as it can really cause issues in indoor grows, and outdoors it can grow so big that all your neighbors will know exactly what you’re up to. If you want a compact, small plant indoors then you’ll need <strong>to do a SCRoG set up</strong> so that they don’t grow up to the lights and end up getting burnt. If you grow it outdoors you’ll need to plant it around May so that you don’t end up with a 4m tall plant. It has an incensed and sweet flavor, as well as an <strong>energetic and stimulating</strong> high.</p> <h3>Quasar Strain Information</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Quasar</a> is a hybrid strain</strong> that’s a mixture of <strong>sativa</strong> and <strong>indica</strong> strains. Its sativa genes give it much more resin and an energetic high, and its indica genes give it flowering speed and compact and dense flowers. It grows with <strong>a compact and short structure</strong>, meaning that in indoor grows it gets plenty of light and grows larger buds, and outdoors it has the advantage of being shorter than many other plants and easy to hide. When smoked it gives <strong>a mentally intoxicating effect</strong>, and even if you’re on your own you’ll end up in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.</p> <h3>Kraken Strain Information</h3> <p><strong>Kraken is Buddha Seedbank’s</strong> last seasonal strain with which you’ll get everything you’d expect from an indica. These plants will yield an amazing amount of buds, whether they’re under artificial lighting or under the sun. These plants have a strong structure that can easily put up with the extreme weight of the buds. After just <strong>60 flowering days</strong>, your grow will be ready to harvest and you can get <strong>500g per square meter</strong>. Outdoors, it should be ready towards September, rewarding growers with up to <strong>600g per strain</strong>. It has a minty flavor, with an amazing hint of eucalyptus.</p> <h2>Buddha Seeds Potent Strains</h2> <p>So, whatever sort of effect or plant you’re looking for, these three strains each have a set of specific characteristics that you can choose from. Get them at the <strong>best price available</strong>; here at Growbarato we have permanent discounts on all products. Each seed has its <strong>own specific description</strong> so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.</p>
  • Cannabiogen
    <h2>Cannabiogen Exotic Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p>Cannabiogen is a <strong></strong>project<strong> that began with four people</strong>, a group of growers with years of experience and a dream; to create and share their own strains with as many people as possible. One of the first few hybrid strains they created was <strong>Sandstorm</strong>, (Pakistan Chitral x Moroccan), a 100% indica strain. They made it from some rescued seeds from a plant they used to make hash, a powerful <a href="">Chitral Kush</a> which was then <strong>crossed with a Moroccan strain</strong>. It has a sweet, penetrating and musky smell, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The bank recommends growing for 30 days before flipping them, but we recommend <strong>flowering them once they reach 25cm</strong> indoors, and they’ll be ready in just 55-60 days – October outdoors.</p> <h2>Cannabiogen Cannabis Strains</h2> <h3>Feminized Leshaze Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Leshaze</strong> (Leshoto x SkunkHaze) is made up of a fast-flowering female plant that’s grown at up to 2000m tall and a male Skunk x Haze with a mainly sativa effect. This plant is interesting to grow, taking 65-70 days to flower, and <strong>ready towards October outdoors</strong> depending on the conditions.</p> <h3>Feminized Sugarloaf Seeds</h3> <p>Another project that they were working on before starting their bank is <strong>Sugarloaf</strong>, a plant that was born by <strong>crossing a Colombian plant</strong> with a plant from the North of Indica. The Colombian strain is known as Capricho, and the other plant is <strong>quite a potent Pakistani strain</strong> – the result is a balanced, potent and pleasing strain.</p> <h3>Feminized Caribe Seeds</h3> <p>One of the most sativa plants you can find is <a href="">Caribe</a>, a plant that they made by crossing a Jamaican strain from the Blue Mountains with a <strong>Northern Lights 5 x Haze</strong>. This plant has a more open bud, making it better for fighting off fungi and mildew. Indoors, you might need to reduce the lights and flip them to flower little by little.</p> <h3>Feminized Destroyer Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Destroyer</strong> is an incredibly sativa plant when it comes to its flowering times. This plant is perfect for professionals, coming from <strong>a Meao Thai x Mexico/Colombia</strong>. 14 flowering weeks is how long this beauty takes. It has quite a clean, mental effect, typical of sativas. This plant is perfect for SoG and SCRoG systems.</p> <h2>Cannabiogen Cannabis Nutrients</h2> <p>Cannabiogen also has <strong>a wide range of nutrients and fertilizers </strong>for your grow, such as <strong>Delta 9</strong>, which is the most-used flowering stimulant on the cannabis market. Here at Growbarato you can easily get your hands on this bank’s amazing seeds, and go check out their fertilizer section to get some amazing products for your grow.</p> <h3>How to use Delta 9 by Cannabiogen</h3> <p>This affordable product is incredibly easy to use; you'll need to <strong>use it just 3 times before the flowering period starts,</strong> and then you can use it as a booster during the bloom period, although it has such a low PK content that it only covers basic needs. It contains natural algae, which increases the amount of phyto-hormones, alongside other mineral products.</p>
  • CBD Feminized Seeds
    <h2>Classic and Medicinal Strains by CBD Seeds</h2> <p>CBD Seeds is a <strong>Spanish seed bank that works with their cannabis strains in collections</strong>. The ones made for recreational purposes are in their Classic Line, and their medicinal seeds are in their Medical Collection.</p> <h2>CBD Seeds Classic Collection</h2> <p>Within the <a href="">classic collection</a>, we can find the strains that CBD Seeds wants to keep alive; <strong>classic strains in their original format</strong>. They have all kinds of flavors and genotypes so you can pick the perfect one for you. They also have some star strains in the world of cannabis that have been selected and stabilized in order to bring you the best possible strains.</p> <h3>Amnesia 5 - Classic Collection</h3> <p><strong>Strains such as Amnesia 5</strong>, which blends all of the characteristics you’d be looking for in a strain with such a name. It grows tall, with a <strong>decent central calyx</strong> which is extremely productive and resinous. It has an incensed and earthy flavor, typical of such strains, and you can grow it indoors and outdoors. It has an <strong>unmatchable effect that is mentally intoxicating</strong>.</p> <h3>Kali - Classic Collection</h3> <p><strong>Kali</strong> gives us large, strong plants which are perfect for outdoor grows. It grows with long stems of heavy buds, meaning that you’ll need to train the plants so that the branches don’t bend and break. It has an <strong>energetic effect</strong>, and it’s a strain that does well in all kinds of climates, although if it’s going to be very cold you should plant it straight into the ground. The only thing you’ll need to do is use a <strong>fungicide as a preventive measure</strong>; preferably organic. <strong>Indoors</strong> you should grow this strain from clones, or it will definitely get much too big.</p> <h2>CBD Seeds Medicinal Collection</h2> <p>Their <a href="">medicinal collection</a><strong> includes strains that are medicinal</strong> and can be beneficial for people that <strong>suffer pains or disorders</strong>. Not all cannabis is medicinal because it’s relaxing or narcotic – some people use it for depression, others for loss of appetite, and others as pain relief.</p> <h3>One to One - Medicinal Collection</h3> <p>A standard strain that is good for general aches and pains is <strong>One to One</strong>, a strain with a <strong>1:1 THC/CBD ratio</strong>. Due to having such a <strong>high CBD content</strong>, the psychoactive effect made by THC is highly reduced, and you’ll only experience its medicinal effects. It gives a good yield both indoors and outdoors, and it has a <strong>very Critical-like taste</strong>.</p> <h3>Magma - Medicinal Collection</h3> <p><strong>Magma</strong> is the strain that you’re looking for if you want pain-relief. This indica strain gives users an extremely strong relaxing effect that’s capable of palliating many different kinds of intense pains that would tend to need much <strong>stronger medication</strong> with side effects.</p> <p>Whatever strain you’re looking for, <strong>medicinal or recreational</strong>, CBD Seeds has the perfect strain for you. You’ll find highly productive strains with your <strong>favorite flavor or effect</strong>. Each seed has a complete description written by our team of professionals here at Growbarato, as well as permanent discounts.</p>
  • Dawg Star
    <h2 class="MsoNormal">Dawg Star - The Best US Cannabis Strains</h2> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Dawg Star</strong> is a well-known seed bank that’s based out of Washington, and they played quite an important part in the legalization of cannabis in the same State. It’s considered <strong>one of the best</strong> cannabis seed banks in the world.</p> <h2 class="MsoNormal">Body, Mood and Mind Effects</h2> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Dawg Star</strong> has various categories of seeds, which they call<strong> MOOD, BODY and MIND</strong> – these categories indicate the main features of the strains. The strains that we now have in stock are Blueberry Cheesecake, Ewok, GG#4 and Critical Purple Kush, which we’re going to have a quick look at.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Blueberry Cheesecake Strain - Body Effect</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">If you’re looking for intense flavors, <strong>Blueberry Cheesecake by Dawg Star</strong> is a strain that stands out with a potent blueberry cheesecake aroma that seems quite surreal. It’s generally pretty easy to grow, although when growing indoors we recommend keeping in mind the fact that it lets off intense aromas. If you love weed that <strong>produces intense flavors</strong> that you can practically feel in your mouth, you should definitely give this strain a go.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Ewok Strain - Mood Effect</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Another of their star strains is called <strong>Ewok</strong>. This strain has many different therapeutic uses thanks to its <strong>high amounts of THC</strong> and intense relaxing effect, provided by its <strong>indica-dominant</strong> genes. This strain is a cross between a <strong>Super Silver Haze</strong> and a <strong>Blueberry</strong>, which is why it produces such intense aromas. It’s pretty easy to grow, although keep in mind that it grows quite fast and strong.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">GG#4 Cannabis Strain - Mind Effect</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Dawg Star has also bred their <strong>very own GG#4 strain</strong>, which produces flowers that are absolutely full of intensely psychoactive resin. This particular version is slightly more sativa-dominant, and it produces a much more intense psychoactive effect than <strong>GG#4 strains</strong> made by other seed banks. It’s a bit more delicate due to how large it can grow, although you can easily keep it under control indoors by growing it for less time before flipping the lights.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Critical Purple Kush Strain - Body Effect</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">They’ve also created a strain that’s <strong>typically European</strong>, crossing a Mr. Nice strain with a compact and resinous Purple Kush. The resulting strain is super easy to grow, high yielding, intensely aromatic and produces quite an intense narcotic effect, although it also offers a mentally intense high. This strain is called <strong>Critical Purple Kush</strong>.</p>
  • DNA Genetics
    <p><strong>DNA Genetics</strong> is very popular among growers, having won more than <strong>150 cannabis related competitions</strong> all over the world. It is the only seed bank that has won all categories of the High Times Cannabis Cup. It has even won the <strong>Top 10 category more than 5 times</strong>. This inevitably means that when you buy at DNA Genetics, you're buying quality seeds.</p> <h2>Feminized Seeds by DNA Genetics</h2> <p>There have strains such as the <strong>famous <a href="">Chocolope</a></strong>, one of their most award-winning seeds. Being a mainly sativa plant, the breeders tried to give it a different taste from the usual citric or incensed sativa. After many crosses, they managed to give it a bittersweet taste similar to dark chocolate. It is very easy to grow and it's also adaptable to all type of climates. <strong>Chocolope does wonderfully in hot climates</strong>. Indoors it'll need to be tamed with a SCRoG net, as it can easily grow out of control. If you grow it outdoors, you'll get a very productive strain and each plant can yield more than 1kg under the right conditions. It has an energetic and cheerful effect, <strong>ideal for daytime smokers</strong> who don't want to be hindered in their daily tasks.</p> <p>Another of their most renowned strains is <strong>LA Confidential</strong>, a strain with a strong, long lasting effect, useful for both the recreational user and medicinal user. This plant's effect can help fight issues such as insomnia and lack of appetite. It grows well indoors since its short flowering period and high yields make it more than a feasible option under grow lights. Outdoors, this plant needs <strong>warm or hot weather</strong> in order to achieve maximum yields, which can be around 800g per plant, ready for harvest around September.</p> <p><a href="">Lemon Skunk</a> is one of DNA Genetics <strong>most renowned and delicious strains</strong> that comes from a pungent crossbreed between Skunk strains. One of the Skunk's involved was a lemon-flavored phenotype that comes from a selection grown in Las Vegas, whereas the other one was directly selected by Eddie, the creator and founder of Flying Dutchmen. The result was a fast flowering strain, resistant in any growing media and conditions, making for top-quality yields. Its flavor is its most remarkable feature and it's usually sold-out. So, if you want this particular strain you'll have to check its availability first. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors, it will grow tall and elongated, concentrating yield around its central stem and the tips of the branches. Outdoors, it will create classic Skunk plants; make sure not to plant it too early in cold climates.</p> <h2>DNA Genetics Seed Discounts</h2> <p>So, if you are looking for award-winning strains, you can find them here in our DNA Genetics catalogue. You'll be able to purchase these strains at amazing prices since we have permanent discounts on all seeds. Read our detailed reviews and descriptions and make an informed choice now.</p>
  • Dr. Underground
    <p><strong>Dr. Underground is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that began their <strong>journey in 2008</strong> and have been at the forefront of feminized seeds ever since. They have strains for all walks of life, and all of them are extremely flavorful and productive. These strains were chosen due to their amazing quality and humongous amounts of resin that manage to exaggerate each plants strong point such as their <strong>flavor and potency</strong>.</p> <h2>Dr. Underground Potent, Flavorful Cannabis Strains</h2> <p>One of their most sought-after strains is <strong>King Kong</strong>, a strain that grows giant central calyxes and enormous buds on each and every branch. Outdoors if you top it early you can grow an enormous plant with many branches jutting out in every direction – this makes for shorter, wider plants with much more yield. Indoors you can use a <strong>SCRoG system</strong> in order to get much heftier yields – you can get up to <strong>600g per square meter</strong>. It has a delicious citric/incensed flavor with an earthy undertone.</p> <h2>Dr. Underground - The origins of Melon Gum</h2> <p><strong><a href="">Melon Gum</a> </strong>is one of their star strains thanks to its<strong> irresistible sweet flavor</strong>, appearance and quantity of resin that it produces, alongside its dense and hard buds. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, and it prefers mild to warm climates. Indoors it grows tall and thin, and you can fit around <strong>9 plants per square meter</strong>, and they grow a beautifully resinous central calyx – The rest of the yield is centered on the side-branches. Outdoors these strains are truly impressive although you might want to give it some <strong>preventive treatments </strong>as it can be quite weak when it comes to fungi.</p> <p>For <strong>medicinal users</strong>, they created <a href="">Pain Killer</a>, which is a narcotic strain that’s capable of alleviating intense pain that can’t be treated with medication. It can also be used for nausea and upset stomachs after chemotherapy, and it can even induce appetite in those that have eating disorders. It has a <strong>high CBD content in its resin</strong>, which is why it has such a narcotic and sedative effect.</p> <h2>Dr. Underground Seed Catalogue on</h2> <p>If you’re looking to get <strong>feminized Dr. Underground seeds</strong>, go check out our catalogue and find the one for you. You can check out each strain’s individual description, and you’ll know if it’s right for the area you live in, the humidity, the weather etc. We also have <strong>permanent offers on all seeds</strong> here at</p>
  • Dutch Passion
    <h2>Dutch Passion Feminized Dutch Cannabis Strains</h2> <p>Dutch Passion is a <strong>Dutch seed bank</strong> that any grower worth his or her salt knows about – as well as being around for years now and having won numerous cannabis cups, they’re still creating new strains and improving themselves. They have plants for all walks of life; <strong>giant sativas, narcotic and relaxing indicas</strong>, and hybrids that have the best of both to offer.</p> <h2>Buy feminized seeds on</h2> <p>There have colorful, delicious strains such as <strong>Blueberry</strong>, a strain that has won lots of different cannabis cups and that has been on the market for years now. These plants can be slightly difficult to grow, as you need to keep a close eye on the <strong>pH and EC</strong> if you want them to flower and grow properly. As a reward for the meticulous care needed, these plants will produce long, blue-tinted buds that are full of resin and flavor even on the largest leaves. It has a relaxing, pleasing effect without being completely narcotic. You’ll be able to enjoy its tranquil effect without becoming couch-locked. <strong>Outdoors</strong> it gives quite high yields, and although it can grow quite tall it doesn’t grow many leaves.</p> <p>Another strain that stands out is <strong><a href="">Power Plant</a></strong>, a fast-flowering sativa that’s capable of giving large yields in just 8 flowering weeks. These plants grow a beautiful, eye-catching almost neon green color. When it flowers it grows lots of calyxes together, making for extremely dense buds with shorter pistils than usual. Indoors it doesn’t grow too much and can easily appreciate the light from the lamps.<strong> Outdoors</strong>, although these plants won’t grow over a meter tall, you can get up to 600g per plant. It has an energizing and strong effect.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Holland’s Hope</a> </strong>is a strain that’s perfect for those that need a plant that can do well with high humidity and lower temperatures. This <strong>plant is used to the Dutch climate</strong>, which is considerably colder than anywhere in Spain. This makes for plants that won’t rot towards the end of the grow which is something that happens a lot towards the North of Spain and mountainy areas. Indoors this plant flowers with large buds on the tips of the branches, although it’s a bit too big for indoors. <strong>Outdoors</strong> is where this strain does best, and the weed it produces can have an extremely long-lasting effect.</p> <h2>Feminized strains of all kinds</h2> <p><span>Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a plant, you’re guaranteed to find it in Dutch passion’s catalogue – <strong>find the perfect seed for you and your grow conditio</strong>ns, improving yield and growing weed that you know you’re going to enjoy. All of this at the best possible price, as we have <strong>permanent offers</strong> on all seeds here at Growbarato.</span></p>
  • Élite Seeds
