HID grow lights (High Intensity Discharge Bulbs)

  • Bombilla Agrolite SHP Mixtas - Agrolite Crecimiento y Floración

    Agrolite SHP Dual Bulb

    These lights are perfect for cannabis plants during the growth and flowering periods – mixed light spectrum, as well as affordable prices.

  • Pure Light HPS Bombilla para floración

    Pure Light HPS Flowering Bulb

    The Pure Light HPS bulb is specifically designed for your plants’ flowering period, producing larger resin yields and more compact buds.

  • Bombilla Sylvania Grolux para el Crecimiento y la Floración

    Sylvania Grolux Dual Light Bulb

    Sylvania Grolux bulbs allow you to grow your cannabis plants from start to finish, during both the growth and the flowering periods.

  • Bombilla Sylvania SHP-TS para Floración

    Sylvania SHP-TS Flowering Bulb

    These SHP-TS cannabis flowering bulbs for indoor growing are perfect for tricking your plants into thinking they’re outdoors under actual sunlight.

  • Bombilla Philips Son-t Pia Plus para la fase de Floración

    Philips SON-T PIA Plus Flowering Bulb

    These bulbs produce the perfect color for your plants’ flowering period; larger flowers and better buds.

  • Bombilla Agrolite HM Para Crecimiento Todas las Potencias

    MH Agrolite Growth Lamp

    These metal-halide Grow lamps are perfect for your plants’ growth period. Its white light will allow your plants to grow much more compact and sturdy.

  • Bombilla SHP Floración
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    Agrolite HPS Flowering Bulb

    HPS Agrolite flowering bulbs are perfect for covering your cannabis plants’ needs when flowering, producing around 1g per watt used.

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  • Bombilla Xtrasun 600w Mixta

    600w Dual Xtrasun Bulb

    With these dual spectrum 600w Xtrasun bulbs you can give your plants the light they need during the growth and flowering periods.

  • Hortilight SHP Mixed 600w Grow Light

    Hortilight SHP Mixed 600w Grow Light

    Hortilight’s SHP Mixed 600w grow lights are ideal if you’re looking for a trustworthy, affordable and versatile source of light for your cannabis plants.

  • Bombilla SunMaster Dual Lamp Mixta

    Sunmaster Dual Lamp

    The SunMaster Dual Lamp is a dual spectrum light that can be used during the growth and flowering period when it comes to cannabis plants; you’ll be able to produce amazing results without needing to switch your bulb.

  • Bombilla Sunmaster Super HPS Floración

    Sunmaster Super HPS Flowering Bulb

    The Sunmaster HPS lamp produces the perfect light spectrum for your plants while they’re flowering, both in color and light strength.

  • Bombilla Sylvania Groxpress

    Groxpress Sylvania 600w Bulb

    The Groxpress Sylvania 600w bulb is designed to cover your cannabis plants’ needs during the flowering period, producing more resinous and more compact buds.

  • Bombilla Philips Greenpower Para Crecimiento y Floración

    Green Power Dual Spectrum Philips Lamp

    These Green Power Dual Spectrum bulbs give your plants the best light possible for both the growth and flowering periods; similar to summer sunlight.

  • Bombillas Gavita

    Gavita Pro 600-watt Dual Light Bulb

    Gavita Pro Lamps provide the perfect light spectrum for your cannabis plants; they’re designed by professionals in order to produce amazing results when using in indoor growing.

  • Bombilla Sunmaster MH Veggie para Crecimiento

    Sunmaster MH Veggie Growth Lamp

    These Sunmaster MH Veggie lamps produce a potent white light that’s perfect for growing balanced, strong and compact cannabis plants.

  • Bombilla Lumatek HPS 600 w mixta

    Lumatek Grolux Dual Light Bulb

    These HPS dual spectrum bulbs are perfect for indoor grows; you can use them to cover both the growth and flowering periods indoors.

  • Philips Son-T-Pro 1000w floración marihuana

    Philips SON-T-PRO Flowering 1000w Lamp

    These Philips SON-T-PRO lamps are perfect for your plants’ flowering period, giving them intense orange light that stimulates autumn at any time of year.

  • Philips Hpi-T-Pro 1000w crecimiento Marihuana

    Philips HPI-T-PRO 1000w Growth Lamp

    The Philips HPI-T-PRO 1000w growth lamps allow you to grow compact and strong plants thanks to its white spring-like light.

