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Boom Nutrients Insecticides

Boom Nutrients Natural Insecticides

Boom Nutrients’ Best Insecticides

Boom Nutrients’ is a relatively new brand that has its own range of insecticides made out of natural products made out of ingredients such as horsetail and chia. This range of products is perfectly safe for your plants and for the environment. As well as protecting your plants from certain infestations, it also helps your plants to increase their natural defenses and increase growth, which makes for larger and higher quality yields.

These products are designed to prevent and get rid of insects such as red spider mites, aphids, white flies and many, many more. They can also be used to get rid of fungi such as oidium and botrytis, also known as grey mold.

Boom Nutrients also has wide range of fertilizers and nutrients designed for the various stages of your cannabis plants.

Multi-protection Boom for White Flies

Multi-protection Boom is a new insecticide that can easily get rid of white flies, aphids, red spiders, oidium, botrytis and more. It also helps your plants to increase your plants’ natural defenses while stimulating growth.

This product makes your plants much stronger and better-able to deal with stress thanks to its nitrogen and amino acid content.

We recommend diluting 2 ml/L of water and spraying every 10 days for preventive purposes and for getting rid of issues, spray 3 ml/L twice with a two-day break, and then once more 7 days later.

Spider Boom – Red Spider Mite Insecticide

Spider Boom is a natural insecticide made using nettles and chia. If used as a preventive measure you can rest assured that your plant won’t have any spider mite issues, and if it’s too late for that you can still use it to get rid of spider mites.

As a preventive measure you can spray 2ml per liter of water every 10 days, and if you’re trying to get rid of spider mites we recommend spraying every 7 days and using 3 ml per liter of water. You can dip clones into it too, for about 2 seconds, in a 3ml/liter mixture in order to give them a little boost to start with.

Soil Care Boom for Larvae and Worms

Soil Care Boom is an insecticide made out of Ascopillum Nodosum algae which is perfect for getting rid of larvae and worms that can infest cannabis plants, negatively affecting growth.

You’ll need to use this product after transplanting, which is when your plants are the most vulnerable to microorganisms. We also recommend using this product for its root strengthening properties too.

We recommend applying this product to humid soil so that it can spread out evenly and become absorbed easily. You should use 5 – 10 ml per liter of water with 6 – 7 pH.

Killer Boom for Bacteria and Fungi

Killer Boom is an organically made product that is used to get rid of bacteria and fungi such as oidium, botrytis, rust and alternaria. We highly recommend using it during the first weeks of growth, when transplanting and during the last flowering weeks.

If used as a preventive measure, you should 1 – 2 ml per liter of water, once a week. If you need to fight off bacteria and fungi, you’ll need to use 2 – 3 ml per liter and spray once a week.

Fungi Boom, Horsetail Insecticide

Fungi Boom is a natural insecticide that’s made entirely out of horsetail, and it can get rid of fungi such as rust, mildew and oidium, among many other types of fungi. We recommend using during the first weeks of growth and the last flowering weeks, which is when your plants are most likely to become infected.

If used as a preventive product, you’ll need to dilute 2ml per liter and spray every 10 days; when used to get rid of fungi you should spray 3ml per liter of water every 7 days.

If you want to avoid issues with fungi, insects or bacteria, Boom Nutrients’ organic fertilizers and insecticides should become your go-to products! Boom Nutrients, available first and foremost on