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Agrobacteria: biotech applied to growing

Agrobacterias is a Spanish company from Madrid that specializes in biotechnology; most of their products contain actual living microorganisms chosen specifically for their use in horticulture. This company has developed plenty of products using beneficial bacteria and vegetal extracts, meaning that they’re extremely effective when growing cannabis plants.

They have a wide range of products such as Amanitha and others that can be used as preventive products for your plants in order to keep away insects and fungi as well as other illnesses.

Some of these products are truly unique, such as Bactomatic Rex, a root stimulant that is specially designed for autoflowering plants. This product is used in order to give your autoflowering plants a boost and also increase resin yield. It’s made out of bacteria that act symbiotically with your plant’s root system.

In as far as preventing fungi and pest control, Agrobacterias offers growers quite a few products. They have a treatment called Snake Poison that can be used against worms and caterpillars towards the end of spring. It contains all organic acids in order to guarantee the safety of the environment.

If aphids and mites are what ail you, Agrobacterias has another organic product that you can use to fight off these pests; Spiderplant. It can get rid of mites from your plants as well as reinforce them and protect them against future infestations.

If you’re looking for a flowering stimulant, Bactobloom contains living organisms that help your plants produce more sugars which in turn thickens the buds. It’s also completely organic, increasing resin yield and flavor too.

All in all, Agrobacterias is a great choice if you’re looking for 100% organic, environment-friendly products for growing cannabis outdoors. You can also combine these products with others in certain stages in order to get more professional results – keep in mind that you shouldn’t use chemical products with organic ones as it would be a waste and the organisms in these products could be damaged and lose efficiency.