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Sweet Love

Sweet Love

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Banana Zkittlez

Banana Zkittlez

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Satin Black Domina CBD - Cannabis plant

Satin Black Domina CBD

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7th Wave

7th Wave

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Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds

The feminized seeds you can find in our grow shop online GB The Green Brand are the best option if you want to guarantee female plants. In this section you will find the most large selection of cannabis seeds and high quality seed banks, known around the world.

All the female cannabis seeds in GB have been stabilized and can be considered as perfect to obtain huge and tasteful yields. Through this type of seeds, you can intensify crops and obtain cuttings fast and safely.

Evolution of feminized marijuana seeds.

Over the last decades, one of the main tasks of researchers and growers has been to maximise the number of female plants and what the seeds produce. This is because male cannabis plants contain really low psychoactive power.

Therefore, to avoid male plants and guarantee the best results, they have been researching female plants and increasing their presence in crops. Firstly, they selected stress-resistant female plants, as it made the chance of hermaphroditism lower in posterior generations. From this, the chosen plant was cloned and its sex was reverted so it had XY genetics. This way, non-reverted female plants could be pollinated and next generations would be XX.

Entering the 90’x, these tasks were done through a high giberelin concentrations, which is the natural hormone that works closely with the plants sex. This method did not guarantee  a stable homogeneous feminization as techniques used nowadays do. However, there is no method that ensures the 100% feminization process, but a 99.7%.

Years ago, hermaphrodite plants were actually quite common but thanks to STS (steroid sulfatase) we’ve been able to stabilize them, and now it’s much harder to find a hermie hiding in your grow – keep in mind that all of these genetically modified plants are much more sensitive to light contamination and other kinds of stress that can force them to change sex during mid-grow.

Pros in Feminized Seeds

The main advantage is that we can safely feel that no male plants will appear, which would pollinate our crop, as well as not having high THC levels and vary the production of flavour and taste.

Likewise, the feminized marijaua seeds normally come from 2 high quality clones. It also allows you to germinate only the seeds you choose, saving time, work and resources.

Although they are an interesting option inside cannabis plants, these seeds don't have the same strength as other regular strains. Therefore we can differentiate the seed banks' quality through the growing of their genetics. This is because regular seeds haven't been under any chemical treatment such as STS or giberelin.

The best feminized seed strains

Moby dick: one of the highest yielding strains in Dinafem’s seed bank. Sativa-dominant, originated from two powerful strains, Haze x White Widow. Grows unproportionally big and is very resistant to fungus. Magnific option for growers that look for big yields with a polyvalent stable hybrid.

Cream Caramel: by Sweet Seeds offers big, dense and resinous buds with an impressive central bud. Born from the cross of Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. Easy to grow and is known for its sweet taste and strong indica effects, also has some sativa touches that produce a significant psychedelic sensation. It can be used for medicinal purposes, as a cerebral and muscular sedative.

Channel +: by medical seeds is an easy to grow strain, thanks to its short growing and flowering phases. It comes from the mix of Skunk x Big Bud, being able to generate high yields and a special flavour of earth and wood. The effect it has is really relaxing without psychoactive effects, thanks to its high CBD concentration. It's recommended to use it against chronic pains such as multiple sclerosis.

Skunk#1: by Sensi Seeds is a historic strain made 25 years ago, incredibly popular among growers. It offers dense and resinous buds in fast flowering compact plants. With this plant, you will get indica effects that will let you sleep and relax.

The best bank feminized bank seeds

There is a big number of feminized banks seeds that have developed and improved their products along the years. In GB The Green Brand we amplify our feminized seed catalogue, working with the best seed banks in Spain and the rest of the world.

Some of the most important seed banks are: 

Dinafem: one of the most known and respected around the world thanks to the quality of their seeds. Featured for its efficient seed selection process, which can be seen in their germination articles. Their most important strains are Moby Dick, Critical +, Original Amnesia, Cheese, Diesel, White Widow and Sweet Deep Grapefruit

Sweet Seeds is a seed bank known globally, that has been in the market for more than 10 years. It counts with more than 50 feminized and autoflowering seeds strains, with the assurance that your grows will be of the highest quality. Among the best strains you can find Cream Caramel and Green Poison.

Medical Seeds is a spanish seed bank that is dedicated to produce the best cannabis strains, brought thanks to the crossing of high reputation cuttings. It offers a variety for every grower among which we can feature the Chanel+ and the 2046.

Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest seed banks in the market, with a 30 year trajectory. It is known for its varied and delicious collection of impressive genetics, for both indoor and outdoor grows. Likewise, it has won different cannabis trophies such as the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. Its most emblematic strain is the Skunk#1, although it also has some other well-known names such as Big Bud, Northern Lights and the Jack Flash 5.

Choose your feminized seeds in GB

To achieve the optimal growth of your feminized cannabis seeds, we recommend that you maintain the humidity levels of your grow’s zone over 60%, as well as not exceeding temperatures of 26-27º. In addition, you should strengthen its growth with products that contain nitrogen and dont have high amounts of potassium or phosphorus.

In GB The Green Brand you can find an enormous array of possibilities, with a carefully selected catalogue formed best selling cannabis seeds in Spain and around the world. We recommend you take a look at the complete descriptions of all products, as well as the different tricks and tips about outdoor and indoor grows that we publish periodically in our blog and YT channel.