    <h2>Elite Seeds - Cannabinoid-rich strains</h2> <p>Elite Seeds is a seed bank whose <strong>main objective</strong> is to find and cross the best strains by using the best technology they can get their hands on. They hybridize award-winning strains and then proceed to feminize them using a unique process. Their mother plants are taken extreme care of and conserved during years without losing any medicinal or therapeutic qualities. This seed bank knows how important it is to <strong>treat mother plants</strong> right when going through the selection process in order to offer top-quality seeds and clones.</p> <h2>Elite Seeds Strains</h2> <p>One of their most famous strains is<strong> <a href="">Juanita La Lagrimosa CBD</a>,</strong> a plant that contains extremely high levels of both<strong> THC and CBD</strong>, making for a perfectly medicinal effect. The psychoactive effect produces by THC is muted quite a bit due to the CBD in this strain, making for a wonderfully medicinal plant. It flowers quite fast considering its sativa heritage, 75%, and you can grow it both indoors and outdoors. These plants <strong>grow an enormous central cola</strong> with open buds and an enormous yield. Outdoors it makes for large plants that can be hard to hide. The best thing about this plant is that it’s highly medicinal and great and calming pains, insomnia or eating disorders.</p> <p><strong>Early Widow</strong> is for growers looking for enormous yields both indoors and outdoors. This strain grows buds all along its branches, making <strong>long, dense and heavy colas</strong>. The most eye-catching thing about this strain is the amount of resin that it produces – the buds will be covered in a thick layer of white resin. Indoors these plants grow small and compact, allowing the light to reach every leaf and create many flowers. <strong>Outdoors they can grow up to 2m</strong>, rewarding growers with up to <strong>800g per plant</strong>. This strain doesn’t like humidity or cold although it does well if you take preventive measures.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Black Hole</a> </strong>is a strain for those that want strong, relaxing and pain-relieving effects, perfect for bone or muscle issues or many different disorders. They grow out small, without taking up much space in your grow – you can place around <strong>6 plants per square meter</strong>. They begin flowering quite fast after <strong>switching the lights to 12/12</strong>. Outdoors most of the yield will fall on the tips of the branches, making for an open structure that gets the most of the sunlight. It has a delicious sweet flavor that’ll have you couch-locked in no time.</p> <h2>Elite Seeds Strain Catalogue on</h2> <p>This seed bank has many different strains with very different characteristics; all of them are top quality. Though. <strong>Go check out their complete catalogue of feminized seeds</strong>; feel free to read the descriptions written by our team of experts in order to help you make an informed choice. We also have <strong>permanent offers</strong> on all of the seeds in this catalogue.</p>
  • Eva Seeds
    <p><strong>Eva Seeds</strong> is a seed bank that offers strains for all kinds of growers. Beginners will be able to get their hands on many <strong>easy-to-grow</strong> strains that can be <strong>highly productive</strong> with just little bit of knowledge. Expert growers are capable of growing absolutely stunning, highly productive plants. Eva Seeds has a wide range to choose from.</p> <h2>Eva Seeds Strain Information</h2> <p>They have <strong>incensed strains such as Monster</strong>, a beast when it comes to cannabis. Indoors it can take a bit longer to finish flowering, although if you use a SCRoG system to control its height it’ll get easier to deal with. Outdoors this “monster” can <strong>grow up to 3m tall producing up to 1kg</strong> and a half of beautiful flowers. It grows a lot of resin, so it’s also perfect if you’re looking to get <strong>extracts</strong> from your plants.</p> <p>Jamaican Dream is <strong>another star strain</strong>, a <strong>high flying sativa</strong> with quite a short flowering period. This plant has sweet, fruity flavors with an earthy aftertaste that gives a happy, energetic high. Indoors this plant is easy to grow as it doesn’t get too tall when flowering, as it sticks around at a medium to low height. <strong>Outdoors</strong> this seasonal plant can grow up to <strong>2m</strong> tall, producing up to <strong>700g</strong> per plant. It’s perfect for humid climates but it doesn’t like much cold, so if you leave in a warm area you’ll get the most out of it.</p> <p><strong>Missing in Barcelona</strong> is the perfect plant for smokers looking for a mentally stimulating weed, as it gives quite the <strong>THC trip</strong> that’ll cloud your mind. It’s easy to grow, as it has strong branches that loves quite a lot of nutrients. Indoors it flowers fast considering the effects it then gives. Outdoors it doesn’t take that long either; <strong>towards mid-October</strong> your plants will be ready to harvest. Its fruity, citric flavor will intoxicate you with a permanent smile.</p> <h2>Eva Seeds Properties</h2> <p>If you’re looking for <strong>top quality plants</strong> that have fast flowering periods, Eva Seeds has the seeds for you. <strong>From sedating indicas to potent sativas</strong> at the best possible prices. Here at you’ll have all of the seeds you need with <strong>permanent offers</strong> on all year so that you can grow your <strong>perfect plants</strong> at any time of year.</p>
  • Exotic Seeds
    <h2>Wide Range of Indica and Sativa Strains</h2> <p><strong>Exotic Seeds</strong> is a Dutch <strong>seed bank</strong> that has a warehouse in Madrid from where they promote, create and distribute their seeds all over Spain. They have a very complete catalogue of feminized and automatic strains from the <strong>best indicas</strong> to the purest, <strong>highest yielding sativas</strong>. This seeds are top quality and are easy and fun to grow as long as you give them what they need. Their team of breeders is <strong>highly professional</strong>, and each of their strains has been worked on extensively in order to make for balanced, productive plants.</p> <h3>Buy Exotic Seed Strains</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Spicy Bitch</a></strong> is one of their star strains, as this peculiar hybrid offers quite a psychoactive and social high. It comes from a cross between<strong> Reina Madre and an AK 47 Pre 2000</strong> clone that was carefully chosen. It’s <strong>80% Sativa</strong>, and can produce an enormous <strong>700g </strong>per outdoor plant and<strong> 500g </strong>indoors with 9 plants per square meter. <strong>Outdoors</strong> it’ll take until October until you can harvest it. It has some deep Old School flavors, similar to lavender and highly pungent when smoked.</p> <p><strong>Mango Cream</strong> is another amazing strain by Exotic Seeds, as it’s one of the tastiest plants that their breeders have made. It’s a <strong>75% indica</strong> strain that is extremely easy to grow and produces above-average yields. It comes from a <strong>Somango (Blueberry x NYCD) x F5</strong>, making for delicious flavors and almost medicinal effects. You can harvest around <strong>480g</strong> with 9 plants per square meter indoors. Outdoors it’ll be ready towards <strong>October</strong>, and 9 flowering weeks indoors. Mango Cream can easily deal with higher temperatures as well as insect infestations.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Lemon Candy</a> </strong>is the last strain we’re going to talk about; this plant is strong and can grow quite tall. It was born after crossing an American Indica and a beautiful NYCD; Lemon Candy is more than capable of becoming your favorite this summer. It offers quite a balanced genetic makeup<strong> - 55% sativa and 45% indica</strong>. This plant doesn’t give extremely large yields, but its amazing effect is definitely worth the small sacrifice. You can harvest up to <strong>400g with 9 plants per square meter</strong> if planted under 600w lights, and <strong>700g</strong> per outdoor plant towards October if done properly.</p> <p>If these strains sounds good to you, go check out Exotic Seeds’ catalogue on our webpage; we have <strong>permanent discounts</strong> on all seeds so that you can get them at the best price possible. Each seed also has its own description written by professionals here at</p>
  • Family Ganjah
    <h2><strong>Family Ganjah | High-yielding Intense Strains</strong></h2> <p><strong>Family Ganjah</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that sells strains that have had plenty of work put into their genetic selection and growing stability, as the Family Ganjah breeders put the utmost care into processing, packaging and conserving their seeds. Their seeds are top quality, with very <strong>marked and varied characteristics</strong> for all consumers and growers, so that you can find the perfect one for you. They have <strong>outdoor strains</strong> and indoor strains with all sorts of effects and flavors for all growers.</p> <h2>Wide Range of Strains</h2> <p>They offer well-known and <strong>competition-winning strains</strong> such as <strong>Critical Man</strong>, a strain taken from the famous Kritikal Bilbo, now available in a feminized format. This plant can easily go above and beyond your expectations in both yield and quality. Its <strong>fruity, sweet flavor</strong> is thanks to its Morango genes, and its fast and large yield is thanks to its Critical Bilbo genes, making this strain capable of growing <strong>beautifully impressive plants</strong>, perfect for beginners and experts.</p> <h3>Crazy Lola Incensed Cannabis</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Crazy Lola</a>, </strong>formerly known as Loca Lola, is another one of Family Ganjah’s most impressive plants. This strain is capable of giving<strong> White Widow-like yields</strong> with a deliciously <strong>incensed Jack Herer flavor</strong>. Indoors it’s a resin-producing machine, making it the perfect choice if you want to make extracts. It’s highly resistant to rot and bad weather, so it’s also <strong>perfect for growing outdoors</strong>.</p> <h3>Morango Haze Tropical Cannabis</h3> <p><strong>Morango Haze</strong> is a strain for smokers that appreciate flavor over anything else, as it has flavors that range from fruity, to sweet, to incense. It does well both indoors and outdoors, although it grows differently in both. Indoors, Morango Haze grows compact and wide, allowing you to place <strong>4 to 9 plants</strong> maximum per light. Outdoors it’ll be able to absorb much more light than indoors, growing more flowers on the lower branches; this strain has <strong>won 5 cannabis cups</strong>.</p> <h3>Big Trip Skunk Cannabis</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Big Trip</a> </strong>is a strain that combines the relaxing power of<strong> Northern Lights</strong> in its purest state with a <strong>deep Skunk flavor</strong>. These plants grow long colas of buds, especially along the central stem. It can be grown indoors as long as you don’t place many per square meter due to how much they grow. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, in hot climates, is where you’ll be able to make the most out of this strain thanks to the amount of sunlight it can get, even on the lower branches.</p> <h2>Get your very own Family Ganjah</h2> <p>If you’re looking for a new strain that won’t disappoint, <strong>Family Ganjah</strong> can easily become your new favorite seed bank. Whichever plant you decide to go for, you’ll be <strong>pleasantly surprised</strong> by the results. You can also make the most of our offers, and buy your seeds at a nice discount.</p>
  • Female Seeds
    <h2>Female Seeds - Feminized Seed Pioneers</h2> <p><strong>Female Seeds</strong> is a Dutch seed bank which only deals in top quality seeds, loved by all those who plant them.</p> <h2>Female Seeds History</h2> <p>Female Seeds began around 2003, although those involved have a lot more years of experience in this field. At the start of the 90s, the main grower at this prestigious seed bank, Ferry, decided to start selling seeds as a means of paying for his studies. <strong>After receiving astonishing, non-stop orders from Dutch seed banks,</strong> Ferry decided to become a professional. By the end of the 90s, the first feminized seeds started popping up, although a lot of them turned out to be hermaphrodites. Ferry created <strong>his very own feminization technique</strong>, completely revolutionizing the seed market.</p> <p>In 2003 he got tired of selling his seeds to other banks, so he decided to make his own; Serious Seeds is now one of the most important seed banks in Europe.</p> <h2>Important Female Seeds Strains</h2> <h3>Feminized Bubblegummer Strain</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Bubblegummer</a></strong> is a strain that has its origins in the <strong>original BubbleGum by Serious Seeds,</strong> giving it an amazing strawberry bubblegum flavor. The effect that it gives is mood-boosting and energetic, which slowly turns into bodily relaxation, giving you the perfect balance between mind and body. It generally produces <strong>decent yields in any type of environment,</strong> with most of the flowers centered on the main stem and a few branches. It also has a high level of resin yield, giving you the possibility to make extracts which offer unique tastes and effects.</p> <h3>Feminized Blueberry Cheesecake Strain</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Blueberry Cheesecake</a></strong> is another unique strain that this bank has on offer, combining <strong>two strong-tasting strains</strong> to get one strain with an amazing flavor and dense, unique smoke. This strain offers up a unique taste, full of berries and a cheesy aftertaste that absolutely invades wherever you’re smoking. If you combine all of this with an <strong>amazingly intense effect, a rapid flowering period and a good production rate,</strong> you get the perfect strain for both personal grows and commercial ones.</p> <h3>Feminized C99 Strain</h3> <p><strong>C99,</strong> also known as <strong>Cinderella 99,</strong> is a world-renowned Canadian strain which has been used by many seed banks to cross with other strains, but none of them are as close to the original as this one. This masterpiece has hardly been modified, showing all of the characteristic traits of the original strain. The effect is a<strong> mentally impacting</strong> one, <strong>stimulating creativity</strong>. The first few drags will entice some amazing visual effects, intensifying the colors around you and giving you a million reasons to laugh at everything.</p> <h2>Quality Guarantee</h2> <p>All of Female Seeds’ products offer a guarantee that not every seed bank can give; when using Female Seeds you’re <strong>guaranteed feminized, easy to germinate seeds.</strong></p>
  • Flying Dutchmen
    <p><strong>Flying Dutchmen is a Dutch seed bank endorsed by the well-known strains in its collection.</strong> They have all sorts of strains in their catalogue, such as pure indica or sativa, ideal for outdoors growing, in both cold and warm climates. Whatever characteristics you are looking for in a marijuana plant,<strong> you'll surely find the ideal strain for you.<br /><br /></strong><strong>You'll find strains such as Voyager, a 50% hybrid that tends to lean towards a more sativa structure. </strong>This cannabis is mentally stimulating, providing <strong>fleeting ideas and uncontrollable laughter</strong>. However, sometimes it can give the opposite effect and be <strong>very mentally relaxing,</strong> clouding your ideas, making it ideal to fight stress. <strong>Both phenotypes differ in their flowering times</strong>: the early blooming plants are the relaxing ones while the ones with longer blooming times give a stimulating effect. In both cases, this weed has a <strong>spicy, strong and sweet taste,</strong> which is very pleasant to smoke. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we will be able to select some genotypes and keep them as mother plants in order to know which are the early and the late bloomers. Outdoors, some will be ready in September and others in October, resulting in plants that can <strong>yield up to 1kg of weight</strong>.<strong><br /></strong><br /><a href="">Power Skunk</a> is a strain for those that love Skunk plants, as it still tastes like skunk even after being crossed with a Power Plant and a NL in order to increase yields. Plants grow into a <strong>strong structure,</strong> with <strong>an abundant flowering period </strong>and a large amount of resin making it perfect for making quality extracts. This strain behaves very well indoors, as it <strong>does not grow very wide</strong> which makes it possible to place up to 9 units per m2. <strong>It flowers very fast, </strong>so you can get enormous. quality yields in record times. Outdoors, we will get plants that do well in unfortunate climates, and by using minimal preventive measures your plants will grow splendidly. It has the characteristic <strong>muddy taste of Skunk</strong> which, along with a <strong>dense smoke</strong>, will make it one of the most powerful and satisfying highs for the old-school smoker.</p> <p><b><a href="">White Widow</a> is a resinous beast. </b>A classic since it first appeared, this variety has been a hit among growers and smokers all over the world. It produces <strong>strong and wide plants</strong>, able to support their heavy weight. <strong>Their buds are dense and sticky</strong> like chewing-gum and take a long time to dry out. It grows well<strong> indoors and outdoors</strong>, and adapts effortlessly to hot and warm climates. It is ideal for indoor grows thanks to its short and large height. You'll get a <strong>flavorful weed</strong>, and the amount of resin will multiply its dense flavor. When smoking it, it feels like sweet hash with a citric aftertaste. Its relaxing effect will relieve stress and allow your body to rest deeply.<br /><br />At Flying Dutchmen you will find strains for all tastes, you only have to decide which one suits you best. You can read our reviews for guidance. <strong>Choose the taste you like and a strain suitable to your climate</strong> and you won't be disappointed.</p>
  • Genehtik
    <p>Genehtik i<strong>s a Spanish seed bank</strong> that has chosen and selected the best strains in order to bring us <strong>award-winning strains.</strong> Since the beginning of the 90's they have devoted themselves to collecting and test-crossing their selected strains along with some from other breeders and from every corner of the world. They have managed to create their own special <strong>collection of strains, full of flavor and high yields.</strong><br /><br />Kritical Bilbo is <strong>their most well-known strain</strong> and there's hardly any cannabis enthusiast out there who hasn't grown it or at least tried it. This plant <strong>grows</strong> <strong>very fast,</strong> both during the growing and the flowering stages. It <strong>can be grown indoors and outdoors</strong>, and is easily adaptable to different climates. As long as it receives 5hrs of direct sunlight it will grow fine, even if it's a bit cold at night. Indoors is where you'll see the best flowers. You <strong>can get up to 500g/m2</strong> every time you plant it and it should be ready after 65 flowering days. Outdoors, it will be ready at the end of September and if you grow it <strong>in hot weather, the final yield will be overwhelming.</strong><br /><br />Another <strong>of their famous strains</strong> is <a href="">Amnesia Bilbo</a>, a strain with a very stimulant sativa and mental effect. This plant, though <strong>of Sativa predominance,</strong> doesn't grow much. It<strong> stays compact and looks like a tree</strong> with the branches close to the trunk. The most noticeable fact is its central stem, containing large open buds that are highly resinous - 20g indoors and much more outdoors. Indoors you'll get plants that flower in 75 days with <strong>high yields and strong mental effects</strong>. Outdoors, you will have to harvest at the end of October or beginning of November, but <strong>it does well with humidity</strong>. By simply using preventive treatments such as Propolis you can keep your plants safe.<br /><br /><strong>Who hasn't heard about the deliciously sweet</strong> <a href="">Txomango</a>? It's a strain for <strong>candy lovers</strong> since both the aroma of the plant and its flavor <strong>is totally fruity.</strong> This plant grows compact and strong; it's <strong>a 50% Sativa hybrid</strong> that tends to show its most Sativa side in both appearance and effect.<strong> It won't yield many flowers,</strong> but the quality of the harvest will increase compared to many other strains. Indoors, it flowers properly without becoming too tall, allowing the light from the grow lamps to fully reach the plants. Outdoors, we'll have to plant it in <strong>a warm climate</strong> in order to get a good yield. With the proper soil and an ideal climate you could get 500-600g from a single plant, ready for harvest around mid-October.<strong><br /><br />If you're looking for plants with an excellent taste and great resin yield, don't look any further, no one can beat Genehtik. </strong>You'll find all their strains in our catalogue and at a great price.</p>
