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Green Planet Nutrients

 Green Planet Nutrients Fertilizers

Green Planet Nutrients is a brand of fertilizers for cannabis growing.

Originally, they specialized in hydroponics, and taking advantage of those more than 20 years of experience they have created specific nutrients for your plants. In hydro, it is frequent to use a product for each phase or process of the plant. You'll get healthy and strong plants that feed well and yield a great product both in terms of weight and resin. Green Planet is deeply committed to the grower. They only use great quality and highly effective nutrients in their products so you can see the results by yourselves. Say goodbye to those fertilizers that hardly make a difference in your plants. Thus, you will reduce considerably the amount of jars and different products.

Dense Bud Compactor is a fertilizer with 62% Potassium, with which you will achieve very dense and hard flowers. Potassium has very clear and specific functions to active the more than 80 enzymes controlling the plants' inner processes. Phosphorous will become available as a source of energy for the plant and will also result in a better use of bloom fertilizers, and blooming boosters in particular.

In short, Green Planet Nutrients is a great American brand, which will let you harvest very good yields by using specific products for each cultivation stage. Novice growers might find them a bit difficult to use at first, but the experienced grower will know perfectly what to do with them.