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Guanokalong organic fertilizers for marijuana

Guanokalong is a brand of totally organic fertilizers, obtained from natural sources. The best known and most widely used is a product called Bat Guano Guanokalong. It is a fantastic 100% organic fattening manure for your plants.

Bat guano is a slowly absorbed product and it is used at the beginning of the flowering stage so the plants start feeding on it during the fattening stage. They also have another format; a type of bat guano with the same properties but in liquid form. It is possible to adjust the dose both if you need to increase it or if you have been overfeeding the plant; it gives you much more control than when using it in its powdery form mixed with the soil.

Blooming Guano by Guanokalong is a rich source of nutrients for your plants at the flowering stage and will help you provide a balanced nutrient supply and guarantee fat buds with the use of only one liquid during the entire process. These nutrients are absorbed slowly so it won't be necessary for you to overuse them or spend too much money on other products. The quality of the cannabis provided by these types of fertilizers is much superior to any kind of chemical product in terms of taste and smell.

Until now, guano had always been used during the flowering stage but thanks to Liquid Guano for growth, Guanokalong lets you use the best of guano during the vegetative stage of your plants. Feeding the plant with a product that is so rich in all minerals, allows you to get much healthier plants than when using fertilizers which mainly contain nitrogen. Your plants will exhibit incredible strength and vigor without having to use many products.

Fertilizers by Guanokalong are also ideal for those growers who grow guerrilla-style and can't tend to their plants much.