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Trimmer supplies and accessories

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Trimmer supplies and accessories

Trimmer supplies, accessories, spare parts

An increasing number of growers enjoy the advantages of using a trimmer, a machine that makes it much easier for them to perform tedious tasks such as cutting and manicuring. Yet, these precious and useful tools require some thorough care and maintenance, since with the use and contact with vegetal matter, blades and grills tend to wear away. The cleaning and substitution of these elements has to be made after every use, always with the machine turned off and unplugged for our own safety. There are several types of spare-parts available for your tools which will be exposed here below.

The blade is the most affected part since it is constantly in contact with the buds. The flowers resins will remain stuck to it and if we don't clean it properly it will lose its effectiveness (the glands will stick to the edge resulting in a non-effective blading of calyces). These blades can be easily replaced by simply removing three screws. We have available spare-parts for machines such as the OK Trimmer and the Leaf Cutter. Their components are interchangeable, long-lasting and made of excellent materials.

The grid is another essential element of models such as OK Trimmer and Trimpro Original since, unlike other trimmers, these models let us choose the diameter at which we want to manicure our green matter. It is possible to choose between 2 sizes: Large or Standard. The standard one displays a 8 mm distance between radius whereas this distance is 11 mm for the larger version. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your yield, you'll adjust the grid easily and quickly thanks to these wonderful supplies made of the finest tempered steel. It does not matter if your buds are small, since with these grids let you decide which one fits your purposes best

There are also spare-parts to set the table where the trimmer stands at the appropriate working-height. This tool lets us improve the basic features of the trimmer: a bag for recovering the waste of the process can be added to it so the manicuring area is kept clean and ready for the next batch.

All these devices will improve the lifespan of our precious machines which require a considerable original investment. The users of OK Trimmer, Trimpro Original and Leaf Cutter highlight how easy it is to replace the spare-parts without having to call any specialist. You will see by yourself how, after revamping your trimmer, it will work better than it used to, without wasting an ounce of your yield and providing a homogeneous and professional trimming.