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Post-harvest items

Drying and Conserving Cannabis Flowers

After you harvest your cannabis plants, you still have a lot more to do before you can smoke your buds. This section contains everything you need for drying and curing your cannabis flowers.

One of the most sought-after things when it comes to drying and curing cannabis are the Cedar 00 Boxes. These boxes are made out of quality wood and contain a thermos-hygrometer so that you can keep humidity under control inside the box itself. Each box has a mesh underneath where the weed is stored, which is used to collect any loose trichomes that fall from your buds. You can easily open up the bottom and remove any leftover resin.

We stock vacuum seal bags and bags that can be sealed using an iron or hair straightener – these types of bags are designed for conserving cannabis over large periods of time. Resin can deteriorate over time when exposed to air, so weed kept in these bags is usually of much better quality than weed kept in a normal baggie. Plus, they’re aroma-free so you can easily transport your cannabis without anyone catching on. We also stock machines for sealing your very own bags; they work with specific types of bags, and we even stock professional devices that store your weed in embossed vacuum seal bags.

If you like making your own extracts, you’ll love this section. You can find many tools needed to make your very own weed extracts.

Dry extracts generally have the best flavor and potency, plus they’re ready to consume as soon as you’ve finished making them. We have mesh extraction methods such as the TanTam, with which you can get a decent amount of resin from your leftover trimmings by simply giving the box a few taps. We also stock small shakers which do the same thing with smaller amounts of weed. If you like to make large extracts, we also stock machines that make enormous extracts in a manner of minutes.

The strongest hash extracts are made using ice and water, a technique that has been around for years and produces amazing results. You can obtain various different qualities when doing this method, as it’s done using various different mesh bags with increasingly smaller holes. You’ll need to use awasheror bucket for the cold water and ice. The bags are used to remove any resin in the water, and need to be placed with the smallest mesh at the bottom and the largest one at the top – this means the first bag you take out should be the biggest mesh. This method is perfect for leftover trimmings from the harvest.

Both dry and water extracts can be pressed into blocks once dried. You can use our small pollen presses to make your own small hash slab, or our large presses to make blocks if you have the material for it.

The most potent extract that you can make from your flowers and trimmings is BHO, Butane Hash Oil. This type of extract essentially only takes the cannabinoids from your weed, leaving other substances such as chlorophyll and plant parts behind. You can extract from 30 to 98% THC from your plants, so it’s a great way to make the most out of your trimmings. We sell various types of gas needed to use this method, and each product comes with a detailed description.

If you’re not sure what to do with your weed after harvesting, this section contains everything you might need. Every product has instructions and a detailed description so that you know exactly what it is that you’re purchasing.