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Mother plants and clones

Marijuana mother plants and cuttings

A whole section devoted to the maintenance of mother plants and the production of cuttings. The newest products and everything you need to preserve the genetic base of your best plants and propagate them.

Here, you will find the best fertilizers to avoid deficiencies in your mother plants and ensure their constant growth. When plants are growing in a permanent basis it is essential to employ a different kind of fertilizer, more complete than the usual ones. Powder Feeding is a good example of fertilizer for mother plants.

Our cuttings also demand special care and tools. In this section, you will find everything you need: from scalpels to perform accurate cuts to different rooting hormones (in powder or gel). You will get strong and healthy cuttings that will always give you harvest of the same quality and taste.

Also available, aeroponic propagators will make your cloning job much easier and maximize rooting percentages in all growing systems with minimal care. You will find other rooting products, such as Jiffy's, rockwool and cutting-edge rooting systems such as PeatFoam.

We sell propagators in all sizes: from the small-sized ones intended for modest growers, to the biggest ones -1m long- which will suit large producers. They are available both with and without heating pads, so that you won't encounter any rooting problem, regardless of the climate you are growing in.

There is also specific lighting systems for mother plants and cuttings. Equipped with a white light that mimics spring light perfectly, these devices will keep plants growing permanently while preventing internodes stretching. You will also find purposely made cabinets to fit our propagators inside. In this way, you will be able to use them in any corner of the house avoiding light escapes and without raising suspicions about your activity.

In conclusion, a whole collection of products and tools to grow and look after your mother plants and cuttings, always accompanied by all necessary explanations to use them right.