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Hemp cultivation is something that’s slowly increasing over time and across the world; we’ve included a hemp seed category for those that want to delve into the world of industrial hemp cultivation; the seeds in this category can be legally germinated and grown in Spain, as they contain less than 0.2% THC.


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GB Kompolti Seeds

Kompolti GB Seeds

Price €15.00
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Felina 32 hemp plant

Felina 32

Price €5.00

Santhica 70 cannabis plant

Santhica 70

Price €5.00

Zenit hemp plant


Price €5.00

KC Dora hemp plants

KC Dora

Price €209.95
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Santhica 27 - Hemp plants

Santhica 27

Price €5.00
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Hemp Seeds

Learn about Hemp seeds 

Hemp originated in Central Asia and was used to make fibers and other products for centuries, such as paper, sponges, shoes, clothes and ropes, among others. Hemp seeds are also edible and very nutritious as they are high in protein, fiber and magnesium. Nowadays, they are environmentally friendly and play an important role in many industries, including CDB production. 

Best selling hemp seeds

Kompolti GB seeds

Kompolti GB Seeds by GB The Green Brand are easy to grow and adapt easily to any medium. They are perfect to produce biomass and fibers as well as to obtain CBD flowers.

Felina 32

Felina 32 is a French strain that is most suitable for humid climates. It produces plenty of seeds, which can then be used to make hemp oil or as a nutritional supplement, as they are full of benefits, especially when hulled.

Shantica 70

Shantica 70 is very easy to grow and it is well-known for how much oil can be extracted out of its seeds, although these seeds are also perfect to produce abundant fibers.


Zenit is a Romanian hemp strain that produces tons of seeds. Perfect to do hemp oil suitable for consumption and cosmetic products.

Top 3 cheapest hemp seeds

Felina 32, Santhica 70 and Zenit are the cheapest hemp seeds for sale in GB The Green Brand. They are great value for money and will provide amazing quality hemp crops. 

Hemp seed facts

What are hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds come from the cannabis sativa L. plant, but they don’t have any psychoactive effects. They are cultivated for their fibers and for their health benefits. 

Are hemp and CBD seeds the same thing?

The main difference between hemp and CBD seeds is the level of cannabidiol content. While CBD seeds contain high amounts of cannabidiol, hemp seeds barely have any. 

What benefits do hemp seeds provide?

When consumed, hemp seeds provide plenty of health benefits. They are very nutritious, decrease heart disease risk, help with digestion, reduce menopause symptoms and improve skin disorders, among others.

Can we eat hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw or in oil form. They have a nutty flavor and are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Is growing hemp seeds easy?

Hemp seeds are easy to cultivate and grow extremely fast, they are sustainable and promote phytoremediation.

Hemp seeds nutrition facts

Hemp seeds are a great source of protein and rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B-6.

Hemp seeds calories

One tablespoon of hemp seeds contains 57 calories.

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