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BHO - extractions

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BHO - extractions

BHO- Extractions equipment for cannabis crops

Find everything you need to make your own BHO extracts from your cannabis plants. Choosing the ideal materials for the extraction process will determine the quality of your BHO to a great extent.

Here you can find all kinds of materials to extract, use and store your own extracts. They are all durable materials that virtually require just a one-time investment.

The BHO extraction tube brands are available here: from the most affordable PVC ones - great to get started with extracts -, to stainless steel ones that don't leave any residues in your extracts, or even the latest products in the field such as the Dexso Tripode Extractor, thanks to which you won't have to hold the tube in hand while pouring gas.

You can also purchase the best brands of solvents for extracts. Not only have we refined butane gas such as Clipper or Colibri but also more innocuous materials, such as Dimethyl Ether contained in Dexso gas. Thanks to them, you can get purer extracts and increase BHO quality.

You can also find everything you need for gas evaporation, such as a heating plate, which keeps a constant temperature without heating too much. Other popular items are the cutting edge blade to scrape BHO off of the Pyrex plates or silicone mats where you can stick the small balls from the blades and then make one single big ball without losing the material that usually stays attached to the mat.

In order to purge your extracts you can resort to quality vacuum pumps to get rid of any gas residues in your samples and thus purify the extraction to an even greater extent. For further purification, you can use a dryer to create a vacuum, a product also available in our shop.

Once finished, keep your extractions in small silicone boxes for BHO that can be stored in the fridge since, easily protected from humidity. This way, you can store them for much longer in optimal conditions.

You can savor your samples in one of our borosilicate pipes especially designed for smoking these kinds of extracts. To do this, you will need a blowtorch to heat up the nail where the BHO is placed. You have a few ones to choose from, depending on its use. The biggest ones are intended for home use. There are portable but powerful blowtorches such as the triple flame ones.

You can improve the taste when smoking by using titanium nails instead of the borosilicate ones that come with the pipes. In addition, titanium nails last much longer since borosilicate ones will end up cracking eventually. Some of them are universal, so with one nail you can use every pipe in our catalogue.

In short, whatever you are looking for related to BHO extracts, you will find it in the corresponding section of our page.