  • Bombilla Philips Hpi-t Para la fase de Crecimiento

    Philips HPI-T Growth Lamp

    The Philips HPI-T lamp is used to give your plants a potent, white light, which simulates Spring sun, which will allow them to grow at a steady pace.

  • Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE 400v Lamp

    Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE 400v Lamp

    The Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE 400v Lamp is specially designed to be used with the Gavita 1000w Double Ending reflector; this lamp has a connection on each side, meaning that it can’t be used on older fixtures and reflectors, only Gavita ones.

  • Bombilla Lux-Horus 600w floración
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    Lux-Horus 600w flowering bulb

    These Lux-Horus 600w HPS bulbs are perfect for the flowering period. You’ll be able to harvest larger yields using this efficient, affordable bulb.

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HID grow lights (High Intensity Discharge Bulbs)

High Intensity Discharge bulbs contain a ionized steam or a gas which, when excited by an electrode, creates an electric current. Electric discharges are produced in the tube, due to the potential difference between both electrodes. 

The electric discharges produced inside create a flow of electrons that could create a chain reaction that could eventually destroy the lamp due to an excess of current. It is also possible to find the opposite: if there weren't enough energy, the electron would occupy another orbital and its current wouldn't be stable. In this way, the energy it releases is UV energy, just like solar beams. This is the reason why electrons cannot have any energetic state, but a very specific one, so that the light spectrum of this bulb is also very stable.

These lamps are not self-powered and need other devices in order to work, such as a ballast or a choke and a reflector with a socket.

Ballast limits electrical current ups and downs, stabilizing it so that the lamp can work properly (preventing an excess of electrons that could increase the intensity of the current and even destroy the lamp). The choke acts the other way round, it supplies a brief peak of current so that the bulb can start and once it is lit, the gas stabilizes.

Reflectors, as their name indicate, reflect light towards a specific place. Besides doing this important task, what they really do is pass the current through a socket to the bulb. Reflectors tend to increase the efficiency of this type of bulbs. Each bulb features its own characteristics and performance levels. How are they assessed? By measuring lumens. The least performant bulbs supply 19-28 lumens/W (this is the case of dual bulbs, this meaning they use a mixed technology and in this case it has nothing to do with the fact they are suitable for the vegetative and the flowering stage).The most efficient bulbs according to measurements, are the HPS (High pressure sodium) bulbs, that can produce up to 100-183 lumens per W.

Advantages and drawbacks of HID grow lights

LEDs have been the biggest competitor of HiD grow lights since some years ago. Unlike HiDs, LEDs don't heat up. They supply a cold light which lets you place it closer to the plants and thus, make most of the generated lumens. Besides, LEDs last much longer. In the case of continuous growing calculations, with an average of 1 month of veegetative development and 2 months of blooming, growing non-stop, a LED light could last up to 11 years!!! On the other hand, its frequency (Hz) makes it less penetrating than discharge lamps. This means that discharge lamps will get us longer buds and plants will be generally more productive at the lower parts, while with LED we will need to resort to techniques such as Sea of Green (SoG) to get excellent yields.

Another advantage of using LED is that, since no heat is generated, your grow op can go unnoticed for thermal cameras. If you think about a big grow room with HPS you can easily picture high temperatures might be a problem difficult to hide. LED lights also have disadvantages, of course. Indeed, their frequency and that very same lack of temperature make the plant's development to slow down, both at the vegetative and the flowering stage. During the flowering stage, the fattening of the flowers isn't really affected, but the creation of flowers themselves is considerably slowed down. It's almost like if metabolism had been affected. Somehow, the plants demand less nutrients and, due to that lack of heat, the soil stays humid for longer: this is positive if we don't have much time but it's negative when it comes to respect the proportions soil-air-water.

HiD grow lights foster a quicker development in comparison with, not only LEDs, but also with low consumption lamps (these lamps, which produce very few lumens, are usually employed with mother plants and cuttings). Over the last years, low consumption lamps with a orangish/reddish spectrum had appeared and they seem to be suitable for the flowering stage. However, the lack of light intensity and their operating frequency g-haven't provided very satisfactory results so far. The advantage of these lamps is this type of bulb can be placed close to the plants without damaging them, can be used in warmer places and even in much hotter conditions than what's usually recommended.

Summing up, it is very likely indoor growers will have to keep on using HiD lights for a while if they really want to have beautiful marijuana plants.