  • Green House Seeds
    <h2>Green House Seeds - Cannabis Royalty</h2> <p>Green House Seeds Company is <strong>one of the most successful Dutch seed banks</strong>. They have <strong>raked the entire world to find the best wild strains of marijuana</strong> and to create unique plants. Here, you can find strains for all tastes: <strong>from the purest Sativas to the most narcotic and fastest Indicas,</strong> along with hybrids of all strengths and strains with high medicinal values. Their strains <strong>have been awarded hundreds of cups and prizes in cannabis competitions</strong> all over the planet; every grower has heard of GreenHouseCo.</p> <h2>GHS has won over 40 Cannabis Cups</h2> <p>One of their star strains is <strong><a href="">Super Lemon Haze</a></strong> which has won many <strong>High Times Cannabis Times Cups</strong>, among other prizes. This strain has to be kept under control when grown indoors since it can grow much too tall. This can be done by pruning, using a mesh or by directly flowering clones. If you grow it properly and don't overuse fertilizers during the 11 weeks it takes to flower, you can easily get more than 1g per W. Outdoors, you can grow gigantic plants as long as they aren't planted in a very humid climate; excess humidity might cause the long colas of buds to rot. If you plant them under sunny, hot weather, they should be ready towards mid-October, yielding up to 1.5kg.</p> <p><strong>Those who are looking for large yields and sweet tastes</strong> will appreciate Great White Shark, a strain that produces <strong>long branches of buds</strong> pointing upwards. Indoors, it produces large and short plants, with open branches full of flowers. Such open branches result in <strong>buds pointing upwards that look like shark teeth</strong>. After 9 weeks of blooming they can yield 500g/m2 easily with their <strong>dense and resinous buds.</strong> Outdoors and under hot weather you should grow very productive plants, yielding up to 1kg at the beginning of October. You'll be rewarded with <strong>a very strong and relaxing weed,</strong> with a long lasting effect.</p> <p><a href="">Super Bud</a> is a strain for those looking for <strong>medicinal relief for pain, insomnia or for getting their appetite back.</strong> This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, providing very good results in both. <strong>Indoors,</strong> it will lead to <strong>short and productive plants</strong>, ready for harvest after just 8-9 flowering weeks. <strong>Outdoors,</strong> you can also grow awesome plants. Besides, since you can harvest very early, they'll be finished before the end of summer rains, avoiding potential rot. You can expect <strong>to cut up to 1kg per seasonal plant</strong> at the beginning of September. So, if you need a medicinal plant this strain should really be in your garden.</p> <h2>The largest seed catalogue in the world</h2> <p><strong>Whatever you are looking for in a marijuana seed,</strong> GreenHouse has an ideal strain for you. We have reviewed them all so that you can find your way easily among the different varieties in our catalogue. Whether you're looking for <strong>flavor, effect or suitability to given climate conditions, </strong>you'll certainly enjoy the result. As always, we have <strong>permanent offers</strong> for all feminized seeds of the bank. Get the <strong>best genetics at the best prices.</strong></p>
  • Heavyweight Seeds
    <h2>Hefty Cannabis Plants for Demanding Growers</h2> <p>Heavyweight Seeds is a Spanish seedbank which, <strong>besides selecting strains in order to stabilize their genetic makeup as much as possible, aims at increasing productivity</strong> of their strains. Here, you'll find a large collection of feminized seeds of all genotypes, <strong>from the most narcotic indicas to the most exhilarating and stimulant sativas.</strong> They also have many hybrids that accentuate the characteristics of both parental sides. Above all, their strains are highly productive.</p> <h2>Heavyweight Seeds Strains</h2> <h3>BudZilla Strain Information</h3> <p>You can find <strong>true monsters such as BudZilla,</strong> a crossbreed of G13 and Skunk that produces plants that grow like indicas and flower like sativas. It'll begin to grow robust and compact like an indica, <strong>but when it starts to flower it will reveal its most sativa side.</strong> This doesn't mean it'll take forever to flower - it takes just 8 weeks - but the plants do grow tall and open with thin flowers. Indoors you can grow large yields, <strong>reaching easily 500g of weed</strong> that provides <strong>a very energizing high and a relaxing come-down.</strong></p> <h3>Gold Mine Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">GoldMine </a>is a strain with a <strong>very striking appearance.</strong> Their buds are hard as stone and once you open your grinder up it'll be like the amount you put in has multiplied. It's an <strong>ideal strain for beginners</strong> as it barely needs taking care of to give good yields. Its <strong>taste is very sweet, similar to berries.</strong> Its <strong>relaxing effect </strong>makes it perfect for medicinal use. Outdoors, a seasonal plant can grow up to 3m tall and yield up to 1.5kg.</p> <h3>Champion's Cheese Strain Information</h3> <p><strong>Champion's Cheese is a strain for lovers of strong aromas and tastes.</strong> A Hindu Kush, crossbred with a Skunk, resulted in this <strong>bush-like plant, short and large, ideal for indoor growing.</strong> You can grow long dense buds full of resin with relaxing and very medicinal effects. You can <strong>get 500-800g per seasonal plant outdoors.</strong> Indoors, it should be easy to get 450g per 600W light.</p> <h3>Dream Machine Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Dream Machine</a> is <strong>another high yielder with medicinal relaxing effects.</strong> Instead of having a typically strong flavor, it was made with those that don't smoke day to day in mind; its <strong>sweet taste and exotic notes</strong> will make it <strong>your favorite plant</strong>. Outdoors, it's perfect for short summers and will be ready to harvest at the end of September. Indoors, 9 weeks are enough for it to finish flowering, producing plants with <strong>buds even on the lowest branches.</strong></p> <h2><strong>Get Your Own Heavyweight Seeds</strong></h2> <p>If <strong>what you like are highly productive plants as well as amazing quality, Heavyweight Seeds is your bank.</strong> Get your seeds at the best price and enjoy our permanent discounts.</p>
  • Humboldt Seeds...
    <p><strong>Humboldt Seed Organization | Californian Seed Bank</strong></p> <p><strong>Humboldt Seeds Organization</strong> is a Cannabis Seedbank based in the northern mountains of <strong>California,</strong> near San Francisco, Humboldt region. Many growers work in this area as a consequence of historic crises that happened in the region. At first, it was populated by <strong>gold-seekers</strong> but when the area ran out of gold, it was abandoned en masse. Afterwards, during the<strong> Prohibition,</strong> it became the perfect place for <strong>clandestine distilleries</strong> since it was quite a deserted area, yet <strong>close enough to San Francisco and LA.</strong> When alcohol was legalized in the US the place was abandoned once again and it wasn't populated again <strong>until the 60's,</strong> <strong>when growing cannabis was forbidden</strong>. Many hippies, who smoked non-stop, were forced to find locations away from big cities to <strong>grow their favorite plant.</strong> And that's how the history of this very professional bank began. In this section we will talk about of <strong>some of their feminized strains:</strong><br /><br /><a href="">707 Truthland</a> is a strain <strong>created and selected</strong> by a famous Californian grower, <strong>Emerald Mountain.</strong> It's a <strong>Indica/Sativa</strong> hybrid with a very short flowering time. It produces plants with <strong>high levels of THC</strong> in beautiful flowers and it can turn <strong>purple shades when it gets a bit cold.</strong> It can produce up to <strong>400g/m2</strong> in indoor grows and up to <strong>500g per plant outdoors.</strong><br /><br /><strong>Dr. Greenthumb's Em-Dog</strong>, created by<strong> B-Real </strong>(member of<strong> Cypress Hill</strong>), is a strain with a lot of history. It produces <strong>ultra-resinous buds in average-sized plants</strong>, very easy to handle indoors. With a <strong>strong and very fruity aroma,</strong> its taste is a <strong>delicious combination including wooden, sour and exotic fruity notes</strong>. It is quite productive and you can harvest up to <strong>500g/m2.</strong> It'll be ready at the end of September outdoors, and is capable of yielding<strong> 500 g/plant in the open air.</strong><br /><br /><a href="">Pineapple Skunk</a> is a <strong>very exotic and fruity strain</strong> with a characteristic and <strong>very pleasant and intense aroma of pineapple.</strong> It produces such a strong odor that it is advisable to <strong>employ active carbon filters and duct ozonizers if you grow it indoors.</strong> It can result in huge yields of up to <strong>500g/m2.</strong> Outdoors, it is harvested at the end of September, and it can yield up to <strong>500g per plant.</strong></p> <h2>The Best US Cannabis Strains of all Times |</h2> <p>The <strong>seeds of Humboldt Seeds Organization are all top-notch quality</strong> and have received many prizes. After many years of hard work they have managed to cross the ocean and <strong>bring their products into Europe</strong>. It is an ideal occasion to enjoy some genetics until now missing in the European market. All of their <strong>selected strains have been stabilized and lead to balanced plants,</strong> ideal for large fields. With very competitive flowering times and <strong>unbeatable prices,</strong> you'll get productive plants and powerful weed with <strong>exclusive flavors.</strong></p>
  • Ibiza Seeds
    <h2>Ibiza Seeds Feminized Strains</h2> <p><strong>Ibiza Seeds</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that’s been around <strong>since 1996</strong>, stabilizing and improving upon their very own strains and thus offering a varying range of unique strains, catering to all growers’ needs. Their strains are designed to bring new outlooks to the world of cannabis, offering exclusive strains with succulent flavors.</p> <p>Thanks to the many years’ experience they have as breeders, you can rest assured that their strains were developed thinking specifically about us, the growers – many different parameters such <strong>as flowering times, fungi-resistance or adaptability</strong> have been improved upon by this seed bank.</p> <p>They ensure that there’s a <strong>99.9% guarantee that the seed will be female</strong>, so you don’t need to worry about pesky males pollinating your grow, along with all the problems that it entails. They also guarantee an extremely high germination rate, making them perfect for beginners without much experience who tend to have issues during this process.</p> <h2>Strains developed by Ibiza Seeds</h2> <p>One of their most amazing strains is Noor, an <strong>improved-upon Northern Lights</strong> with a more intense flavor without modifying the effect at all. It will offer large yields, regardless of the medium used, due to the high density of the flowers. It has a very old school flavor that combines citric and earthy tones, <strong>similar to those of hash</strong>; sweet and long-lasting. The effect is absolutely mind-blowing and you’ll most likely end up asleep after a while – it’s perfect for medicinal uses such as anxiety, pain or insomnia.</p> <p>If you’re <strong>looking for a resin yielding monster</strong>, then <strong>Snowflake</strong> is the perfect strain for you; it’s a hybrid between Gorilla Glue and Great White Shark. This strong strain is perfect for those that love extracts, as this plant will give you potent and abundant extracts. It has a quite balanced physical and mental effect, adapting to your mood at the time and intensifying it; this strain’s perfect for any time of day. The flavor has some strong Kush aspects, as well as a characteristic pineapple aroma giving it a unique aspect.</p> <p>Those that love citric flavors will absolutely adore <strong>Lemonade Sherbet</strong>, a succulent strain that comes from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Super Lemon Haze. This sativa-dominant strain has quite a high flowering capacity, growing large with a lot of branches that end up covered in precious and aromatic buds. It <strong>combines sweet, citric and refreshing flavors</strong> in a special, dense smoke that is quite unique.</p> <h2>Visit the Ibiza Seeds seed catalogue</h2> <p>Every strain developed by Ibiza Seeds has an <strong>enormous amount of work put into it</strong>; they select everything meticulously and improve their seeds generation after generation until they get the perfect result; amazing recreational and medicinal strains.</p>
  • Kannabia Seeds
    <h2>Kannabia Seeds | Seeds Created for Growers by Growers</h2> <p>Kannabia Seeds was created to bring growers <strong>100% feminized quality seeds.</strong> The motto of the company is to develop an <strong>honest and close relationship with their customers.</strong> You're guaranteed the great results you're after; all of their strains have been designed to meet their customers needs.</p> <h3>Easy to grow, high yielding strains</h3> <p>You'll find plants such as <strong>Queso, a strain brought directly from the 90's to the present</strong>. This strain is <strong>very popular in England</strong> thanks to its intense flavor and how easy it is to grow. It was crossed with a Mazar-i-Shariff strain to improve yield. After just <strong>55-60 days</strong> of flowering you can expect to harvest about <strong>450g/m2</strong>. If do an early apical pruning, you'll obtain long colas of buds pointing upwards with a more compact structure that will allow the plant to receive as much light as possible. Outdoors, this strain appreciates warm climates <strong>without much sun, nor much cold</strong>. It can produce plants that yield up to 700-800g. <strong>Its flavor is very intense, ideal for the smokers who enjoy deep flavors</strong>. Its effect is <strong>strong and relaxing,</strong> ideal for that <strong>last joint before going to bed.</strong></p> <h2>Reina de Africa - One of the Best Kannabia Seed Strains</h2> <p><strong>One of their fastest and more productive strains</strong> is <a href="">La Reina de Africa</a>, <strong>a strain obtained from an AK-47</strong>, that looks and tastes just like a pure sativa, but it flowers like an indica. It was crossbred with an Ortega Indica and then stabilized with Northern Lights. Now, you have access to a plant that <strong>works much better indoors, </strong>although<strong> </strong>outdoors it can grow marijuana trees.<strong> Indoors, it'll grow into a strong structure that's quite short</strong> and reacts quickly to light changes. After just<strong> 60 flowering days,</strong> they'll be ready to harvest, producing over 500g/m2 with a 600W light. Outdoors it does well in sunny climates where plants develop very quickly during the growth stage. If you plant them later, they'll grow nice and compact, going <strong>unnoticed among other types of plants</strong>. If you plant them as seasonal specimens, some can yield up to 1kg, and will be ready for harvest around <strong>mid-September. Their effect relaxing from both a mental and physical point of view, ideal to escape from problems and daily stress.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Mataro Blue</a> is undoubtedly<strong> the star strain by Kannabia</strong>. It is the one that's won more awards and the most sought-after by growers. It is <strong>a 3-way cross between Blueberry, Mazar-i-Shariff and Black Domina. </strong>You'll get a plant with a branchy structure, large and short, ideal for indoor growing. Its <strong>indica ancestry</strong> makes it very quick to flower, with <strong>hard and heavy buds</strong>. Indoors you can get a good yield from 4-9 plants, some 450 g/m2. Outdoors, providing you have <strong>a good climate</strong>, you can grow some large plants: as wide as it is tall and with an approximate weight of 1kg. Its <strong>effect is intensely physically relaxing.</strong></p> <h3>Seeds for all walks of life</h3> <p>Kannabia <strong>has seeds for all tastes and growers.</strong> You only have to choose your preferred effect and flavor and find the one that grows well in the climate of your region. You can <strong>follow our reviews for guidance.</strong> Besides <strong>getting the best seeds</strong> you'll be saving money; we have offers on all seeds.</p>
  • Medical Seeds
    <p>Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank, totally <strong>devoted to producing the best cannabis strains.</strong> Its strains are the result of <strong>crossbreds among selected slips</strong>. They enjoy a great reputation and are good for <strong>improving</strong> <strong>species and creating new ones.</strong> For the time being, they're offering us a collection of strains <strong>for all growers.</strong> Beginners will find they are easy to grow while experts will rejoice over their amazing quality.<br /><br />You'll find <strong>pure Sativa strains like 2046</strong>, a strain with a <strong>100% mental effect</strong>. Its <strong>high THC content</strong> makes most people want to grow it but not many get good yields. It has a very <strong>long flowering period </strong>which can be <strong>very difficult to handle</strong> indoors unless you use a SCROG system. Such a long cycle, of course increases the probabilities of failure. Outdoors, this plant <strong>becomes very tall</strong> and you'll have <strong>to train it</strong> at the start of the flowering stage. This way the branches will be able to deal with the weight of the buds and they will keep on gaining weight which eventually will lead to a <strong>higher yield.</strong> Indoors, it takes some<strong> 13-15 weeks</strong> to complete its flowering cycle, whereas outdoors, plants should be ready at the end of November, yielding some <strong>700g/plant</strong> of a very psychoactive weed. It is <strong>used medicinally against diseases as serious as glaucoma</strong>, since its high levels of THC are useful to fight symptoms.<br /><br />Another of the most demanded strains is <a href="">Channel+</a>, <strong>one of the fastest to bloom plants in the market. Buds become hard and resinous, full of aroma and sweet flavors</strong>. The commercial grower will have high quality weed that can be harvested more than once a year. If we keep a <strong>mother plant</strong> we can get its cuttings to flower <strong>in just 55 days</strong>, skipping the growing period and accelerating the harvest even more. Outdoors, we will get early plants that like <strong>hot climates</strong>, ready for cutting in September. You can get up to 1kg per plant, so you won't need too many specimens to live through the season.<strong> Its effect is very relaxing at a mental and corporal level</strong> thanks to its hybridization at 50%. Our <strong>mind and body will rest</strong> and it will help us fight stress and depression.<br /><br />If you want <strong>a more accentuated mental and physically relaxing effect,</strong> we have <a href="">Y Griega</a>. <strong>An 80% Sativa strain that's both energizing and relaxing</strong>. It will make you forget about your problems and make you let go of any tension. <strong>It is very powerful and will only allow you to have fun and happy thoughts.</strong> Indoors, this plant might become a bit too tall during the flowering period but it will make up for it when the harvest comes. It will need <strong>12-13 weeks</strong> with a low amount of nutrients and frequent but little water. You must take care of the roots since the growing cycle is quite long. Outdoors, your plants will reach <strong>a very good size.</strong> If you want them to be discreet, you'll have to plant them later. With seasonal plants you can get <strong>up to 800g per plant</strong> and they will be more or less 3m high.<br /><br />If you want<strong> top quality seeds</strong>, Medical Seeds will never disappoint you. They are very serious about their work and <strong>their plants are always very homogeneous. </strong>Their strains are worldwide renowned and have been awarded many cups and prizes and now you can enjoy them at home. Read our reviews and look for the variety which will get you the effect you need. Besides purchasing the best seeds, you'll <strong>save money since we have permanent discounts and offers all year round.</strong></p>
  • Ministry of Cannabis
