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Mother Plants and Clones

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Mother Plants and Clones

Cannabis mother plants and cuttings

Welcome to our exclusive mother plant and clone section, where you can find everything you could ever need to successfully maintain a mother plant and to obtain and root clones – perfect for when you find that perfect strain!

Here you can find some of the best nutrients for mother plants, which help to keep them sturdy and well-fed during their entire lives, which is incredibly important – this can be done with products such as Powder Feeding for Mother Plants. When growing a plant that is constantly in the vegetative stage you need to use something a bit more potent than a simple growth fertilizer.

Clones also need a good amount of care and nurture if they’re to grow properly. We stock everything that you could possibly need to successfully take and root a cutting! From scalpels for making the actual incision to various hormone products that can be used to help root the clone itself, available in both powder and gel substances.

We have aeroponic propagator/greenhouses that make rooting clones much easier – with just a bit of care you’ll be able to root almost every single clone without any issues whatsoever. We also stock jiffy rooting cubes and rockwool plugs, as well as Peat Foam plugs.

We stock propagators, or mini greenhouses, in all shapes and sizes. No matter if you’re a small-time or big-time grower, there’s something for everyone; we even stock propagators over 1m long for commercial growers. We also stock heat blankets for those that need a little extra heat for their clones.

You’ll also notice that this section has lights – these are specific lights designed for maintaining mother plants or for helping your clones to grow. Their white light is perfect for helping clones to stretch upwards, which is exactly what you’ll be trying to achieve. We also stock specific grow tents designed for clones and rooting them – perfectly discreet if you don’t want to have your clones simply out on a table.

This section contains plenty of products and devices that will make your next plant cloning experience incredibly easy and professional – plus e<ach product has its very own description so that you know exactly what you’re buying when you buy it.