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The Feminized Seed catalogue on GB is possibly one of the largest seed catalogues of its kind on the internet; we never stop looking for renowned, as well as underground, seed banks to add to our page so that growers can have access to an incredibly wide range of feminized cannabis seeds. In order to ensure that we stay up to date, we’re constantly adding new banks and strains. Keep an eye on the banks that we currently stock and the new feminized seed banks that we’ll be adding.

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Banana Zkittlez Marijuana Plant

Banana Zkittlez

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Satin Black Domina CBD Marijuana Plant

Satin Black Domina CBD

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7th Wave Cannabis Plant

7th Wave

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Sweet Love marijuana plant

Sweet Love

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Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds sold at GB The Green Brand’s online grow shop are the best option in order to grow feminized plants with guaranteed results. This section features a wide selection of cannabis seeds from great quality world-wide known seed banks and the latest cannabis trends.

All GB seeds have been stabilized and are ready to produce large and tasty yields. These types of seeds intensify crops and produce fast and safe cuttings.

Evolution of feminized marijuana seeds.

Researchers and cannabis breeders have spent the last few decades boosting the presence of female plants within grows as male plants produce a very low psychoactive potency, thus they aren't desirable. Their task is focused on guaranteeing results by avoiding pollination, improving growth space and preventing down time.

Due to its advantages, the cannabis industry decided to aim their objective towards increasing the presence of female plants among grows. At the start it simply meant choosing stress resistant females to lower hermaphroditism in posterior generations. After that, the chosen plant would be cloned and its gender  reverted in order for it to have an XY genetic. This way, female plants that hadn’t been reverted could be pollinated so that the following generations would always be XX due to their ascendance.

In the 90’s, these chores were carried out with high gibberellin levels, a natural hormone that contributes to the plant’s gender determination; however, it didn’t guarantee a homogeneous and stable feminization. Although current methods have improved greatly and are more successful, there is no way to guarantee 100 % feminization and only 99.7% is assured with the newest techniques.

Back in those days, finding hermaphrodite plants within the grows was quite easy. Now, thanks to STS (silver thiosulfate), the proportion of hermaphrodite plants is lower. It shall be mentioned that this can also happen due to a bad genetic selection and inappropriate growth methods that do not respect plants’ needs. For this reason, it’s very important to be extra careful with possible problems such as light contamination, temperature stress and over fertilization, among others.

Feminized Seeds Advantages

These seeds' main advantage is that there won’t be any male plants that could pollinate the crop, lower THC levels or vary flavors and flower production.

Marijuana feminized seeds often come from two great quality clones. They also open the possibility to germinating only the selected seeds, thus saving time, effort and resources.

Although they are a very interesting option within the cannabis industry, they aren’t as vigorous as regular plants. Good quality seed banks can be figured out through the growth of their genetics. This is because regular seeds haven’t been through any chemical feminization methods such as STS or gibberellin.

Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Moby dick: One of Dinafem Seeds’ most productive strains. This strain is sativa dominant and comes from two very famous genetics, Haze and White Widow. It grows huge and it’s very resistant against fungi. A fantastic option for growers seeking large yields with a stable polyvalent hybrid.

Cream Caramel:  This Sweet Seeds strain produces big, dense and resinous buds and features an impressive central stem. It originated by poly-crossing Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. It is easy to grow and stands out for its sweet flavors and strong indica effects mixed with soft sativa touches that produce considerable psychedelic effects. It is also often used for medicinal purposes, as a sedative and as a cerebral and physical relaxer.

Channel +:  This Medical Seeds cultivar is very easy to grow due to its short growth and flowering phases. It was created by crossing Skunk x Big Bud and it produces large yields with earthy and woody flavors. Its effects are relaxing but lack psychoactivity due to its high CBD concentration levels. Its use is recommended to alleviate chronic pain produced by conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Skunk#1:  Historical Sensi Seeds strain that has been around for 25 years and it’s incredibly popular among growers. These fast-flowering compact plants produce dense and resinous buds. Its indica effects improve sleep and promote relaxation.

Best Feminized Seed Banks

Plenty of feminized seed banks have developed and improved their products over the years. At GB The Green Brand we are constantly widening our range of feminized seeds and work with the best feminized seed banks in Spain and the rest of the world.

Some of the most important feminized seed banks are:

Dinafem: This bank is worldwide famous and produces great quality seeds. It stands out for its efficient seeds selection process as their quality can be observed as soon as germination starts. Plants grow strong and vigorous. Dinafem’s most important strains are Moby Dick, Critical +, Original Amnesia, Cheese, Diesel, White Widow and Sweet Deep Grapefruit.

Sweet Seeds: World famous seed bank that was created 10 years ago. Its catalogue includes more than 50 feminized and autoflowering strains, all of them of great quality. Some of its most popular varieties are Cream Caramel and Green Poison, among others.

Medical Seeds: is a Spanish seed bank devoted to producing the best cannabis strains by crossing highly reputable cuttings. Its cultivars are suitable for all types of growers and some of the most popular ones are Chanel + and 2046.

Sensi Seeds: One of the oldest seed banks with a 30-year trajectory. This bank is well-known for its rich and varied collection of all sorts of indoors and outdoors strains. It has won different cannabis cups such as the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. While Skunk#1 is its best strain, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Jack Flash 5 are also worth mentioning.

Choose your Feminized Seeds at GB

In order for feminized seeds to develop perfectly, our recommendation is to keep humidity levels over 60% and temperatures between 26-27°C. Their growth should be boosted with nitrogen-rich fertilizers low in potassium and phosphorus content.

GB The Green Brand features a wide range of possibilities. Its feminized seeds’ catalogue is formed by the best strains from Spain and from the rest of the world. You should take a look at the different products’ descriptions and also at our blog and YouTube channel, which includes tips and tricks regarding indoors and outdoors grows.