    <h2>Ministry of Cannabis Modern Old School Strains</h2> <p><strong>Ministry of Cannabis is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that has quite a reputation world-wide. They have plenty of strains that they’ve been maintaining for years, and many more that they’ve created themselves. Their feminized seeds are bred and chosen in Holland, getting them used to colder and more humid climates, which makes them much better for outdoor growing. They have strains for both beginners and experts – plenty of them are extremely <strong>easy to grow and are capable of giving large yields.</strong></p> <h2>Well-known Ministry of Cannabis Strains</h2> <h3>Big Bud XXL: High-yielding and potent</h3> <p>If you’re looking for a high-yielding plant, <a href="">Bid Bud XXL</a> is the plant for you. This plant produces thick, heavy buds full of energetic effects which is unusual in such an indica-dominant plant. It’s extremely fast, and it’ll be ready after just <strong>55 flowering days indoors</strong>. It’s a great option for growing in a natural <strong>SoG system, placing around 9-16 plants per square meter</strong> &amp; growing straight at <strong>12</strong>/<strong>12h</strong>. Outdoors these plants are also quite quick, and they’ll be ready to harvest before those pesky end-of-summer rains. When grown in a mild climate it can easily produce up to <strong>1kg</strong>.</p> <h3>Carnival: Psychoactive cannabis</h3> <p>Carnival is one of this bank’s very own creations – it’s an <strong>80% sativa</strong> strain with high amounts of <strong>THC</strong>. It gives an intense mental effect that’s quite energetic and happy in general; this is something that’s quite sought-after in strains like these. Indoors it does well thanks to how fast it flowers, especially considering its sativa genes. After just <strong>8-9 weeks at 12/12h</strong>, your plants should be ready to harvest. Outdoors they can grow up to <strong>2.5m tall, yielding up to 700g of delicious buds</strong> as long as they get plenty of sun, nutrients and water. Lab tests have shown that this strain can grow with up to <strong>23% THC</strong>.</p> <h3>Zensation: Skunk &amp; Relaxing Strain</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Zensation</a> </strong>is a strain that comes from a Northern Lights, producing plants that are wide and short, making them perfect for indoor growing. Due to having such a characteristic shape, they’ll be able to absorb as much light as possible in a grow tent, making for a more <strong>spread-out/balanced yield</strong> on the plants. When grown outdoors they’ll grow with longer, more open branches that’ll grow plenty of buds. <strong>Towards mid-September</strong>, your plants will be ready to be harvested, easily yielding <strong>1kg per outdoor plant</strong>. It has an earthy, sweet flavor; very Skunk.</p> <h2>Ministry of Cannabis - Amazing Prices</h2> <p><strong>Ministry of Cannabis offers top-quality seeds</strong> at some of the best prices available, and we have permanent offers on all seeds. Each seed has their own description in order to help you pick the one you want.</p>
  • Mr. Hide
    <h2>Mr. Hide Seeds | Critical Specialists</h2> <p><strong>Mr. Hide Seeds</strong> is a quality seed bank that was founded in 2015, and even though it’s only been around for a few years, Mr. Hide is already making its way to the top.</p> <p>It all began with <strong>many years of experience growing cannabis</strong>, and they eventually chose a <strong>Kritical</strong> strain with which to start off with. They began to create their very own seeds using this strain, and the resulting strains were <strong>top-quality and extremely impressive</strong>. The Kritical strain they used to start it all off came straight from Mr. Nice’s reserve.</p> <h3>Quality, Sturdy Strains</h3> <p>They sell both nationally and internationally, allowing people from all over the world to enjoy these delicious strains. Their aim is essentially to work with carefully chosen strains. Mr. Hide’s seeds have five main qualities; <strong>easy germination, amazing properties, stable plants and strong hybrid growth.</strong></p> <p><strong>Mr. Hide</strong> seeds also produces seeds that contain <strong>high amounts of CBD</strong> even though they've only been on the market for a small while.</p> <h2>Mr. Hide Seeds Original Strains</h2> <p><strong>Mr. Shiska</strong> is a feminized,<strong> indica-dominant strain</strong> and it’s extremely easy to grow. It can be <strong>grown in pretty much any environment</strong>, although it prefers mild, dry climates. It has a sort of Christmas tree structure with small internodes and dark-green leaves. Indoors it can be grown super easily, and it does well grown in a <strong>SCRoG system</strong>. It lets off an intense, strong aroma, and you’ll need to use anti-odor filters. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, it’ll need a lot of space to grow properly, as well as plenty of hours of dun. It gives a <strong>potent effect</strong> that’ll have you instantly relaxed.</p> <p><strong>Mr. 420k</strong> is a<strong> feminized strain that gives amazing results</strong>. It comes from a combination between Nicole Kush and Big Bud, making for a hybrid with a slightly larger indica percentage. It grows short and sturdy with short, productive branches. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. We recommend training this plant, as its <strong>roots might end up bending and breaking</strong>. You should also use organic fertilizers in order to increase aroma and flavor. This plant generally deals quite well with stress, making it the perfect option for less experienced growers. You’ll be truly astonished when you try this plant thanks to its <strong>100% Kush flavor</strong> which is both fresh and earthy.</p> <p><strong>Mr. Sour-R:</strong> This feminized strain gives incredible yields. It’s <strong>indica-dominant</strong> and grows plenty of branches. In order to create this hybrid, a Sour Diesel was crossed with a <strong>Big Bud</strong>. It has quite a short flowering period and can produce a large amount of resin, meaning that it’s also perfect for making extracts such as <strong>hash and BHO</strong>. It also does well against insect infestations and accidental drought, so it’s great for guerrilla growing. Its flavor is sweet and lemony at the same time, giving quite an intense effect when <strong>consumed in excess</strong>.</p>
  • Nirvana
    <p>Nirvana is a Dutch seed bank that has been providing us with the best and most awarded varieties of Cannabis for more than 20 years. From the legendary White Widow to the newest strains with<strong> high CBD levels</strong>. Nirvana seeds are top quality and are thoroughly controlled to ensure proper germination and development of our plants. All crossbreds are the result of personal research looking for varieties all over the world, which makes this seed bank unique. If you want to develop your own strains, <strong>with identity and</strong> <strong>strong and powerful plants</strong> here you have one of the most appreciated Dutch banks.</p> <p>In your catalogue you will find strains classic strains such as <strong>White Widow,</strong> selected in the early 90s and which remains No. 1 in sales worldwide. <strong>It is a powerful and producing variety</strong>, very lucrative for the commercial grower. In just 65 days of flowering indoors you'll have your crop ready for cutting, yielding up to 500 g / m2 with a 600W bulb. Outdoors, providing it is grown in good weather and with the right parameters, you'll have plants like you've never in the open air before. The plants are very resinous and it looks like a white layer covers them. You'll have to beware of <strong>high humidity: by applying a preventive natural anti fungal you'll make sure our crop is of the highest quality.</strong></p> <p>If you like<strong> fruity and sweet varieties</strong>, <a href="">Bubblelicious </a>is what you are looking for. You will get thick and hard buds, very resinous and full of berries and candy aromas. This strain blooms very fast and since plants are short and compact,it is an <strong>ideal strain for indoors growing</strong>. With <strong>9 plants per m2</strong> you will cover the growing surface and will be able to get up to 500g of this delicacy in about <strong>70 days from the photoperiod change</strong>. Outdoor, plants adopt a fir tree shape, with tails that covering roughly 60% of each branch with buds. You will get a good and heavy production, but you'll have to help plants with tutors so that branches don't break under the weight. <strong>Early October,</strong> plants will be ready for harvest, and you'll easily collect about <strong>650-700g</strong> per plant at the end of the season.</p> <p>If you want a discreet variety, <a href="">Blue Mystic</a> can be the right one for you. It is a plant that <strong>grows short and compact</strong>. When it starts to bloom, <strong>buds are dyed with a bluish color,</strong> where the name of the variety comes from. The very light scent it releases is one of the major features which helps it to go unnoticed. Indeed, this strain hardly releases any smell while growing. Indoors, plants will grow <strong>long</strong> <strong>thin buds,</strong> without contributing with much weight but producing<strong> a good amount of flowers</strong>. Outdoors it is where you'll see the best plants of this strain, particularly if you grow in <strong>hot climates.</strong> You can expect to collect <strong>500g</strong> per plant approximately by <strong>mid-September.</strong></p> <p>When you choose Nirvana feminized seeds<strong>, you know you are using the best varieties of Cannabis in the world.</strong> The result of years and years of study and research is now available for us to grow great strains. You'll also get the best prices by purchasing your Nirvana seeds here, since we enjoy<strong> permanent offers and discounts</strong> at</p>
  • Paradise Seeds
    <p>Paradise Seeds is a<strong> Dutch bank</strong> that started off by selling hash from their own strains in coffee shops when their seeds were still of a poor quality. Shortly after, <strong>new strains were introduced from the USA</strong> and were quickly crossbred to achieve strains of a better quality. Since then, Paradise Seeds got into the world of pioneer research in order to obtain marijuana of the best possible quality. <strong>Their delicious flavors and exceptional size</strong> delighted many of the growers of the time. Theirs are currently the highest quality strains on the market, powerful indicas such as White Berry or energizing highs such as Delahaze among many others.</p> <p>Belladonna is a strain <strong>with sativa effects but an indica structure,</strong> which produces plants with a cerebral and psychoactive effect, <strong>resistant to rot </strong>and which take 60 days to flower after flipping the lights indoors. This makes them one of the fastest strains with energetic and uplifting effects. Since it was bred and grown in Dutch climates (much colder than Spanish ones), it can easily deal with hash weather as well as the first storms and rains at the end of the summer.<strong> It's ideal for outdoor growing</strong>. If you plant by mid-March you should get seasonal plants that can weigh in at around <strong>600-700g.</strong> Its <strong>fruity taste</strong> is another of its appeals; very accentuated, it tends to linger in the taste buds for a while.</p> <p><a href="">Sweet Purple</a> is <strong>one of their classic strains.</strong> After many years in the market it still tastes the same. This strain <strong>is green at the beginning and turn to a purple shade at the end of the bloom time</strong>, during the cold nights. Its <strong>taste is very sweet</strong> and its effect, not powerful in excess, very relaxing. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, though it is not advisable to grow it indoors due to a low production (around 350g). Outdoors, it leads to plants <strong>very suitable for little predictable and changing weather.</strong> It is therefore ideal for the North of Spain where crops tend to rotten at the end of the bloom. By the end of September we will get our crop ready for cutting, with <strong>up to 500g per plant.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Original Cheese</a> is said to have been <strong>one of the first versions of Cheese in the market.</strong> Since then, it has been yielding those sticky and tight buds we all know and love. Original Cheese is an IBL selection, achieved by crossbreeding and test breeding them until getting the perfect phenotype. In order to start the process,<strong> a cutting from a British Cheese was taken.</strong> All plants that come from these <strong>seeds are practically identical, </strong>perfect for those looking for balanced grows<strong>.</strong> It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but indoors is where it will thrive. You can grow a plant with <strong>long tails of buds; </strong>sticky and resinous, growing from the center of the branch right until the edge. It is possible to get <strong>450g per m2 after only 55-60 days of flowering.</strong> Outdoors, you will get wider and heavier specimens, though the intense smell they release might be a problem. Your grow will be ready for harvest at the beginning of October with an approximate weight of <strong>600g per plant</strong>.</p> <p>So, if you want to <strong>grow classic and powerful strains</strong> and the trendiest ones at the Dutch coffee-shops, Paradise Seeds is your bank. Find your ideal strain for either medicinal or recreational use. Now you can find your seeds at an incredible price, we have discounts on all varieties and formats. <strong>Save money while you sow the best genetics.</strong></p>
  • Phat Panda
    <h2 class="MsoNormal">Phat Panda | Legendary Cannabis Strains</h2> <p class="MsoNormal">The wave of cannabis legalizations in the <strong>United States</strong> has caused an amazing increase in the amount of new seed banks and companies, although none of them have been <strong>quite as successful as Phat Panda</strong> – after just a few years, Phat Panda is now one of the <strong>best seed banks</strong> and has some of the best breeders in the United States.</p> <h2 class="MsoNormal">Phat Panda | One of the Largest Dispensary Suppliers in the USA</h2> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Katrina McKinley</strong> and <strong>Robert</strong> created <strong>Phat Panda in 2014</strong> and decided that they wanted to create the best strains and grow the best cannabis in the world. They had quite a difficult start, starting off with just a few workers – they now have a <b>staff of over 450</b>.</p> <h2 class="MsoNormal">Feminized Original Phat Panda Strains</h2> <p class="MsoNormal">They’re now<strong> taking over the European strain market</strong> with their amazing creations, such as <strong><a href="">Grease Monkey</a></strong>, <strong>Hammerhead, Pineapple X</strong> and <strong>Wifi</strong>. These strains are perfect for demanding growers and for those that have yet to discover strains from the US.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Grease Monkey Seeds</h3> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>Grease Monkey</b> is one of the strains that we now have in stock. It comes from a <strong>cross between a potent GG#4</strong> and a delicious, dense <strong>Cookies &amp; Cream</strong>. The resulting plant <strong>grows amazingly indoors</strong> without getting too tall for your lights. Its buds are absolute perfection, ending up covered in a thick layer of resin which ends up letting off an intense, complex aroma that has become many growers’ favorite.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Hammerhead Seeds</h3> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>Hammerhead</b> is another of their intense strains. It’s a hybrid that was made using the same strains as the previous plant, although it was crossed twice and the <strong>original strains</strong> were by two different seed banks; <strong>Medicine Man and White Rhino</strong>. The resulting plant is a classic European cannabis plant that can easily be grown here but it also has more characteristics associated with strains from the US. The resulting plant produces large yields and is quite easy to grow. It has <strong>medicinal properties</strong> that can be used to treat <strong>insomnia</strong>, loss of appetite and muscle pain.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Pineapple X Seeds</h3> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>Pineapple X </b>is a strain designed to <strong>satisfy the most demanding growers</strong> when it comes to effect. It comes from a super-potent Trainwreck strain and a delicious, spicy Hawaiian which has a delicious, intense flavor and a potent, mentally stimulating effect that’s both<strong> intense and long-lasting</strong>. It’s also pretty easy to grow, so even <strong>beginners can make the most</strong> out of this strain.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Wifi Seeds</h3> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>Wifi</b> is one of the <strong>best examples of potent US strains</strong> that we’ve ever seen, taking over the market in no time. It comes from a cross between a <b>Fire OG</b> (a deliciously <strong>spicy</strong> and earthy OG strain) and a The White, which is a plant that<strong> produces a ridiculously thick layer of resin</strong> all over. The resulting plant, Wifi, is a strain that combines the best of both strains when it comes to resin yield and special, intense aromas. If you get the chance, you should definitely give Wifi a chance.</p>
  • Philosopher Seeds
    <h2>Philosopher Seeds | Quality Seed Bank</h2> <p>Philosopher Seeds <strong>is a Spanish seedbank created by expert growers who become breeders when they started to create their own strains</strong> from their private collection of clones. They have produced<strong> award-winning strains </strong>such as Tropimango or Early Maroc. These strains <strong>have gained their good reputation thanks to their quality</strong>, having won important prizes such as the Spanish Cannabis Champions Cup.</p> <h2>Award Winning Cannabis Strains</h2> <h3>Amnesika 2.0 - Potent cannabis strain</h3> <p><strong>Amnesika 2.0 is one of their star</strong> products. This strain leads to<strong> very productive and very fast-blooming plants</strong>, with Haze characteristics. Indoors, you'll get plants that grow <strong>tall and with a cypress-like shape: 9 plants in 7l pots per m2</strong> is perfect. Outdoors, you can get plants that reach <strong>2m and 850g</strong> of yield, ready for harvest at the <strong>beginning of October</strong>. Its effect is energetic <strong>and active</strong>, infusing you with the will to do stuff. With the right weather and appropriate curing, its strength will increase <strong>until it's capable of clouding your mind</strong> after smoking, a true <a href="">Amnesika</a>.</p> <h3>Sugar Pop - Delicious cannabis strain</h3> <p><strong>Sugar Pop is another of their stars.</strong> This plant, with its<strong> main central cola and few branches</strong>, will display few leaves at the end of the growing period and occupies little room. It is <strong>ideal for indoor growing, where you can harvest after only 55 flowering days</strong>. There are two very marked phenotypes. One of these phenotypes <strong>becomes a bit taller and more resinous,</strong> while plants from the second type are shorter, with thicker buds. <strong>Outdoors, you'll grow a short and discreet version</strong> <strong>that thrive when planted in May.</strong> They provide <strong>an exciting and energetic high with</strong> a relaxing come-down, ideal for the last few hours of the day.</p> <h3>Black Bomb - Relaxing cannabis strain</h3> <p><a href="">Black Bomb</a> is an <strong>80% indica strain</strong>, ideal for those who like placing <strong>many smaller plants. With 16 plants per m2 and set to an early flower (the 3rd week after spouting), you'll get a natural SOG with long central tails and very few branches.</strong> <strong>Outdoors we'll get plants which are very easy to grow and don't require many cares</strong> to yield a nice harvest. Its effect is <strong>sedative and medicinal</strong>, ideal for those people seeking r<strong>elief at the end of the day.</strong></p> <h2>Cannabis Strains for Beginners and Professionals</h2> <p>Philosopher Seeds brings us its best varieties and we sell them at the best price. Find the right variety for you in our catalogue. You'll find <strong>detailed descriptions and reviews</strong> done by ourselves to guide you. <strong>Take advantage of our discounts</strong> and get them at amazing prices. </p>
  • Positronics
