Peat Jiffy Box

24mm Peat Jiffy Box

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Jiffy Products

Jiffy Products

Jiffy is a Dutch company that provides growers with innovative and effective germination and propagation methods that are eco-friendly. You can safely germinate seeds and root clones with their products; their Jiffys come with nutrients stacked in them that help plants to root. Jiffy is definitely one of the best brands for germinating and rooting.

Their products are made out of fully organic products and are eco-friendly. They contain nutrients and are perfect for plant growth. Jiffy is one of the leading companies when it comes to environmental sustainability. Jiffy works and makes their own products in various different countries, making their own peat. They have strict standards when it comes to the quality control that their products go through.

Their most sold product is their 33mm peat Jiffy-7. It’s essentially like a peat tablet that’s pressed down, and it’s used to germinate and root clones. They begin to thicken up once they come into contact with water, giving you the perfect growth base with small amounts of nutrients for brand new saplings or clones. They root much faster thanks to the ingredients, which are designed to stimulate root growth. They’re super easy and intuitive to use, and incredibly practical when it comes to storage. These are the smallest rooting pellets and can last for quite a long time, allowing you to use them in more than one grow. The main ingredient is peat moss, with 25% coco coir in order to give them a more sponge-like texture, allowing for more air circulation.

We have every sized Jiffy available, made out of different materials depending on the preference of the grower – they are all organic and contain absolutely no toxic materials. They’re available in different sizes, although the most used one is the 33mm model. If you’re planning on buying large amounts, you have the opportunity of getting a box of 2000 jiffys, so you’ll never run out. We also sell Jiffy trays that come with varying amount of slots, such as 84 slots for jiffys.

If you’ve found germination or cloning complicated in the past, we highly recommend using Jiffy pellets – they have the perfect nutrient concentration for your plants and they guarantee extreme and fast root growth.