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T5 Grow Lights - 4x54w

T5 Grow Lights

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Secret Garden TNeon 2 x 55w Grow Light

Secret Garden TNeon 2 x 55w Grow Light

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CFL Lighting systems

CFL Lighting systems

CFL lights for growing cannabis. Give your plants plenty of powerful light without letting off much heat at all. As well as saving on your electricity bills, these types of lights have other characteristics that greatly benefit cannabis plants.

Agrolite Energy-Saving CFL (Growth) bulbs are perfect for growing a small amount of plants that would get much too hot if you were to use a HPS bulb. They emit a powerful light but don’t heat up much, so you can place them much closer to your plants without burning them. They come in different light spectrums too, so you can choose the right one for growing and flowering.

We stock from 105 to 250w lights for smaller or larger areas. 100w is perfect for about 60x60cm, and the largest we stock is 250w which you can use to cover up to 1.2x1.2m.

In warmer areas where temperatures can shoot up during the summer, you can replace your HPS bulbs with low-energy bulbs. You’ll notice quite a difference in the temperature in your grow room and your plants will still be receiving plenty of light. If you have, say, 6 lights, switch 3 of them out for CFL lights for the best results and maximum yields.

CFL Grow Lights let off a white, strong light that mimics spring light. This allows your plants to grow much stronger and more compact than with any other bulb of the same power. They’re also perfect for rooting clones, germinating seeds and maintaining mother plants. They are generally used as extra light when growing with HPS lights, placing them in low-light areas.

CFL bulbs for the flowering period let off a much more orange color which mimics summer/autumn light. This is an indication for your plants that they need to start flowering soon. They might also experience a growth spurt too. When using only these lights, we recommend using the Sea of Green technique for the best possible results.

Dual CFL Grow Lights are perfect for both the growth and flowering periods. Their light isn’t exactly fully white or orange, so they can be used for both periods indiscriminately – this is the best option for those looking to save money on their lights.

We also stock various kinds of fluorescent tubes too, from the most basic equipment to cutting-edge technology. They’re generally used for rooting and growing cuttings due to their incredibly low light. We also stock reflectors that can fit various tubes.

If you’re looking for a potent light system that’ll save energy and reduce heat, have a look at our CFL grow lights – we have one for absolutely everyone.