    <h2>Positronics Seeds - Cannabis Strains from the 70s</h2> <p>Positronics Seeds was already around <strong>at the very start of cannabis hybridization, back in the 70's.</strong> They took a risk to <strong>export cannabis seeds</strong> at during times when everything was a bit harder, <strong>bringing strains from all over the world to Holland</strong>, where they finally settled down to start working professionally.</p> <h2>Pioneering Professional Cannabis growing</h2> <p>They were <strong>pioneers in keeping mothers for cuttings and seedless growing</strong>, quite an innovation during the 70s. Since then, Positronics has become part of many growers' gardens all over the world. It has taken <strong>countless crossbreeding attempts to stabilize their strains </strong>and reach a level where consumers can choose from their catalogue as if it were a wine list. According to them, it's "cannabis à la carte". They give quite a lot of<strong> importance to aroma and taste</strong> so that growers have a wide range of possibilities.</p> <h3>Somango 47 Strain Information</h3> <p>You'll find strains such as Somango 47, <strong>an ideal strain for those who tend to encounter problems with fungi in their grows</strong>. These plants <strong>grow compact with plenty of strong branches.</strong> As soon as the plant reaches a certain size, it starts to form many side sprouts, which will form a big ball of buds at the end of the flowering stage. Its buds are dense and resinous with a <strong>muddy and sweet taste</strong> at the same time. Its <strong>moderately relaxing effect will let you enjoy your smoke without couch-locking you</strong>. It can be grown indoors and outdoors with great results. Indoors, plants will be large and productive; with<strong> 4 to 9 plants per m2</strong> you should have more than enough to cover your available space. They will grow a long central cola and decent buds <strong>at the tips of the branches</strong>. The latter will have to be trained in order to prevent them from breaking. Outdoors, you will get specimens with a very nice appearance, <strong>as wide as tall.</strong> It is one of these strains which can become gigantic outdoors with growing techniques during the winter, since it is <strong>quite resistant to the cold and high levels of humidity</strong>. If you plant seasonal plants, they will yield about 1kg per plant, but if you plant it in wintertime and grow it until March, you <strong>can collect up to 3Kg.</strong></p> <h3>Blue Rhino Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Blue Rhino</a> is a strain that, <strong>besides being productive, has a high CBD content</strong>, which makes it much more medicinal than other strains. The CBD effect counteracts the psychoactivity of THC, giving a smoother <strong>effect,</strong> without intoxicating the user. Its size makes it <strong>very appropriate for indoor growing</strong>, as it is practically just a central cola and doesn't shoot up much when set to bloom. Light will be able to reach every part of the plant, developing small buds all over. Outdoors, it is<strong> easy to disguise among other plants</strong> since it is quite short and a seasonal specimen that won't go beyond 1.8m. If trained, it will yield much more, so setting a net or tying <strong>the branches is practically mandatory.</strong> At the beginning of October, your beautiful plants will be ready, <strong>reaching up to 600g per plant.</strong></p> <h3>Purple Haze Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Purple Haze</a> is <strong>one of the strains the bank has maintained over the years</strong> so that you can grow the same strains they <strong>used to grow in the 70's.</strong> It makes for long and slender plants, with the buds closed at the edges - they tend to bend and can even <strong>break under the weight.</strong> If you grow it indoors, it will be easy to handle with a SCROG mesh, but you will only <strong>get around 350g/m2.</strong> Outdoors, you will have to create a specific training system by attaching a big stake to the trunk and then attaching all of branches to that one. You'll be able to get weed with an uplifting <strong>and cheerful effect,</strong> and nobody will be able to turn your smile into a frown. At the end of the flowering period the flowers will take on a <strong>very attractive purple color </strong> while <strong>its incensed and sweet taste will make it very appealing</strong> to habitual smokers.</p> <h2>Positronics Seeds - One of the Best Seed Banks Ever</h2> <p><strong>Positronics has been awarded hundreds of prizes </strong>around the world during all these years and their hard work is clearly present in their strains. At GrowBarato we have all their feminized seeds on offer.<strong> Read our descriptions and choose yours now.</strong></p>
  • Pure Seeds
    <h2 class="p1">Pure Seeds | Specialists in Medicinal Cannabis Strains</h2> <p class="p1"><strong>Pure Seeds</strong> is a seed bank founded <strong>in 2008,</strong> after a lengthy selection process and stabilization that took many years. During that time, their breeders had the opportunity to work with <strong>outstanding strains in terms of productivity, flavor, effect and adaptability to different growing methods (soil, hydroponics, coco etc).</strong></p> <h2 class="p1">Stable and Medicinal Strains</h2> <p class="p1"></p> <p class="p1">The<strong> final result of all that work is a whole bunch of stable and easy-to-grow strains.</strong> Even novice growers will be able to<strong> reap quality plants for a very affordable price and with minimal care.</strong> More experienced growers who can tell the needs of a plant just by looking at it, will have <strong>the opportunity of trying incredible, impressive feminized strains.</strong> Pure Seeds' strains can yield 1g/W if they taken care by an experienced grower.</p> <h3 class="p1">Pure Seeds - Massive Flavors and Effects</h3> <p class="p1"><strong>Their strains are different in as far as scents and flavors</strong> and will be able to satisfy even the most demanding smokers. The different flavors range from Skunk-like earthy notes, to a metallic Widow and the incensed flavors of Haze. <strong>With regards to the effect,</strong> <strong>you can also find a large variety of plants, </strong>both medicinal and recreational. 3 strains are particularly remarkable and stand out in their catalogue: <strong>B3 Medical, Shark Haze and CBD Ultra</strong>.</p> <h3 class="p1">B3 Medical</h3> <p class="p1"><a href="">B3 Medical</a> is a <strong>stabilized cross of Hashplant x Northern Lights rich in CBD</strong>. It's a <strong>100% indica plant,</strong> fast flowering and capable of withstanding low temperatures at night. Its incredible<strong> taste of hash</strong> will take you on a trip to the Moroccan mountains. It produces a <strong>smooth feeling of relaxation</strong> that can last many hours.</p> <h3 class="p1">Shark Haze</h3> <p class="p1"><a href="">Shark Haze</a> has <strong>ultra high levels of THC (up to 22.7%)</strong> and doesn't produce anxiety like many high-THC strains can. Many customers claim it <strong>gets them aroused and increases sexual desire,</strong> increasing their sensitivity. The cross done to produce this green delight was <strong>Haze x White Shark</strong>. It only takes<strong> 8 weeks to complete its flowering period,</strong> which isn't that big for a sativa plant.</p> <h3 class="p1">CBD Ultra</h3> <p class="p1"><a href="">CBD Ultra</a> is a sativa-dominant plant that <strong>takes 12 long weeks to complete its bloom.</strong> It's therefore recommended <strong>only for experienced indoor growers. It has a powerful medicinal effect and THC:CBD ratio is 1:1.</strong> It's very relaxing and mentally soothing. A very special phenotype of <strong>MK Ultra was selected. Yields are massive and tastes like incense and lemon.</strong></p>
  • Pyramid Seeds
    <p>Pyramid Seeds is a bank that brings you <strong>strains which have been meticulously chosen from some of the best, to provide you with plants of good quality at affordable prices.</strong> They have strains for everyone, since they are <strong>all very easy to grow</strong> and you can grow successfully despite not being marijuana experts.</p> <p>Some of the strains will just grow fine, regardless of how you grow them. This is the case of <a href="">Tutankhamon.</a> It is a selection of Ak47 that produces<strong> short and wide plants</strong>. Indoors, <strong>4 plants cover 1m2</strong> easily, producing 350-400g of the finest quality marijuana. You can always use 9 plants and increase yield but buds grow much better with just 4 plants. <strong>Branches are long and filled with buds from top to bottom</strong>. They grow pointing upwards. Its structure ends up looking like a chandelier so that <strong>branches receive the light much better</strong> and the buds develop with no problem. Outdoors, this strain also leads to very good plants, but they <strong>need to be trained properly</strong> in order not to break. You can harvest <strong>up to 600g per plant of hard, resinous buds, with strong and intense flavors.</strong> Highly recommended.</p> <p><strong>Lennon is another of our favorite strains</strong>, a mix of<strong> Jack Herer with Haze</strong> with very nice effects and tastes. It <strong>only takes 60-65 days to bloom</strong>. Plants grow to an average size, with airy buds and few leaves. You should place <strong>9 plants per m2</strong> in order to make the most of the space, harvesting 450g/m2 with a 600w lamp. Outdoors, it is ideal for being grown in <strong>humid</strong> <strong>climates,</strong> since they are very resistant rot and they will be ready to harvest <strong>earlier than the first end-of-summer rains</strong>. You should be able to harvest <strong>about 500g per plant,</strong> highly resinous and full of psychoactive buds. Wherever you grow, you will get <strong>resinous and hard buds</strong>, consisting of hundreds of little pistils. Its effect is <strong>energetic and cheerful,</strong> and it's a good option<strong> to have a good laugh with your friends.</strong></p> <p>New York City <strong>is one of their Sativa dominant strains</strong>. It leads to tall and slender plants, that can reach up to 2m in length without exceeding 50cm of width. All of the branches grow upwards and though it is majorly sativa, <strong>leaves have short and wide petioles.</strong> During the flowering period it shoots up a bit, and becomes a bunch of colas from the trunk to the tips of the branches. <strong>Indoors, it is difficult to handle unless it is with a SCRoG system</strong> since, otherwise, they will reach the trunk easily. It takes 80 days to bloom but it <strong>can yield a heavy weight at the harvest time.</strong> Outdoors, it gives very good results and it is one of the <strong>ideal strains for guerrilla grows out in the wild.</strong> It is <strong>quite resistant to fungi, pests and weather harshness</strong>. In addition, <strong>its taste and effect are very special.</strong> It is one of these strains you won't regret having planted.</p> <p>If you are looking for maximum quality strains, <strong>stable from a genetic point of view</strong> and easy to grow, Pyramid Seeds brings you a large selection to choose from. You can plant from <strong>fast sativas to relaxing indicas or plants of a flashy color such as</strong> <a href="">Blue Pyramid</a>. Find y<strong>our ideal strain in our catalogue</strong> and get it at the best price. As always, we have <strong>permanent offers so that you can get the best at an affordable price.</strong></p>
  • Reggae Seeds
    <p>Reggae Seeds was created in 2006. This Spanish bank has been committed to create the best products with a <strong>large selection of strains which are both strong and productive</strong>. Their seeds are based on mixes and fusions that have been selected for their particular properties such as landrace strains, which offer the guarantee and stability of big seed banks.<strong> All plants by Reggae Seeds have something in common: they are all very suitable for indoor growing</strong> (short and branchy plants) but they can also be grown outdoors. They have focused their research on the search for and creation of incredible strains. The fundamentals of their strains is that they all contain high levels of CBD with many recreational and medicinal uses. Their work with feminized genotypes has given them quite a headstart. Indeed, this implies <strong>rigorous and intense work </strong>involving test crossbreeding and exclusive strain selections.</p> <p><a href="">Blackdance</a> <strong>is another way of seeing cannabis</strong>, since this particular polyhybrid offers excellent results in any kind of growing media without having to worry about caring for it much at all. <strong>Blackdance gives naturally large yields</strong> thanks to its indica genes. It finishes its cycle in only 60 days, yielding up to 450g/m2 with 10 plants. It is a perfect mix, the quality/price ratio cannot be beaten and besides, it is extremely easy to grow. <strong>Outdoors, we strongly recommend it as well.</strong> Despite its typical sativa structure, its taste and aroma are closer to the purest of commercial indicas. Its <strong>long side branches reach the same height as the central calyx</strong> and become even fatter than the latter, producing a characteristic chandelier shape. It yields up to 500g per specimen in the right growing conditions, which can be harvested by mid-October at the latest.</p> <p><a href="">Juanita La Lagrimosa</a> is <strong>a very stable hybrid,</strong> mainly sativa, which produces buds thick as golf balls with a shortened bloom thanks to its afghan ancestry. By crossbreeding a Diesel with an Afghan-Hawaiian, a strain with<strong> indica buds,</strong> full with resin, was born. The resin comes out looking like tears, and that's where its name comes from. Indoors, you will have to wait 70 days to get it ready for cutting, yielding up to 350g with some 9 plants per m2. Outdoors, thanks to its sativa predominance,<strong> it will lead to monstrous specimens with few but huge saw-shaped leaves.</strong> It will be ready at the beginning if October, yielding up to 400g per plant properly formed and taken care of. Its short bloom makes it ideal for users who seek sativa qualities in relatively short times. Thanks to these <strong>short periods, fungi and bacteria problems are reduced to half of what's common with usual sativas</strong>, for which rotting problems tend to occur during the humid and colder months.</p> <p><strong>Finally, there is O'Haze Red</strong>: a sativa with <strong>an exotic taste and nice yields.</strong> In 2013, Reggae Seeds crossbred a well-known Dancehall24 with a very resinous and short Jack The Ripper clone. This hybrid became shorter, looking like a bush with a marked Haze scent. Indoors, its THC levels make it ideal for experienced smokers since it can knock you down in a few drags. It has an <strong>unmatchable yield</strong>. With an amazingly short flowering period for an 80% sativa strain (65 days), it yields up to 350g with 8 plants per m2. Outdoors, the smell it releases is very incensed, kind of like inside a church thanks to its Jack Herer ancestry. Amounts of 400g per specimen should be ready to harvest by mid-October. Its Haze flavor is very marked in all fenotypes of this strain.</p>
  • Resin Seeds
    <h2>Resin Seeds | One of the Best Spanish Seed Banks</h2> <p><strong>Resin Seeds</strong> is a seed bank founded by two friends, Jaime and Juanma, in 2008. These guys were a few of the first to ever open a headshop in Barcelona – and since then they haven’t stopped, expanding their shop and turning it into a seed bank in order to promote the therapeutic use of this <strong>wonderful, forbidden plant</strong>.</p> <h3>Innovative hybrid strains</h3> <p>They began making contacts in the <strong>cannabis sector</strong>, meeting with people from all over the world and discovering <strong>rare and unique strains</strong> that they used to cross with others and make their very own new, potent cannabis hybrids.</p> <p>Some of their strains are the result of a meticulous selection process of seeds from other seed banks such as <strong>Soma Seeds, T.H. Seeds and Shantibaba by Mr. Nice</strong> – thanks to the breeders at these banks, Resin Seeds was able to create brand new potent, delicious hybrids that have high therapeutic and medicinal properties.</p> <h2>Resin Seeds | Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Winner</h2> <p><strong>Resin Seeds</strong> has won plenty of prizes over the years in various events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and Seattle, as well as the Michigan Medical Cup and in the extract category in Valencia’s THC cup – their long history of competitions started back in 2008 and they’re still winning competitions. We recommend, out of all of their strains, <strong>Bubbilicious, Critical Haze and L.A Ultra.</strong></p> <p><strong>Bubbilicious</strong> is a modern version of the legendary Bubblegum; it has a strong, marked fruity flavor that’s similar to sweet chewing gum. This plant gives impressive yields both indoors and outdoors.</p> <h3>Resin Seeds Strains in</h3> <p><strong>Critical Haze</strong> is a bit more sativa and it gives an energetic, uplifting high that might even surprise you thanks to its clear, smooth high. It’s a delicate combination between a sweet, fruity Critical/Skunk flavor and an intense incensed, spicy Haze flavor which is the perfect combination of flavors.</p>
  • R-Kiem Seeds
    <p>R-Kiem Seeds <strong>is a seed bank formed by a group of national and international growers who gathered different strains in order to create new ones and keep classic strains in order to preserve their genes.</strong> They have plenty of feminized strains from which you can obtain large yields alongside<strong> a lot of quality and very marked characteristics.</strong><br /><br />They have <strong>landrace strains from other countries</strong>, such as <a href="">Negra 44</a>, <strong>a selection of native strains from Ghana.</strong> These plants go <strong>a very intense dark green color,</strong> hence the name. Both indoors and outdoors it can grow <strong>spongy, open and resinous buds with a very marked muddy taste. </strong>With a very short flowrering period, in <strong>just 55 days</strong> they will be <strong>ready for harvest; September</strong>, outdoors. It can give a <strong>mental and relaxing effect</strong>, <strong>worthy of the best Sativa/Indica hybrids.</strong><br /><br />Icer is a strain that was <strong>created from some very famous clones in 2000 and was introduced after 11 years of selection and improvement.</strong> Now, they've created <strong>a strain that's quick to flower both indoors and outdoors,</strong> with open branches that leave <strong>space for light to get in and grow properly everywhere, including the lower branches.</strong> Its taste is<strong> sour and unusual.</strong><br /><br />Portela is <strong>a strain for those looking for resinous plants,</strong> since it's one of their strongest hybrids in as far as aroma, flavor and effect. It comes from an <a href="">ICER</a> crossed <strong>with a Jamaican which gives it its speed and strength.</strong> Large plants that develop roots at an amazing speed, which help the plant feed properly during the growing and flowering stages.<strong> The bigger the root system, the better the nutrient absorption.</strong> This plant gives large yields both indoors and outdoors.</p> <p>So, <strong>if you are looking for prize-winning strains</strong> (having won prizes in many resin categories) that won't disappoint when it's time to harvest, R-Kiem Seeds is definitely the seed bank for you. As always, you can read <strong>our reviews for guidance</strong> and make an informed choice. In addition, you can <strong>purchase seeds at the best price since thanks to our permanent discount.</strong></p>
  • Royal Queen Seeds
