DWC Pot system and components


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7.5cm Neoprene Disc Collars

7.5cm Neoprene Disc Collars

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Neptune Hydroponics

Neptune Hydroponics

Neptune hydroponics is a brand that offers several hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems. Neptune hydroponics offers quality products at affordable prices so you can have an hydroponic farm without needing to invest a lot of money. Neptune Hydroponics has a wide range of products for aeroponics, both for plants and cuttings, so you can root your cuttings hydroponically and then grow them in any other type of system.

One of their best-selling products is DWC Pot, an individual pot for growing a single plant in hydroponics. Growing is easier with these pots, because if there is an issue only one plant will be affected. You can grow plants from start to finish, or keep mother plants for a long time. One of their main features is it works by means of an air pump that, in case of breakdown, can be replaced for very little (although it is usually long-lasting). It is possible to root your own cuttings with the DWC propagator too. It is an easy system for rooting cuttings since you only need to cut them from the mother plant and place them in the propagator. An air pump will keep water oxygenated and splash the stems. Due to the high humidity generated under the tray, cuttings will start to root in a few days. It is a reliable system to make clones, where you won't need to spray them or provide any additional treatment.

Octopot is also one of the best-selling products by Neptune Hydroponics. It is a hydroponic system that lets you grow up to 8 plants effortlessly. All you have to do is fill the tank with water and nutrients, adjusting pH and Ec according to the current stage of the growing cycle. A water pump system will carry the nutrient solution to the pots filled with expanded clay balls, watering your plants and returning to the tank through a drain. This system will let you grow hassle-free, so all you have to do is change the water once a week.

Use Aquaclear filter to remove all organic matter (such as dead roots and small pieces of organic rest) which comes from the plants which are decomposing in the water. Using this filter lets you extend the lifespan of the nutrient solution from 7 to 15 days. We really advise, though, to use an air pump and an air-stone diffuser so water is well oxygenated when it gets in touch with the roots.

In this section, you can also find several spare parts and accessories, such as neoprene collar discs, heating cables and blankets to ensure roots are kept at a nice temperature. Indeed, if water is too cold plants cannot feed on it nor can cuttings take roots.

If you're looking for an affordable hydroponic growing system, you can find all you need in Neptune Hydroponics section.