    <h2>Royal Queen Seeds Strains on</h2> <p><strong>Royal Queen Seeds</strong> is one of the best known European seed banks since they have been supplying strains to all kind of consumers and coffee shops for many years. They have <strong>a large track record of winning cannabis cups</strong> for buds, hash and BHO, such as High Life Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup. Whichever strain you choose, it will be a good choice for your garden.</p> <h2>Class A Feminized Seeds</h2> <h3>Special Queen 1 Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>Special Queen 1 is one of their<strong> star products</strong> since it is not required to have a good knowledge of growing to get good yields. With <strong>very Skunk genes</strong> as well as Afghan, Mexican and Colombian genes, this strain produces<strong> strong and robust plants.</strong> Fast growth and a strong structure, although, as a consequence of its weight, branches might end up bending slightly. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, with different results. Indoors, you'll want to plant it with a SCROG<strong> net to support the branches a</strong>nd thus, you'll get to double the weight and the quality of your yield. Outdoors, these plants are resistant to almost everything, you will be able to grow them easily and without having to visit it everyday. <strong>Up to 550g per plant</strong> should be ready to harvest by the <strong>end of September</strong>.</p> <h3>Ice Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p><strong>One of their more resinous strains is </strong><a href="">ICE</a>, a select Northern Lights which provides a layer of whitish crystals from which you can get <strong>very good extractions.</strong> This strain adapts to all kind of methods, though it needs its space to grow. It grows plants with an <strong>open and strong structure</strong> which support their own weight, but it is advisable to open the branches via training in order to increase how much sunlight it can absorb. It blooms quickly and we can get up to <strong>450 g/m2</strong> which makes it a very profitable option for the commercial grower. Outdoors, we will have the<strong> ideal plants for a hot weather.</strong> Plants can yield over 600g and will be ready for harvest by mid-end of September. You can harvest long and hard buds, very <strong>resinous and full of relaxing effects. It is very recommended for those who are incredibly tolerant to cannabis.</strong></p> <h3>Critical Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>If you're looking for high yields <strong>and quality in record times</strong>, the best strain is <a href="">Critical</a>. This strain forms hard and heavy buds, a very good central stick besides flowering very quickly. It is very sought-after by commercial growers since thanks to its shape it is possible to <strong>do a SOG indoors from seeds and get abundant crops.</strong> These plants <strong>grow short and compact,</strong> without intertwining, so it won't be excessive to grow 16 per m2. They have to be set to flower early, so that, besides harvesting earlier, they don't become too large. <strong>Outdoors, </strong>we will get plants that grow<strong> tall and wide</strong> with long branches that open up as the plant grows, reaching a heavy weight at the end of the cycle. If we <strong>plant seasonal plants in our garden, we will get plants which are almost 2m high and yield 800g,</strong> ready for harvest at the end of September.</p> <h2>The Best Dutch Seeds</h2> <p>In order to choose your seeds you must <strong>choose the strain that suits your growing conditions.</strong> Royal Queen has <strong>tens of strains </strong>from which to choose and all you have to do is read the detailed description and choose accordingly. Price is up to us, and we guarantee you we do everything we can to <strong>bring you the best prices.</strong> Indeed, we have <strong>permanent offers and discounts</strong> so that you can get the best for very little.</p>
  • Samsara Seeds
    <p><strong>Samsara Seeds</strong> is a seed bank that was founded with one thing in mind: bringing growers hybrids and strains created by themselves. <strong>Based on the personal interests and tastes of thousands of growers and users of medicinal and recreational marijuana,</strong> they created strains and hybrids which are very difficult to find in any other bank. They made many trips themselves to find<strong> landrace strains,</strong> selecting only plants with the wanted characteristics, <strong>achieving unique and exclusive specimens.</strong></p> <p>El Alquimista is one of <strong>their most famous strains,</strong> the result of a combination between Ak47 and Northern Lights. It leads<strong> to plants which are very easy to grow</strong> by any standards. <strong>Beginners will find that this plant that grows quite well regardless of experience,</strong> getting a good quality without needing to feed it too many nutrients. A regular watering schedule and good light will be enough for them to grow, <strong>both indoors and outdoors.</strong> Indoors, we will get short and wide plants, occupying quite a lot of lateral space. We must set <strong>4 plants per m2,</strong> so that they grow well and don't reach the spot. We can restrain them with a <strong>SCROG mesh</strong> and increase the production but even without it we will get quite a high weight. Outdoors, we will get plants that look <strong>like a fir tree,</strong> with lateral branches that enlarge the plant and give it that chandelier look. We will get long buds in the branches, very heavy, so you'll definitely need to train the branches.</p> <p>If you are <strong>looking for exotic strains you've never seen before to try new flavors, Samsara Seeds</strong> has the ideal strain for you. Find <strong>the plant that suits your crop best,</strong> or with the taste or effect you prefer. Use <strong>our reviews for guidance</strong> and purchase them, knowing you are buying them at the best price. Indeed, thanks to our permanent discounts we can b<strong>ring you the best seeds at very affordable prices.</strong></p>
  • Seedmakers
    <p><strong>Seedmakers</strong> is a Spanish seed bank who works hard <strong>to provide growers with affordable seeds</strong> so that everybody can enjoy great selections at unbeatable prices. This group of growers is interested in <strong>crossing strains with the best characteristics.</strong> Some of them have worked for other banks in the past while some others are breeders who've been selecting <strong>their own strains for years.</strong> This combination makes them a winner team and able to produce <strong>unique </strong>plants like you've never seen before.<br /><br /><strong>One of their best and most renowned strains is</strong> <a href="">Alakazam</a>, a Sativa/Indica hybrid that gives us plants with <strong>dense buds, few flowers to manicure and a very fast bloom.</strong> They started selecting the fastest plants with the desired characteristics: a <strong>flashy color</strong>, many trichomes to increase the taste and the effect and an abundant production of bud with not many leaves. Indoors, this strain leads to <strong>medium size and very productive plants.</strong> 9 plants cover 1m2. If you grow it outside you can get plants that look like bushes, but are tall and leafy, with long tails of buds in the branches. We can get <strong>more than 600g per seasonal plant,</strong> ready for harvesting at the end of September. It is a very good option for <strong>warm climates.</strong><br /><br />Critical is<strong> another of their most demanded strains</strong>, since many commercial growers choose this strain for its <strong>flowering speed and heavy weight.</strong> It can be grown<strong> indoors and outdoors,</strong> yielding very good results in hot climates. They don't too tall, but <strong>yield very dense buds.</strong> These plants, when grown indoors, will be particularly productive due to their central calyx. When grown outdoors, what is remarkable is the shape it adopts. <strong>Its taste is sour and sweet at the same time,</strong> with a <strong>very marked physical relaxing effect.</strong> It is an ideal strain for those looking for some peace and calm at the end of the day.<br /><br /><strong>Relive old times with</strong> <a href="">Wonder Skunk</a>, a selection that accentuates the best characteristics of this legendary strain. It grows Afghan-looking plants, with <strong>airy buds</strong> and <strong>small hairs </strong>but high in density and with few leaves. <strong>The amount of resin it produces increases both its intense flavor and intoxicating effect,</strong> both mental and physical. These plants are better grown outdoors, though growing them under lamps is not impossible. Indoors you'll have to place about <strong>4 plants per m2</strong> so that they don't bother each other and don't grow all the way up to the lights. <strong>Outdoors is where they really thrive. They can grow 3m high and produce about 1kg.</strong> They will be ready by mid-October, so you'll have to provide them with some <strong>preventive care in order to fight the fungi attacks that will inevitably arrive with the first rains.</strong><br /><br />SeedMakers offer us all their strains at a very low price but you can find them at an <strong>even cheaper price in our catalogue.</strong> Indeed, we enjoy permanent discounts on all seeds. Besides, we p<strong>rovide you with guidance through our reviews and personal tips about how to grow them.</strong></p>
  • Seedsman
    <h2>Cannabis Seeds from the UK</h2> <p><strong>Seedsman is a British seed bank</strong> that was founded back in 2003. Originally, they simply sold cannabis seeds made by some of the best seed banks in the world, although over the last decade they have branched out and started producing their own seeds. The result? Absolute success. The cannabis community accepted their strains with open arms; they have <strong>both autoflowering and feminized strains.</strong></p> <h3>Old School Cannabis Strains</h3> <p>In 2007, Seedsman launched their <strong>first feminized seed range</strong>. Their catalogue was created thanks to their expert growers, who worked hard to maintain the best possible qualities. They put great focus on keeping their strains pure.</p> <p>We love the fact that Seedsman has kept an old school vibe when it comes to their feminized seeds such as <strong>Somango, Early Skunk</strong> and more.</p> <h2>Buy Early Skunk Feminized Seeds</h2> <p><strong><a href="">Somango</a> </strong>by Seedsman is an amazing strain that has been grown and improved upon for years now. It comes from three incredibly prestigious plants; Super Skunk, Big Skunk and Jack Herer. We grew this beauty indoors and it produced some awfully satisfying results. We placed around <strong>9 plants in 11L flowerpots</strong> per square meter, and we were able to harvest<strong> up to 600g</strong>. Its intense mango and pine flavor is delicious and light; you’ll love every single drag.</p> <p>They also have the <strong>legendary Early Skunk</strong>, which was created using an Early Pearl and an Original Skunk #1. When grown indoors under the same parameters as the Somango, you can harvest up to half a kilo, which is pretty impressive. The best thing about this strain is its <strong>high THC levels</strong>; its high psychoactivity is perfect for treating depression and stimulating appetite, whole not being too intense that you feel stoned.</p> <p>If you enjoy <strong>pure cannabis strains</strong> and old school strains, you absolutely need to try Seedsman seeds.</p>
  • Serious Seeds
    <h2>The Best Dutch Seed Bank Around</h2> <p>Serious Seeds is a <strong>Dutch seed bank, with a reputation for great cannabis seeds</strong>. They provide growers with strong and tasty strains which don't leave any grower indifferent. Serious Seeds produces marijuana seeds of <strong>high quality</strong> <strong>both for indoor and outdoor growing,</strong> with the largest scope of possible effects and flavors. Treat yourself to one of their many High Times Cannabis cup winning strains<strong>.</strong> Their seeds undergo thorough quality control and they're guaranteed germination rates of almost 100%</p> <h2>Serious Seeds, the Creators of AK47 and Chronic</h2> <h3>Feminized White Russian Seeds</h3> <p>You can find strains such as <strong>White Russian, a 100% indica</strong> strain. <strong>This plant has a thin, and average-height structure</strong>. Its most remarkable feature is<strong> an incredible amount of resin and few leaves that gives it an aggressive appearance even before harvesting</strong>. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, though if you grow it outdoors it will need warm/hot weather so that it can grow to the best of its abilities. Indoors, you will find it easy to grow and you should be able to get large yields. As its main feature, it begins flowering quite early after flipping the lights. After just 65 flowering days, your plants should be ready to harvest. <strong>Outdoors, it's a very fast strain</strong> and tends to finish before the first rains of late summer. It is usually ready for harvesting at <strong>beginning to mid-</strong><strong>September.</strong></p> <h3>Feminized AK47 Seeds</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Ak47</a></strong> is one of the most potent strains out there<strong>.</strong> It has a strong mentally and physically relaxing effect that'll <strong>submerge you in a blurry and quite intoxicating cloud.</strong> It is the perfect weed for staying at home and doing nothing, since it will <strong>have you couch-locked </strong>for quite a while. It has a strong taste like a pine forest, wood or sweet hash and its <strong>smoke is very dense and hard to inhale</strong>. It might even be hard<strong> for you to smoke a whole joint on your own</strong> without sharing. It is ideal to smoke with that mate who always smokes the whole thing and see if they can do the same with this one! It can be grown <strong>indoors or outdoors</strong>, but it is indoors where you will obtain the most appealing bud. A high amount of resin covers the plant<b>.</b> If you grow it outdoors, it is advisable to do so <strong>in a warm climate</strong> since the cold and humidity can make them suffer a bit and not to feed so well. The ideal strain for those looking for an <strong>intense effect</strong>.</p> <h3>Feminized Bubble Gum Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>If you're more interested in flavor, <a href="">Bubble Gum</a> is a must for you. This strain lingers in the tastebuds for quite a while after smoking. It has <strong>notes of chewing gum or candy</strong>, and you cannot help but going back for another drag. Besides, its <strong>effect is energetic and joyful,</strong> so it is a great strain for daily smokers. It is very easy to grow since<strong> it doesn't require much fertilization or special care such as training.</strong> Beginners will find it very simple to grow. Besides, it can be grown indoors and outdoors and <strong>you'll enjoy it both ways.</strong> Outdoors, they will be short and robust, and if you plant them late they will be very easy to camouflage among others. Indoors, with<strong> 9 plants per m2 we you can get up to 450g with a 600W</strong> spot.</p> <p>Quality Seeds from Holland</p> <p>If you are l<strong>ooking for maximum quality seeds, don't hesitate and try Serious Seeds.</strong> You'll get the absolute best out of your plants. Follow our advice and get them at an incredible prices <strong>thanks to our discounts</strong>.</p>
  • Soma Seeds
    <h2>Soma's Sacred Seeds - Feminized US Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Soma Seeds</strong> is a seed bank that has its origins in the United States, and it’s named after its owner.</p> <h2>Origins of Soma Seeds</h2> <p>It all began in <strong>1967</strong>, when Soma was working at a company called IBM in New York. Another employee at the company gave him a few pre-rolled joints – after work he went to the East River to try it and he fell in love instantly with the sensation.</p> <p>Four years later he was running a <strong>vegan restaurant and bakery</strong>, and this is where he started to become more conscious of what he was putting into his body; this pushed him to begin growing cannabis and to make his thumbs as green as possible.</p> <p>His love for this beautiful plant was enough to push him to learn new things; how to grow indoors, the art or nurturing, the art of photography and many more hobbies. <strong>Thanks to marijuana</strong>, his mind was opened to many different aspects of life that he probably wouldn’t have pursued otherwise. Even though there are many laws against cannabis in many countries, he never stopped loving the plant. After many years of experience, he began writing articles on growing organic cannabis, which culminated in a book called Organic Marijuana Soma Style, where he <strong>gives advice on different ways</strong> to grow cannabis organically.</p> <h3>Somango - The Great Soma's Best Creation</h3> <p><strong>Somango</strong>: This strain is <strong>indica-dominant</strong>, and it comes from a cross between Jack Herer and Big Skunk Korean. This strain has a short distance between nodes and an enormous amount of side-branches. It can be grown both indoors and out, but you’ll probably need to keep its height under control indoors by using a <strong>SCRoG net or something similar</strong>. It has just over a two month flowering period indoors and outdoors it’ll be ready towards October. As it flowers it starts turning beautiful purple shades and growing a lot of trichomes. It lets off a sweet smell, similar to tropical fruit and caramel. It has a potent, creativity-inducing, energetic high.</p> <p><strong>Lavender</strong>: This <strong>strain was created by crossing plants from different regions</strong> such as Hawaii, Afghanistan, Korea, the US and Europe. It’s a wide plant with dark leaves and strong stems due to its indica genes. Outdoors it does perfectly in mild climates, and it doesn’t like excessive heat or cold. Indoors you can grow it perfectly as long as it gets a short vegetative period, or it can grow much too tall. The best thing about this plant is the quality it produces after just <strong>9 flowering weeks</strong>. It has a sort of afghan hash taste, and a relaxing, narcotic effect which is perfect after a long day at work or if you have trouble sleeping.</p> <h3>NYC Diesel - Stimulating Sativa Strain</h3> <p><strong>NYC Diesel</strong>: This sativa-dominant strain is a US plant that Soma acquired through a friend of his that brought them to New York. This is one of the bank’s most exotic seeds. It’s <strong>quite tall and has long internodes</strong>, so if you’re growing it indoors or want to be discreet you’re going to need to control its height through pruning or training. Also, when growing this plant indoors you should use an anti-odor system, as it’s quite pungent during the <strong>flowering period</strong>. You can get up to <strong>300g per square meter</strong> indoors. Outdoors, we recommend training them to add extra strength to the branches as they can sometimes be a bit weak. It has an active, energetic effect that’s perfect if you plan on having a get-together with friends.</p>
  • Strain Hunters
    <h2>Feminized Super Strains Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Strain Hunters Seed Bank is a bank belonging to GreenHouse Seeds and devoted to recovering old genotypes thought to be lost.</strong> Their numerous features and studies have helped to bring back to life true legends of the cannabis world. They focused on t<strong>hree continents: India, Africa and South America</strong> in which they looked for already <strong>forgotten or lost strains</strong> and at the most remote locations. Thanks to their <strong>documentaries,</strong> you can see <strong>the different uses of cannabis and ways of manufacturing hash.</strong> Their collections include three seed categories: Regular, Autoflowering and Feminized seeds and it is up to the grower to choose the format. This bank was introduced to the market in 2013 and since then their strains have won several awards for their quality and amazing stability.</p> <h3>Super Strains Origins</h3> <p><strong>Our first choice is Money Maker</strong>, a powerful version of Master Kush, winner of the High Times Cup at the beginning of the 90's, in its feminized form. With <strong>low plants of very thick buds and tightened internodes,</strong> this strain grows very quickly and vigorously. The leaves reveal some sativa ancestry but the flowers are undoubtedly indica, with a very sweet aroma of berries that <strong>becomes a Kush-like smell.</strong> Money Maker forms bunches of very heavy and compact buds, besides, it has a low leaf/calyx ratio so trimming it is very easy. The smoke is very intense, with the berry taste becoming more muddy to end up with a light note of garlic. <strong>The effect is markedly narcotic,</strong> ideal for very lazy days. From a medicinal point of view it is valuable for those who find it hard to sleep or experience intense pain.</p> <h2>Super Strains | Amnesia by Super Strains</h2> <p><strong>The second strain is</strong> <a href="">Flower Bomb Kush</a>, <strong>a true bomb of colors and flavors</strong>. It is also a winner, awarded the first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2012. This particular strain is born from a hybridization between Green Crack from Humboldt Seeds and an OG Kush from a very good selection. This plant isn't the most productive one, but you <strong>will be seduced by its quality since it is very appealing to the eyes and nose.</strong> It grows quickly like an Afghan and produces few leaves thanks to its sativa ancestry. Its taste is difficult to describe, sharing the aroma and taste of both parents. It reminds of wood but the <strong>muddy aftertaste also stays in the palate after smoking.</strong> With a clear effect and a very long come-down, this strain will twist our senses with just a few drags. A wonderful strain created for experts by experts.</p> <p><strong>Finally, we have the feminized</strong> <a href="">Damnesia</a>: a remix of the super popular Amnesia from Amsterdam. It comes from a selection of A.M.S., test-crossed with an Amnesia with a particularly fruity taste. <strong>With a short bloom, this strain has almost the same % of sativa in it than its mythic sister</strong> but with significant ripening times. It is recommended for outdoors crops where it will take a bit longer to bloom but, instead, <strong>will yield flowers capable of couch-locking even the most experienced smoker</strong>. A good choice for lovers of those sativa strains whose appearance marked a milestone in the history of marijuana. <strong>Damnesia has a strong stimulating effect,</strong> that will allow you to carry on with your daily tasks without feeling this heaviness characteristic from indicas.</p> <p>Arjan, Franco and Simon are Strain Hunters. This Dutch seedbank invites us to try their amazing strains, which have been slightly altered in order to provide stability.</p> <p>Take advantage of our offers and don't miss out on this extraordinary bank that will surpass all your expectations.</p>
  • Super Strains
    <p><strong>Super Strains</strong> is a Dutch seed bank that has been on the market since back in 2010, although its true origins can be found even earlier. This bank originally began as a <strong>subdivision of Hy-Pro, a nutrient company</strong>. Once feminized seeds began becoming a thing around the year 2000, they broke off from Hy-Pro and started on their own independent journey.</p> <p>In the beginning, they started offering their own versions of already developed strains, but as years went by they began choosing phenotypes in order to find new strains, as well as specific characteristics, so their father plant selection process was absolutely meticulous. They eventually created a strain that would become the favorite of thousands of growers around the world; the original Amnesia, a strain that has been crossed and re-crossed many times by other banks; once separated from Hy-pro, Super Strains started <strong>looking for new strains with their own unique characteristics</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Amnesia</strong> is, without a doubt, this banks most famous and sought-after strain; a sativa with dense buds and a euphoric effect, with a relatively short flowering period. Ever since they came up with this strain in 1996, its genes have not been modified at all due to the fact that growers all over the world are itching to get their hands on it. It has incensed and sweet flavors, as well as a licorice-like aroma that can be easily appreciated when simply grinding up the weed.</p> <p><strong>Amajikoym</strong> is one of their most sativa strains, offering sweet aromas and a mentally stimulating effect, on top of a large resin yield. Due to its stimulating effect, it’s easily capable of getting people to talk, laugh and have fun, making it perfect for recreational uses or with friends. This strain is kind of delicate when it comes to temperature changes, so we recommend growing it in balanced and stable areas in as far as weather – grown outdoors, this strain can grow up to 3 meters tall and give over 1kg yield.</p> <p><strong>El Cucaracha</strong> is an indica-dominant strain, perfect for growers that don’t have much experience thanks to its resistance to pretty much everything. It rewards growers with relaxing weed and a musky, sweet flavor, and a flowering period that’s just 55 days long. When grown outdoors it will do well against adverse weather conditions, making it perfect for cold areas where summer is short and the cold comes fast.</p>
  • The Devil's Harvest
    <p><strong>The Devil's Harvest</strong> is a seedbank that has made an aggressive entry into the world of cannabis, <strong>winning cups and prizes right off the bat.</strong> Created by two experienced growers looking to<strong> produce the best marijuana strains; they have virtually reached their goal by now</strong>. They have specialized in crossbreeding old-school classics with current hybrids, very commercial and productive, achieving great results with all their seeds. Their <strong>feminized strains</strong> give us the opportunity of getting fantastic yields of resinous buds without having to worry about males or hermies. We are going to review some of the best feminized strains by this bank.</p> <p><a href="">Strawberry Sour Diesel</a> is a real pleasure to grow and smoke. It gets its name from its <strong>pleasant flavor of wild strawberries</strong> that'll stick around for a while. Some specimens display reddish colors in their leaves. You can grow it indoors, in 4 pots of 11l and achieve <strong>amazing results</strong>. You will get abundant harvests of <strong>compact and resinous buds of up to 350g/m2</strong> with the required care. Outdoors, they can grow <strong>long tails of buds.</strong> Outdoors, they will form <strong>long aromatic tails that we recommend training</strong> since the weight of the huge buds might break them. If the climate is not good in your region, you can grow them inside a greenhouse, where they will behave perfectly. You can get to harvest up to <strong>750g</strong> per plant in favorable climates and in greenhouses with the right professional care.</p> <p><a href="">Casey Jones</a> is one their most famous strains and has been awarded several prizes since it was created. It produces <strong>huge central colas </strong>with numerous lateral branches that increase yield. <strong>Plants all look the same and result in very stable specimens,</strong> <strong>much easier to take care of and their flowers will always be of excellent quality.</strong> <strong>Ideal for taking the leap and become a professional grower,</strong> they will make this task easier since they all will grow the same under the lamps and you'll collect your <strong>abundant harvest of resinous buds of 450g/m2.</strong> Outdoors, plants could yield up to<strong> 900g per specimen.</strong></p> <p><strong>Kuchi</strong> is a <strong>very productive, compact and easy to grow strain.</strong> It grows very well both indoors and outdoors. You can place from 4 to 9 plants per lamp and get <strong>excellent results</strong>. It can produce up to <strong>350g/m2</strong> in the best grow rooms. Outdoors, this strain is ideal for guerrilla crops since their compact size will keep them clear of nosy neighbours. You can get enormous harvests from this strain; <strong>500g per plant</strong> with favorable weather conditions.</p> <p>As we already mentioned, growing <strong>The Devil's Harvest seeds is a guaranteed success.</strong> You will <strong>enjoy some of the best buds you've ever grown.</strong> Even the most experienced growers will be amazed by the <strong>genetic progress carried out by these Dutch guys</strong> in the marijuana growing world. Get your seeds now and at a great price at GrowBarato.</p>
  • The Kush Brothers Seeds
    <h2>Feminized Kush Brothers Seeds</h2> <p><strong>The Kush Brothers</strong> is a seed bank specialized in feminized seeds and based in Barcelona, one of the major Spanish cities for the cannabis industry. Their strains offer a wide scope of effects: from the most i<strong>nvigorating and energizing of sativas, to the most relaxing of pure indicas. </strong>They elaborate highly commercial strains with large yields and high quantities of resin. It is an excellent choice for any person who wants to get started in the growing world. They guarantee you will get plenty of buds easily both indoors and outdoors.</p> <h3>The Kush Brothers Main Strains</h3> <p><strong><a href="">The Dark Side</a> </strong>is a hybrid that has had a lot of work put into it, making it one of this seed bank's best-sellers. With its massive resin yield and enormous amount of buds, these plants can make any growers' dreams come true. At the end of the process their leaves can become purple in some cases, making your garden a more beautiful place. They yield up to<strong> 350g/m2 indoors.</strong> Growing outdoors they can become 2m tall, producing up to <strong>800g per plant</strong> in the right conditions.</p> <p><strong>Confidential OG is a 100% indica</strong> strain that can provide deeply narcotic effects. It can be used with medicinal purposes to palliate pain and calm down stress symptoms. It has a very characteristic muddy flavor, intense and long-lasting. It grows very well indoors and can produce up to <strong>350g/m2</strong> with the right cares. Outdoors, plants can reach 2m and yield up to <strong>600g per plant</strong>.</p> <p>Highly Potent Indica and Sativa Strains</p> <p><a href="">Malibu </a>is a <strong>predominantly Sativa strain</strong> with a slightly longer flowering time, but with <strong>very smooth and energetic effects, perfect for any time of day</strong>. You can get up to <strong>400g indoors.</strong> Their plants<strong> truly thrive outdoors,</strong> capable of growing up to <strong>3.5m </strong>tall and giving <strong>excellent yields </strong>of up to <strong>1000g per plant</strong> in appropriate climates or in a greenhouse.</p> <p><strong>The Kush Brothers</strong> bring us a <strong>select range of strains with feminized seeds of top quality</strong> to ensure <strong>we will harvest a top-notch quality marijuana.</strong> All their strains are <strong>very productive</strong> and result in<strong> buds of a very high commercial value.</strong> With these <strong>remarkable genetics</strong> you are sure of obtaining the best buds in your city. Growing them with love is getting types of marijuana that will make everybody fall for them thanks to their <strong>fantastic flavor and different effects.</strong></p>
  • T.H. Seeds
    <h2>T.H. Seeds Dutch Seed Bank</h2> <p>T.H. Seeds is a seed bank of Dutch origins which began working with the world of cannabis in 1993 through the C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam) organisation. Located in Amsterdam, it was the first shop devoted to the research and sale of hemp seeds in Europe. From the very start they have been <strong>bringing to Europe the most renowned American strains,</strong> contributing with <strong>new genetics</strong> to the European cannabis panorama.</p> <h3>Award-winning strains</h3> <p>One of the first strains in their catalogue was Bubblegum, winner of the HTCC in 1996. It was followed by S.A.G.E. which got a 3rd and 2nd prize in the HTCC, in the category of THC content, with a THC content higher than 20%. They kept on incorporating high level strains such as Sage'n'Sour, Mk-Ultra, Darkstar, The Hog, Wreckage, Da Purs, Skunk XXX, Chocolate Chunk, Electric Lemon G and many others both <strong>in regular and feminized formats. In short, T.H. Seeds is a bank with guaranteed professional results,</strong> since all the users that try their seeds come back for more, convinced by the genetic stability and quality of the final product.</p> <h3>T.H. Seeds Best Strains</h3> <p><a href="">S.A.G.E. by T.H. Seeds</a> is unique. Its several cannabis contest prizes demonstrate that this strain was born to astonish growers. It has <strong>evident sativa characteristics, </strong>clear in its<strong> intense Haze aroma</strong>. It <strong>grows tall and will yield plenty of flowers since.</strong> You can get up to 700g per specimen, ready to harvest towards the end of November. This strain is incredibly potent, and its aroma and taste of incense dominates over the rest of flavors.</p> <h3>Relaxing indica strains</h3> <p><a href="">Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds</a> is an indica-dominant strain, well known all over the world thanks to its pronounced flavor of strawberry chewing gum. This version by the Dutch bank <strong>brings back the true <strong>"bubble" </strong>experience</strong>, keeping the taste and productivity of the wonderful original. It arrived in Holland more than a decade ago, and since then it has been a hit among all users who come to try this strain with <strong>huge and fragrant buds.</strong> The version by T.H. Seeds has improved stability and has been given extra density and hardness in the buds, a quality very appreciated by consumers from all over the world.</p> <p><strong>Darkstar by T.H. Seeds</strong> is an indica-dominant strain, very stable and with very appealing colors, besides producing super high levels of THC and CBD. <strong>It is a robust plant that will grow effortlessly, forming a good structure</strong>, capable of supporting the heavy weight of the future flowers. It is Skunk-like but <strong>with fruity and licorice hints.</strong> It behaves very well under artificial lighting, yielding abundant quality flowers.</p> <h2>Discovet the best T.H. Seeds Strains</h2> <p>Within<strong> T.H. Seeds' enormous catalogue</strong> you'll be able to choose from <strong>different and fantastic high quality strains,</strong> increasing the spectrum of cannabis strains offered to the world. Purchase your T.H. Seeds at the best price in our online shop and benefit from our permanent offers all year round.</p>
  • Tropical Seeds Co.
    <p><strong>Tropical Seeds Co</strong> is one of the <strong>best current banks for landrace hybrids</strong> -i.e. native cannabis strains-. This seed bank was founded <strong>back in 2000</strong> when the breeder known as <strong>"The mud man" (BdB)</strong> in growing circles, decided to move to the<strong> Canary Islands</strong> to start growing and develop <strong>a project of selection and breeding of mainly pure sativa strains</strong> from all corners of the world. This decision was motivated by the fact the islands are located at a<strong> 28°N latitude</strong> and thus enjoy a <strong>sub-tropical climate</strong> ideal for breeding these incredible strains.</p> <p>Their <strong>crops, selections and breeding of seeds are done exclusively outdoors and with organic methods,</strong> with crosses done from just <strong>regular mothers and fathers</strong>, in order to guarantee extreme quality and <strong>without altering the genes of future generations</strong>. During the first years the team managed to create amazing hybrids in terms of<strong> stability, high strength and bizarre flavors.</strong> They avoided banal mixes, and <strong>didn't employ Skunk, Northern Lights, Widows or Dominas in order to bring something really original</strong> to the palate.</p> <p>After some years selecting and improving their strains, Tropical Seeds' <strong>decided to launch feminized versions of some of their best strains,</strong> so that the majority of growers could also enjoy their genetics. Their feminized collection ensures <strong>females of the utmost quality and highly resistant to pests and fungus</strong>. Among their creations, the following varieties really stand out: Bisho Purple, Durbakistan and Smooth Smoke.</p> <p><strong>Bisho Purple</strong> is a variety with a indica-sativa relation of 1:1, with 3 purple genotypes and a green one. They all deserve the attention of experienced growers due to their different characteristics. They can yield up to 450g indoors in 8-9 weeks in indoor grows, providing buds in different mauve shades and a flavor that's similar to berries.</p> <p><a href="">Durbakistan</a> is a strain that comes from some of the most African sativas, <strong>Durban,</strong> with the <strong>Pakistan Chitral Kush</strong> that brings <strong>fruity tastes with muddy touches</strong> and a purple color to the flowers and the leaves. Its indica-sativa balance is stable and is noticeable. The effort put on this strain by the breeders is very visible in the <strong>ease to grow and uniformity</strong> of these plants, both indoors and outdoors. It takes a bit longer to bloom -between <strong>10 to 11 weeks of bloom</strong> until being totally ready. The flavor and aroma it releases when smoked are very remarkable and their <strong>sweetness</strong> will leave even the most experienced smoker satisfied.</p> <p><a href="">Smooth Smoke</a> is the favorite strain of the Tropical Seeds Co. team and they have <strong>many reasons for considering it their best creation</strong>. It is <strong>highly productive, adapts easily to different climates and latitudes, it has a devastating effec</strong>t with regards to strength and duration and both the <strong>smell and taste are difficult to forget,</strong> once their terpenes have seduced you with <strong>a mix of caramel and vanilla.</strong> Its high content of both THC and CBD are a good option for those patients seeking for relief to the secondary effects of chemotherapy treatments.</p> <p>If you <strong>haven't tried any of the strains of Tropical Seeds Co.</strong>, we remind you it is possible to do it and at the <strong>best prices since we enjoy permanent offers all year round</strong> on their amazing strains.</p>
  • Venus Genetics
    <p>Venus Genetics is a seed bank that works with 100% feminized seeds, bringing us strains of the <strong>highest quality at very affordable prices</strong> for growers. We can plants capable of large yields such as Hielo, sativas like Kalifragimistic or other with a<strong> high medicinal value</strong> thanks to CBD values above average, like White Widow. We will find strains for all growers, from beginners to the most sybarites.</p> <p>Double Cheese is <strong>one of the tastiest strains by this bank</strong> and if what you like are the delicacies for the palate, it could become one of your favorite strains. It comes from <strong>an elite Dutch clone of Pot of Gold,</strong> a plant with a high amount of resin and with strong flavor and smell. When smoked it we will find a dense smoke that fills the lungs and is very satiating for the regular smoker. It comes with a <strong>strong and relaxing effect</strong>, ideal for the last hours of the day. As a plant it grows up tall and slender indoors. It is easy to <strong>fit 9 plants in a m2</strong> and can yield up to <strong>450g in 55-60 days of bloom.</strong> Outdoors, we will see a larger and more productive plant which won't shoot up that much and become<strong> wide and tall.</strong> It is very <strong>easy to grow,</strong> it doesn't demand great doses of fertilizer and is quite resistant to mold.</p> <p>If you <strong>prefer fruity flavors</strong>, Cheesekaberry will take you to other levels of sweetness. This strains stands out thanks to its flavour, strength and high production, particularly when we grow it indoors. It produces a <strong>long central tail</strong> that is almost 50% of the plant so we'll have to put quite a few of them in order to get a good production. It will be ready for cutting in <strong>65-70 days of bloom</strong> and it can reach a production of 400 g per m2 effortlessly. Outdoors, you will find a big plant, of a rather indica appearance, with <strong>strong trunk and branches, wide leaves and heavy and dense buds.</strong> If we attach the branches so that they don't have to support the whole weight on their own, we will get an increase in production which will be <strong>ready for harvest by mid-October.</strong></p>
  • White Label
    <p>White Label Seed Company <strong>is a Dutch seed bank, backed by the support of its "brother" bank Sensi Seeds.</strong> They offer <strong>bolder and less "serious" hybrids than Sensi</strong>, that produce plants of a very high quality. They're<strong> affordable</strong> and for very little money you can buy an award-winning strain for your collection of mother plants.<br /><br />You can find strains such as White Skunk, a strain that combines <strong>the long buds and tall height</strong> of Skunk, with long lateral branches and a White Widow style resin. You can grow high-yielding plants with few specimens indoors, and true cannabis trees if grown outdoors. Under lamps it behaves well, and even if it becomes a bit tall and it has quite a few branches. It produces a <strong>large central stem and many side buds </strong>that increase the final weight of the harvest. If you notice some branches stay too far from the light it means it's time to prune them. Outdoors, it will adopt the right shape itself, growing<strong> large and extending its branches.</strong> The best thing is planting it directly on the ground in the garden from where we can get <strong>more than 750g per seasonal plant.</strong></p> <p>If you like <strong>classic strains</strong> you have to try <a href="">Northern Lights</a>, a classic strain which you can grow easily in any growing media. It is a<strong> tough strain, </strong>capable of withstanding harsh weather - from the coldest climates to the hottest. If grown indoors you can grow <strong>plants as tall as they are as wide,</strong> so you won't have to overdo the number of specimens per m2. With 4-9 plants per light you'll be able to get <strong>up to 450g per 1.2 x 1.2m grow tent.</strong> It is thus ideal for growers who don't want to grow too many plants but don't want to sacrifice yield. If grown outdoors,<strong> high yields will be almost guaranteed</strong> since it is so resistant and easy to grow; half of the work will be done once it has sprouted. <strong>Seasonal plants can yield up to 1kg</strong> and will be ready for harvest by mid-September. It has a <strong>muddy flavor</strong> with a very relaxing effect, <strong>very physical </strong>and ideal for the end of the day.</p> <p><strong>If your thing is Sativa strains,</strong> you cannot miss out on <a href="">Pure Power Plant</a>, a very fast to bloom strain that has an <strong>active and smiley effect.</strong> It can be grown indoors or outdoors, with very good results since this plant asks for very little. It only needs a good climate, airy soil and medium nutrient dosages that will keep it deficiency-free. Indoors, these slender plants can be crossed with eachother. 9 plants per m2 is plenty. You should be able to get up to <strong>400g of buds</strong> of a very flashy and appealing color. Outdoors, you can get plants that form thin buds in long colas, exposing all the flowers. <strong>Production will be spread all over the plant</strong>, and it can be <strong>600g per seasonal specimen.</strong> Its taste is sweet and fruity, ideal for those who enjoy smoking during the day since they won't be so deeply affected and will find <strong>an energizing effect rather than a sleepy one.</strong></p> <p>White Label <strong>has many strains from which to choose</strong> and all you have to do is finding the ideal one for your crop. Choose your plant <strong>according to your desired taste, effect and growing climate</strong> and make the most of it by following our <strong>advice and tips</strong>. As always, you can find your White Label seeds at the best price in GrowBarato since we enjoy <strong>permanent offers and discounts</strong> all year round.</p>
  • World of Seeds
    <p>World of Seeds is <strong>a Spanish seed bank</strong> that brings us many strains, <strong>in particular native landrace strains from all over the world.</strong> Thanks to their beautiful work we can now plant a 100% Pakistani Indica or a 100% African Sativa in your garden. A good way of <strong>not resigning yourself to commercial varieties.</strong></p> <p><a href="">South African Kwazulu</a> is a <strong>plant from Africa and a high-flying Sativa.</strong> It is said this strain grows wildly among the local vegetation and was used by <strong>Zulu tribes to find the courage</strong> to resist the first British invasion in 1879, managing to resist though they were very few and with worse weapons! Now you can grow it yourself, getting the best out of this amazing strain. <strong>Indoors it will become a bit tall</strong> so you'd be better off growing it in a SCROG system. It <strong>thrives outdoors</strong>, since there will be no size problem and you'll be able to get higher yields. It can be grown in any type of climate, it is highly rot and pest resistant and it will be ready for cutting by mid-October. It can yield up to <strong>700g per seasonal plant.</strong> Its <strong>energizing and uplifting effect</strong> makes it ideal for smoking during the day or sharing it with friends.</p> <p>If your thing is <strong>indoor growing</strong>, Pakistan Valley is the perfect specimen. You can grow <strong>a 100% indica strain,</strong> coming from the Hindi Kush valleys. This plants adopts a classic indica shape, with <strong>strong trunks and branches</strong> and wide, short leaves. It's very robust. When its early flowers start to bloom they warn us of what is coming: they <strong>develop fast and keep on gaining weight until the end of the flowering period.</strong> We can grow <strong>dense and resinous buds,</strong> <strong>very heavy</strong> and filled with relaxing effects. It tastes like sweet hash and has a <strong>dense smoke</strong> that will make anyone have a good time with its strong effect. Outdoors, plants will be <strong>short and compact</strong> and we'll be able to get a high production from it without attracting much attention. The most appropriate climate for this strain is a <strong>warm-hot</strong> one where it will yield up to its potential. It has a very marked <strong>physical relaxing effect,</strong> since it contains a <strong>high level of CBD</strong> among its cannabinoids.</p> <p><a href="">Ketama</a> is <strong>another of the 100% strains by the bank</strong> and very sought-after for its fast bloom. We will have a variety that <strong>grows in the Rif Valleys of Morocco,</strong> where one of the best hash in the world comes from. This plant <strong>grows short and compact</strong> and when set to bloom can grow to double the size, so it doesn't shoot up much. Indoors, we can place around <strong>16 plants per lamp</strong> and set them directly to flower, getting plants that are <strong>"all bud"</strong> and bloom as soon as possible. We can get <strong>400-500g without waiting for too long,</strong> something commercial growers will appreciate. Outdoors, you can grow plants <strong>around 1.5-2m high</strong> but which <strong>can yield up to 1kg easily</strong>. <strong>The resin of this strain is its most precious gift</strong> since it contains an important amount of trichomes with narcotic and relaxing effects. It <strong>tastes like strong hash,</strong> flooding your mouth and taste buds. <strong>If you do hash or BHO extractions from its flowers</strong>, you will get a return like you've never seen before.</p> <p>Although World of Seeds<strong> has also many crosses of varieties that result in amazing hybrids</strong>, the truth is it is <strong>the landrace strains what's really amazing about this bank</strong> and the reason why growers run after them. What is also sure is that <strong>you can get them at the best price</strong> from our online shop at</p>
  • Ripper Seeds
    <p>Ripper Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has been many years committed to bringing <strong>the best crossbreds among strains and the best selections of stabilized seeds.</strong> Varieties such as Skunk, Kush, Haze or Afghani with their own touch so that lovers of these classic strains can access them with <strong>highlighted characteristics.</strong> Our Hazes will be more powerful and incensed, the Afghan and the Kush will be <strong>even more resinous</strong> for our extractions while the Skunks will present exaggerated scents for those looking for strong smells.<br /><br />Double Glock is one of the <strong>insignia strains</strong> of Ripper Seeds: it was one of their first strains which helped them to get a name. It is a <strong>100% Indica</strong> strain and comes from some Afghan plants from which very homogeneous and stable plants were obtained. <br />We will get <strong>plants which don't become too wide</strong> though maybe a bit too tall. 9 plants will be more than enough for 1 m2. It <strong>tastes like sweet hash</strong> and it has a <strong>very sedative and corporal effect</strong> that will help you palliate many pains or get you back to sleep if you suffer from insomnia. We will get high returns in resin and BHO extractions and it is <strong>very recommended </strong>to do medicinal dyes.<br /><br />Another of their favorite strains is <a href="">Ripper Haze</a>, a <strong>80% Sativa</strong> strain with a very fast bloom. It is very well known in the <strong>Dutch coffee-shops and has been number one in sales for decades.</strong> Now it is available for us to grow it at home. In the cannabis world it is now as Amnesia Haze, an elite clone that's very famous and was obtained by Ripper Seeds during a visit to Holland to be stabilized afterwards and produce intoxicating plants of given characteristics. It will give us <strong>dense, hard and very resinous buds with an incensed aroma.</strong> Indoors, it is quite easy to be grown even it is a Haze because it <strong>doesn't shoot up much</strong> or require as much space as a regular Haze. Outdoors, we will get an early plant, which will be ready by mid-September and produce about <strong>800g per plant.</strong> We will get an awakening and cheerful effect and is one of these strains that leaves you with the smile on for hours.<br /><br /><a href="">Criminal+</a> is <strong>one of the most commercial strains,</strong> since its characteristics are very appealing for lucrative growers. This strains <strong>produces large buds in a very short time,</strong> allowing fast and heavy crops indoors and short and very productive plants outdoors. When we grow them under the lamps, they <strong>don't grow too high or too wide,</strong> so we can set <strong>9-16 plants per spot of 600W</strong> with no major problem. The only thing we have to do is grow them for some 15 days and then change them immediately to 12hr of light, so that not many branches grow and <strong>all the production is concentrated in the central part.</strong> We will get 500 g of dry weed easily in 55-60 days. Outdoors, we will get plants that don't become too big but which <strong>get wider</strong> due to a homogeneous exposure to light. They will become like marijuana cypresses. This strain <strong>has sweet aroma and tastes and a very marked narcotic-relaxing effect. </strong><br /><br />Ripper Seeds is a bank for growers who want classic plants in their best version. Their selections are based on <strong>award-winning genetics and selected slips,</strong> doing crossbreds which have gotten many prizes of cannabis and Hash and HBO extractions. Now <strong>you can get them at unbeatable prices,</strong> since in GrowBarato <strong>we enjoy permanent offers all year round.</strong> Purchase your Ripper Seeds and make the best of them thanks to our tips.</p>
  • Dinafem
    <h2>Feminized Strains by Dinafem Seeds</h2> <p>Dinafem is one of the <strong>best-known and most celebrated seed banks worldwide, </strong>which isn't a coincidence. They <strong>have spent more than 10 years producing quality seeds for growers all over the world.</strong></p> <p>Almost every grower has grown or at least tried one of Dinafem's plants; their <strong>seeds undergo a comprehensive selection process to ensure that growers get top quality, fresh seeds.</strong> The results are evident in their vigor and strength when growing. They're chosen one by one, and only the best seeds make it through.</p> <h3>Dinafem Seeds Strain Information</h3> <p>Over the years, they've managed <strong>to put together a collection of truly the best cannabis plants</strong> in order to create their own strains; both their autoflowering and the seasonal strains are 100% feminized.</p> <p><strong>All of their seeds are 100% female.</strong> You won't find yourself faced with any male plants, which is incredibly helpful for indoor grows; Dinafem <strong>gives us the certainty of getting only highly vigorous female plants.</strong></p> <p>Problems can sometimes arise when germinating, and each seed pack has a tracking number so that they can see if any seeds from the same batch have also had issues. The very few problems we might encounter with Dinafem seeds will be solved in the blink of an eye.</p> <p>Their seeds are <strong>superbly packed</strong> in order to prevent problems when shipping. They come inside a Eppendorf container alongside a chunk of polyurethane and silica gel. <strong>The silica gel absorbs humidity in order to keep it low and prevent the seeds from sprouting. </strong>The polyurethane protects the seed so it is not in direct contact with the silica. In turn, the container itself is inside of a small metal box to avoid getting flattened.</p> <h2><strong>Recommended strains by Dinafem</strong><strong> Seeds</strong></h2> <p>They have strains for all tastes in their catalogue. For example,<strong> indoor growers like fast plants with large flowers</strong> in order to get a beautiful grow by making the most if the controllable climate and powerful grow lights lamps. The best strain to grow indoors is Critical +; this strain grows rather compact, so 9 plants will fit perfectly in a square meter</p> <p><strong>Another of its most famous strains is </strong><a href="">Moby Dick</a>, a plant which grows as high as it does wide, rewarding growers with abundant yields outdoors. Providing you plant it in a sunny and warm climate with nice temperatures until October, it can yield up to 1kg. <strong>It is one of the most wanted strains on our online shop; not just because of its large yields but also its sweet flavors and hybrid effects.</strong></p> <p><strong>Original Amnesia</strong> is another of the most sought-after strains by growers. Its intense cerebral high along with a strong and incensed-muddy tasty make it<strong> very appealing to the weed smoker.</strong> Besides, its effects are not too physical so you can smoke it with mates and have a good time. Although its effect is mainly brainy, it doesn't mean you won't feel it physically; quite the opposite, you'll feel it deeply from the very first puffs.</p> <h3>High-yielding strains ready in no time at all</h3> <p>All Dinafem strains have <strong>predetermined characteristics such as blooming times.</strong> Go check out the descriptions that our team of professionals has written so that you know exactly what you're buying before you buy it.</p> <p><strong>Cheese, Diesel, White Widow or the tasty</strong> <a href="">Sweet Deep Grapefruit</a>... whichever seed you buy from this bank you'll get plants with very stable genes, making for very balanced grows, even when the seeds come from different packs.</p> <p>If you are <strong>looking for seeds to get quality marijuana, at reasonable prices and with no surprises, don't hesitate to try Dinafem's strains.</strong></p>
  • Sensi Seeds
    <p>The Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds has made itself a place <strong>among the best cannabis seed breeders in the world</strong> and has <strong>the largest and most comprehensive collection of strains of the planet.</strong></p> <p>Sensi Seeds has strains for all kinds of growers - indoors/outdoors and sativa/indica- along with strains for medicinal or therapeutic use. Their strains have won all kind of prizes and competitions all over the world including <strong>several High Times Cannabis Cups</strong>. They have spent many years improving their feminization techniques and stabilizing their strains in order to make delicious and high-yielding plants.</p> <p>One of their best-selling strains is <a href="">Skunk#1</a>, both for its <strong>great quality and price.</strong> It is a selection of Skunks kept from the 80's which leads to very productive plants indoors and easy to grow outdoors. It produces plants which have <strong>many flowers and a lots of resin,</strong> with few leaves and very easy to trim. Indoors, these plants grow <strong>a large central bud</strong> and satellites coming from the higher branches, that reach more or less 2/3 of the plant. It leaves its buds exposed to the light so that they can get as much energy as possible and become hard and heavy. Outdoors, you can grow<strong> plants that become quite tall and ungainly</strong> which we'll have to tutor in order to prevent them from breaking under the weight and, incidentally, increase production. Its flavor is strong and muddy, with a thick aroma and its effect is mentally and physically intoxicating, result of its 70% Sativa hybridization.</p> <p><a href="">Big Bud</a> <strong>is one of the most sought-after strains by indoor growers</strong> since it yields very productive harvests and its <strong>quality is superb.</strong> Commercial growers can get their stock ready in a short time, and the grower for self-supply won't run out of weed until next season. Its buds are dense and heavy, and it has so much resin that it feels like chewing gum when crushed. It can be <strong>difficult to dry</strong>, and since the buds are so hard they take a little longer than other strains. <strong>Indoors, it grows very well; with a compact growth and fast flowering period.</strong> Outdoors, it is where you will have to be <strong>particularly careful. It will have to be protected from fungi such as botrytis or mildew</strong>. The best thing to do is plant it in a hot climate and use natural <strong>preventive products</strong> in order to ensure a good harvest. Its taste <strong>is sweet and remarkable,</strong> it lingers in the mouth for a while. Its effect <strong>is physically relaxing and quite intense.</strong> It is ideal for medicinal use to fight strong pains or insomnia.</p> <p>Northern Lights is <strong>one their best taken care of selections.</strong> It was one of their first seeds and one who's been in the market for a longer time. It is a classic strain <strong>any Old School grower has grown at least once.</strong> It produces indica plants, with long bud tails very dense and heavy. Indoors, we will have to set few units per m2: with 4 plants you will fill a gap easily. Outdoors, we will get a specimen that, despite being planted a bit late, will yield a lot and reach a nice height before blooming. <strong>We can gather next to 1kg per seasonal plant at the end of September</strong> and won't have to set many of them in order to get a harvest that lasts all year. It tastes like <strong>wet earth, very much like a Skunk#1,</strong> but it has the sweet touch so typical of the variety. Its effect is <strong>100% relaxing,</strong> ideal to switch off from stress and daily worries.</p> <p>Sensi Seeds won't disappoint you. Its catalogue has many different strains so you'll find for sure one that matches your needs. You can <strong>look for your ideal strain by reading our descriptions</strong> where we give you tricks and advice for each strain. Besides, we have all <strong>Sensi Seeds permanently on offer.</strong> Get your best seeds at great prices at GrowBarato.</p>
Feminized seeds at unbeatable prices

One of the biggest consequences of cannabis prohibition was the constant search to increase the amount of female plants in grows, as male plants have hardly any sort of psychoactive effect; the limited and dangerous prospect of growing cannabis needed to have a guaranteed positive result, avoiding accidental pollination as well as wasting time and space on useless male plants – growers generally look for psychoactive and medicinal or recreational effects in their plants.

The whole panorama of wanting female plants but risking getting males pushed seed companies and others to try and find out a way to increase the presence of female plants in grows. The first thing they started doing was picking female plants which showed the most resistance to stress – the less stressed the plant got, the less likely its offspring was to become a hermaphrodite plant. The chosen plant was cloned, and its sex was reverted so that as well as being XX, genetically, they also began to show XY chromosomes. This is how they’d pollinate female plants that hadn’t had their sex reverted. This means that genetically, any plants born from this cross will be female, as both parents have a set of XX chromosomes.

In the 90s this was done by using a high amount of gibberellin, a hormone found naturally in plants which, depending on the concentration found in the plant, controls whether they’re female or male. This method, however, didn’t ensure stable feminization like with the method that we use today – keep in mind that even with all of these advancements, there is absolutely no way to 100% feminize seeds, and right now we have a success rate of around 99.7% due to the fact that male plants can appear on female plants due to stress and other external factors. Years ago, hermaphrodite plants were actually quite common but thanks to STS (steroid sulfatase) we’ve been able to stabilize them, and now it’s much harder to find a hermie hiding in your grow – keep in mind that all of these genetically modified plants are much more sensitive to light contamination and other kinds of stress that can force them to change sex during mid-grow.

The two cases in which plant hermaphroditism is likely are when the genes of the plant itself have been badly chosen, or if they’re in a less than ideal grow environment; if you don’t respect your plants’ needs, then you might end up with some hermaphrodites on your hands. Issues such as light contamination, temperature stress, excess nutrients and many others can easily affect your plant to the point where it can become a hermaphrodite.

Feminized Seed Pros

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using these kinds of seeds is that you don’t have to keep an eye on your grow to make sure that there aren’t any sneaky male plants – having a male in your grow could spell disaster if you don’t catch it before it pollinates your female plants. Nobody likes finding seeds in their meticulously grown plants, knowing that they take up space, ruin THC levels, and they taste terrible – apart from getting you a longer sentence if the police discovers your grow (in Spain, at least).

Feminized Seed Cons

The downside to feminized seeds compared to regular seeds that can be either male or female, is that they don’t grow as vigorously or as strongly. For reasons unknown, feminized seeds just aren’t as good as regular seeds. The best way to tell if a seed bank is good or not is by testing a few of their seeds and seeing exactly how stable they are – if the seed bank used regular seeds to create their hybrids, then the resulting plants should be stronger and less likely to get stressed – regular plants will always give much more yield, as long as they’re female and have been grown in good conditions.

The strength that regular seeds have might be due to the fact that they haven’t gone through any sort of chemical feminization treatment such as STS or with gibberellin. All of these characteristics like strength and weakness are transferred to future generations as well as any clones or cuttings taken from the plant – clones from regular plants will root much faster than clones from feminized plants.

Another good thing about regular seeds is that you can make your very own hybrids using regular seeds, choosing the phenotype and strain that you prefer. It’s a great way to learn to differentiate between male and female flowers.

If you’re not sure what seed to pick, you can go ahead and get in contact with us for some free advice!